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Cool site. Is it me or is Pete Jackson on the Olsen twins diet? He looks good, but wow what a change.


If you see his very first films where he is actor/director will see that he started off skinny as well.

David Maxie/ Hollywood actor

To whom it may concern;
Everybody who reads;-)
My name is David Maxie. And I'm just an actor, living here in Hollywood California. Upstart that is. I think King Kong is great to have for movies. But you know what? When are we going to see some action with him again fighting Godzilla or other monsters. Since the 60's, we haven't seen much of Kong except pounding his chest at man, and climbing the building effaces. Just like the old times, when do we get to see him in fighting sequences like the 60's?

Gary Pirrello

Can't wait for the new kong movie.Do you ever think that some day that he won't die at the end.Remember in King Kong lives movie. Kong's son was returned to the island. Maybe that would be a good place to start a new Son of Kong movie.


hey people whats up. im looking for a good acting agency. Im a really good actor ive been the star in all my musicals. All of them that ive been in. Im 14 years old and i want to be in a movie

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