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Kagemusha got moved to March??? FUUUCCKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its one of the only kurosawa flicks i dont have....


Ah, I'll still miss your pages because they are archived.


I'll miss having the year of release readily available. I've been using your listing to catch any 2004 releases that might have slipped by me in theatres and need to watch now that they're on DVD. The Netflix page doesn't make that particularly easy.


After nearly three years with Netflix, I dropped out New Years Eve. As a high usage customer (avg 6/wk on a 3-out plan), the service took a severe turn for the worse about a month go, although it started happening when they reduced the price.

The delays are obvious:
movies used to arrive in a day, next movie shipped same day, movie arrived next day.

movies arrive in a day, they delay shipping until "tomorrow", disc arrives 2-4 days later.

Not all suffer such delay but the number of occurences kept increasing as time went on. It is clear they are now slowing down their turnaround due to increased cost pressures and competition. btw - I live within a hour's drive of the San Jose center: USPS is not to blame.

Hey Netflix - Your strategy of reduced service only lowers you further into the pack of barking wolves. If you want to get on top, you had better improve the turnaround back to the former levels.


Bring back the new releases list!!! You listed more than just the title, and it was a nice, neat package!!!

Susan dennis

Here's another vote for having you serve up our weekly releases... please? The rss feed doesn't do nearly the job you do.

Alternatively, could you help me figure out how to get to the link you provided? I cannot find any way to navigate, on the Netflix site, to http://www.netflix.com/AllNewReleases/?mqso=60186664&trkid=129129 which is the link you provided above. Where is that nice, neat list. If I could get that every week that would be a fair substitute. Thanks.


If you click on New Releases in the far right column, under Features, it takes you to the New Releases section. From here click on "See All DVD's Releasing This Week". This link is under the top 4 releases on the left column.

Hope that helps!

Susan dennis

It is exactly right there! I sweartogod I clicked on every link on the site looking for this... How did I miss it??? Thanks so much. Perfect!


No prob Susan, glad I could help out.


Please bring back your list. The Netflix RSS feed is not as neat as your list.


The netflix "New Releases" page is a nice feature, but a prioritized / ranked list would be even better.

Obviously, Netflix hides the new releases that are highly in demand to avoid making everyone have long waits for the most popular movies. For example, "Troy" was released this week. It is nowhere to be found on the Netflix recommendations, or the New Releases link off my main page. It is listed on the Netflix page that you linked to, but that page lists a lot of DVDs, so you could easily miss it.

A list of "Top 5 selling new releases" for each week would do a nice job of exposing those movies that Netflix tries to hide.


PLEASE bring back the new releases list... it's what got your site added to my front page... it's why i visit... it's very useful to myself and my friends.... Consider this multiple votes to bring it back :)


I can't see the New Releases This Week on my Netflix homepage. Only through your link above. It used to be there but they took it away.


Do you have a list of holiday movies for instant watching - like christmas movies?


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