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Just signed up for a free trial to BB. Received first dvd with return envelope addressed to San Jose. Looks like the san jose site is up and running.


Philadelphia center is operational. I got my two recent dvds from there.


Is anyone experiencing problems since these new centers are "up"?

Since Atanta has gone live, I've had nothing but problems. First, I received none of the movies they sent, but days later they showed up that they received them. I had them resend - during that time I had no movies for almost 2 weeks. Then I got 3 dvds of 2 movies (they sent the same movie twice - 1 from NC, 1 from GA). So I sent the duplicate back and said to send the one I was missing. Then they send 2 copies (1 from NC, 1 from GA) of the missing movie. Then I sent the duplicate back and it took 4 days for them to acknowledge that they received it. I still haven't received acknowledgement that they received the others I've sent back - going on 3 days. I live 90 miles north of Atlanta and mail takes 1 day. So far this month, it looks like I'll get to watch 6 movies. The clock is ticking on how much longer I'll put up with this kind of "service".

"Is anyone experiencing problems since these new centers are "up"?"

I am. Disc number 11 Never showed up after 7 days, so I notified BB, asked them to send a replacement, and the replacement never showed up either! And the next movie in my queue, was sent to me on the 22nd, it too hasnt shown up as of todays mail (the 26th).

The last time I got a DVD in the mail from BB was around 10 days ago!!!!!! And that one took about 5-6 days in shipping!


I did a trial back in Oct and got discs from Miami, 600mi away. I signed up again 2 weeks ago and got discs that went to Tampa, 360miles away.

This week the discs I got are addressed back to miami. Shipping has been 5-6 days each way???????

Pretty screwy


When I first signed (08-2004) up for BlockBuster service, I was getting a 3 day turnaround from them (ship one back on Mon and get next one on Wed). Then I got this e-mail stating that I would get them even faster because the Post Office was scanning them. Now I get 9 to 11 day turn around times. I live in Denver and have a distribution center here. I will be cancelling with them and going back to Netflix. I think they have no choice but to delay shipping new DVDs, as they keep lowering the cost of a membership. Postage adds up!!!


Well, I sent back 2 dvds on 1/29 and 1 dvd on 1/31. Its 2/4 now and Atlanta (90 miles away) still doesn't have record of receiving them. I mailed them from separate locations including a USPS box. They should all have been in their hands by 2/2 at the latest. They are getting worse by the week. To overcome their incompetence, I use their website to get tell them to ship the next movies 4 days before I plan to receive them. They are quick (within 12 hours) to tell me that the next movies have shipped, but taking 4 days to get them to me seems a little long. But if you don't intervene each time you send them to let them know they have been sent back, dvd turnaround times would be close to 12 days.

Service has gone from bad to pathetic in a very short time.


I live in Trenton, NJ and have 2 netflix accounts and 1 blockbuster account. With netflix it takes for most movies 1 day for them to ship to me and one day shipping for me to return it. It goes to the New Brunswick shipping center. With blockbuster it takes 3-4 days for me to receive them and the same to return them. Want to know why? THEY ARE SHIPPING FROM STAMFORD, CT!!!! I will be cancelling bb once my $10 month is up.


Well BB lost me. I'm sure they aren't too upset as there will be people cheaper and more patient than I am. BB did improve from 12 day turnaround times to 8 days, but that is just too slow for me. I'd rather pay more to get more. Now I'm trying Netflix.

kathi decker

philadelphia is operational for blockbuster. netflix frequently did not mail out a dvd to replace one returned until the next day and they don't work on Saturdays or Holidays, which definitely slows things down. they take their good olf time amswering email complaints, also.


I just cancelled netflix to try blockbuster and I regret it already. Yeah you get the two free coupons (haven't used them yet). However, their service in Denver is awful compared to Netflix. I'm going back to Netflix in a couple of weeks.


I signed up with BlockBuster early Jan - I live in Raleigh, NC. I got the first few DVDs from Charlotte, and the service from Charlotte was 1-2 days. Then I started getting serviced from Cleveland and that absolutely sucks. It takes 3-4 days now, with a very rare 2-day shipment, with one lost so far.

With Netflix I was getting 1-2 day service from Greensboro mailing center, MUCH better. The coupons are the only reason why I haven't switched back to Netflix yet, at least my kids can use them for games. But I don't think I can stand it much longer, so may be going back to Netflix.


I signed up for the BB Service this month, and all I can say is that I've been disappointed by the slooow turn around. I live in Reston, VA so I'm 27 miles away from the Gaithersburg distro center. When I send a video back, it takes only 1 - 2 days for BB to receive it. It has taken them up to 4 days to ship a movie. I doubt the post office is the problem. When their system says it has been shipped, I doubt that means it's at the post office being processed ... more like it's just out the door. There are also several major movie that say they have a long waiting list. I signed up for netflix today and those same movies are being shipped to me. If netflix turns out to be faster, bye bye BB. I'll pay the extra $3 to have videos delivered ontime.


How fast will they ship to Hawaii?

secil b

Live in Los Angeles, and started net flix about 3 months ago. At first they were very fast 2 day turnaround, then as the week went by I would turn in a movie on Monday and not get the rental until Saturday If I was lucky. Now I have BB and they are very fast. I can mail the movie in on Tuesday and received my new movie by friday. I also noted that Blockbuster allows you to complain if you do not receive your new movies within 3 days of mailing them out, if you send in a comment reporting this problem they automatically send you one right away, I did this and received my new movie the next day. Netflix has you wait 2-5 days before being able to justify a claim. So far Blockbuster has me pleased on the turnaround time.

Actually, NF will make you wait (as in "unable to choose anything) 6 days before you can report a disc missing, BB only "asks" that you wait 3 days. I too get better service now from BB than NF.


Does anybody have any idea what the distribution center list is for Intelliflix? They claim to have more distribution centers than anybody, including Netflix and guarantee 1 day delivery to over 400 cities.


BB is the worst as far as survice support and shipping DVDs. I canceled after 3 monts and only receiving on average 12 DVDs per month. I get about 25 from Netflix.

David Tyler

I live in Las Vegas and Blockbuster DVDs are mailed to a LV address. I'm not sure where they come from, I'm at work right now.


Is there any more recent information about the efficiency of BB's distribution center in Chicago?


There is a whole post on it from YESTERDAY!



Anybody know the address for the Blockbuster distribution center in San Jose?

Karl Mielenhausen

Living in eastern North Carolina, I've had to suffer with 2-3 day mailing times to/from the Charlotte BB distribution center. I just noticed that my latest DVD came from Henderson, NC. I am assuming this is a new site. I hope this improves service, otherwise I'm going back to Netflix!!


BB is horrible. I switched from NetFlix to BB on Jan 10th 2007, and today is Jan 17th and still havent recieved my first DVD that was shipped on Jan 12th. Plus Phone Customer Support is horrible. Yesterday I sat on hold for at least 45 minutes then said I give up. Then I try to call today "We are closed due to inclement weather". Im going back to NetFlix where dvd's arrive the next day. Im in Fort Lauderdale, FL and there is no reason i should wait 6 days for a DVD thats just dumb.


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