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From Netflix, nope. Not so far

However from Blockbuster however, my last two envelopes were open. They werent torn, they were open at the perforated edge. No missing discs. Probably a postal worker who has better taste in movies than I do :-)

Yeah I don't know what's going on. Not only are my envelopes torn, but the shipping seems to have gotten slower.

I used to love Netflix. The slow down in shipping is really making me angry. I'm going to give Blockbuster a try. I hear that Blockbuster has 23 DCs open now.

Yes! I've had to tape at least five of my tweleve envelopes in the last thirty days. I also agree service has gone way down. Have noticed bad enveopes for about five weeks. Netflix must really be suffering, it seems they are cutting costs all over.


maybe someone went into your mailbox, opened your envelopes, liked your dvd's, took 'em, watched it(or "backed it up"), then returned it to your mailbox the next day.. then when you received it, you're pissed off cause the shipping took too long and it was open.

though, that could just be speculation, ha.


I've had some that were separated, yeah. I don't think the envelopes are well made at all. You have to be very careful when removing the mailing part (that is, the part with your address on it) from the rest of it, because although the perforation isn't very easy to tear, the area just below the sticky part is.

Jordan Raup

happened to about 4 of my dvds about 3 weeks ago, hasnt happened since


i've been looking for tape around my house all day to solve this very problem.


Not only have we gotten a lot of envelopes that are totally falling apart, but our rate of recieving damaged DVDs is going up as well. Three cracked discs in three weeks.


It hasn't been too bad for me lately, not as bad as the pre-Christmas leadup though. I have to scotch tape the adhesive back to the return mailer occaisionally and sometimes the return address sticker is too far to the left or partially hanging off the bottom, and sometimes it seems as though the ink is running low on their printers because sometimes the stickers you can hardly read. Once I had to use a black ink pen to darken a few #s on the PO Box.


I'm pretty careful when separating the throw-away part, so I don't need to tape too many, maybe 2 a month. I get a couple a month that look like they got caught in a USPS machine as well.

And speaking of damaged discs... I received two of 'em today... UGH.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour had a crack on the outer edge and Romance had a crack about an inch long on the inner portion. Not all the way to the center, and not all the way thru the disc, but it was enough to make it unplayable. I see cracks on the outer edge once a month or so. the big crack on Romance was one I hadn't seen in a while. looks like it really got whacked in transit. The envelope didn't look damaged, though.


Yes, 5 out of 7 Envelopes in the last 3 weeks have been torn or opened. Also, Shipping has been slower on 3 of my orders here in Houston


I've had the same problem with the top perforation open of two of my Blockbuster movies this week. Nothing fell out, however. I never had envelope problems before this week.

I am a BB member since 8/14/2004 on 3 at a time. I have received 96 movies always returning the movie the day after I receive it. I've never received an unplayable movie.

wow. looks like blockbuster is offering pretty good service.

96 movies in 5 months averages to more than 19 per month on a 3 out plan.

netflix has been pretty slow lately. i think i'll give blockbuster a test drive.


I've gotten tons of torn envelopes over the last few weeks -- not sure if they've gone w/ a cheaper brand, but, boy is it annoying.

Pepperidge Farmer

Just adding my two cents... after recieving literally hundreds of netflix and bb movies via their mailing services, MANY have had surface cracks or an abundance of scratches, but only 2 unplayable (Sure, a few more than that have had a skip or two). To those with problems: what DVD player are you using? Perhaps it would be worth it to you to upgrade to a better machine?

Pepperidge Farmer

oops... forgot to mention the point of the thread! With my experience, I've recieved plenty of damaged envelopes (be it netflix and bb, or bills and christmas cards)... but I've only had to tape one... the first one I recieved - and tore into like a dummy!


I have been testing Blockbuster for 3 months now while maintaining my Netflix membership. If anyone thinks that Netflix is slow, don't waste time or money on Blockbuster. They are even slower. It may take up to five days for them to "receive" and ship the next order. Blockbuster was as fast as Netflix for me, 2 days, but now it is taking a lot longer. In fact, Blockbuster had announced they would ship out the next title as soon as they received confirmation that USPS has scanned the return. That happened for a while, but then it stopped. Ever since the holidays, Blockbusters speed has slowed down a lot.

If you want speed, Netflix. If you want better pricing, Blockbuster. If you want availability of new releases, Netflix (Blockbuster is always waiting on new releases, and some titles they are slow to get in). As far as torn or open envelopes, I have had more problems with Blockbuster than Netflix.

I have just upgraded my Netflix membership and will be canceling Blockbuster at the end of the month. I can get a lot more movies from Netflix each month than from Blockbuster, that is how much their speed and efficiency has slowed down.


new, flimsy, red envelopes!

they are ripping off at the adhesive strip when removing the extra bit of paper upon opening,

3 out of my last 5 have done this! but i am extremely careful when opening them now, only slightly annoying, but an odd trend.

I canceled Netflix after shipping got slow. Very happy with Blockbuster. 15 disks this month and I still have a week to go.


Three of my last four were open at the middle. Just enough that one could look into the envelope and determine the title of the video without completely opening it. I figure it's the mailman and he just doesn't like my taste in video.


I've never had any problems with torn envelops. I had a DVD broken in half once though, but they were fast to replace it and ship it to me. Although lately, it seems that it's taking them longer to process my DVDs as I return them. I don't know, maybe the postal service is just slow?


Had to tape my last 2 becuase they came badly damaged -the envelopes that is, torn and the adhesive partially off. The DVD's also stuttered, but nothing horrible. I did notice that the envelopes themselves felt thinner and more fragile as well, especially when opening them.

I agree with the consensus above that Blockbuster has less and less problems, and Netflix has more and more. Lot's of people I know have gone the last few months with both and almost all decided on Blockbuster.

The torn and tearing envelopes are just one more problem. It forces you to wait until your next rental to return both.


I'm also in Houston
I had 2 opened at the wrong end with a clean cut that coudld have been made with a razor. I went to my local post office and made a complaint with the local manager. To me it looked like a local internal postal scam because I had two cut opened in two weeks. Both times the DVD were still in the jacket but I assumed the person was not interested in my movies because I'm a Anime freek an most normal post office workers would not risk losing their jobs over my movie selections.

Damn. I am a member of both Blockbuster and Netflix, both on the 3 out plan. (I was looking forward to getting anywhere from 6-12 movies a week). I am very happy with Netflix's service. Glad to hear that some people are happy and satisfied with Blockbuster. I wish I could say the same for Blockbuster. 5-7 days is the norm for me to get the discs in the mail from their stated shipping dates.

For example, if Blockbuster says they have shipped it out on the 5th, chances are I won't get it untill the 10th to the 12th. I've been a member of Blockbuster for a month and a half now and so far I have gotten only 12 movies from them. They're pretty fast when it comes to getting my discs returned to them, and sending out my next selections. It's only this shipping thing I have a problem with. AFTER they said they have shipped it out, I can count on a good long wait for it to finally be delivered. I am getting the notion that they are lying to me about the shipping dates. Shipping them out much later than they are claiming.

Phillip Winn

Yes, Netflix envelopes have had the adhesive strip separated quite often in the last couple of weeks. And yes, they've been slower. I assumed it had something to do with setting up profiles for my wife and kids, but perhaps not.

At least one disc I know wasn't the fault of Netflix. They had it marked as mailed quite a few days before it showed up. I'm assuming the USPS sat on it for a while. And the envelope on that one was split halfway-open.

Mike Christianson

I'm starting to see these "weak" envelopes, too.

D Bates

I have only had 1 damaged envelope from Netflix out of probably well over a hundred now. That was earlier this month and the post office admitted it was their fault so it was sent to me in a special envelope apologizing luckily the return label was in good enough shape I just taped up the envelope the post office sent it in and shipped it back.

Unfortunately this past weekend 2 of my 3 discs sent were like the one post toward the top of the list were completely open. I was not as lucky both discs were missing. Luckily Blockbuster did not have any problems with it unfortunately they required 3 days from the ship date before I could mark them missing instead of the 6 days with netflix.


After being a member of Blockbuster and netflix I stayed with blockbuster because the shipping time was the same and BB was cheaper. All discs have been in great shape but the envelopes from both places are flimsy pieces of garbage. You'd think it would be in the best interest of blockbuster and netflix to spend a little more so that DVD's aren't lost nearly as often. I've used a ton of tape for blockbuster and netflix return envelopes. And several have been opened when i received them too, but the dvd was still enclosed like the problem many others have been mentioning.

Terri Giversen

In the past ten days I have received five DVDs from Netflix. All five were totally shattered. At first I suspected my mailman and called a supervisor at the local mail distribution center. He informed me that in the past six weeks there has been a nationwide problem that has also affected Walmart and BB. He said that the rumor is that the DVD producer has changed polymers and the new polymer is sensitive to cold. If true it will be a long winter here in Massachusetts !


This whole envelope thing....it's driving me crazy with Netflix! The bottom edge of the seal is always tearing and i have to use tape all the time. It didn't seem to be like this - cheaper envelopes? New manufacturer? I have trialed Blockbuster and gave them a try TWICE, each time I had around 25 movies in the queue and over half had a "long wait" or "very long wait". I think if you want the "hot 500" from either service, you'll have no trouble. As a Film Noir fan, I find Netflix has far more of the genre and I'm never waiting. However, BB has them beat - HANDS DOWN - on envelopes that are functional and better quality.


I have been using Netflix for...im bad with time but i think around 3 years, maybe closer to 4? anyways the quality of the envelopes has definately gone down. recently ive frequently recived envelopes that are torn open but no discs have gone missing. i havnt recieved any physically broken discs, but i have been getting more and more scratched up ones. i just finished watching AvP which has only bit out for a little bit now and that DVD wouldnt play in my player, i ended up watching it on my computer because about half way through it wouldnt load anymore. Fortunately my computer has a nice dvd-rom and it had no trouble, rarely does. Someone asked earlier why wouldnt they upgrade the envelope quality, and its really simple math. the majority of people are not losing their dvd's and in most cases the envelopes are still useable for the return shipping. so why spend extra money on something that isnt a neccesity? theyd end up losing profits paying a cost on something that is hardly losing anything. Personally i think they should just to keep a better image, but from a business perspective i see where they are going. also realize they are cutting their membership costs to compete with blockbuster, they had bene planning on raising their rates even higher until blockbuster broke in and became popular. Nice envelopes aren't going to sway possable customers, low prices are.

Robert C. Gonzales

What's wrong with Netflix? I've been a member for the last two years and I've never had a complaint. Lately though, it's taking forever for me to recieve my movies. I sent in 2 movies on monday of last week and another on wednesday. Netflix notified me that all three arrived on monday. Before, it would take two days for them to process my movies. It's wednesday now, and they've only sent out one movie. I was using this service to save time, but this is a waste and it's pissing me off.


I was happy with Netflix but it seems like once a month is takes them 10 plus days for a turn around to get my dvd. Then most of the time it is a 5 day turn around. I have been waiting 10 days now. Should get my DVDs tomorrow. Ticks me off and thinking of closing my account.

I thought it would save money since Movie Gallery is charging 3.35 for a new release and they have late fees. That is insane to pay that much.


I joined Netflix this year, and living in MN with a shipping center for them in Minneapolis i can get a new batch of movies every few days. I have been averaging 12-15 movies a month, three at a time, and least three every week depending on how much time me and the family have to watch them and get them back in the mail.

As for all the problems with torn envelopes and damaged discs, you guys and gals are pointing fingers in the wrong places. The problem is not Netflix, the problem is the USPS system. Their sorting machines just weren't made to handle CD's in a mailer like the Netflix and other companies use. I have heard just as many problems from people who use the game rental services, or other online movie rental services.

I have had a few torn envelopes, and i agree the design could be improved on, especially the flap that is used to reseal the envelope for return, but to be honest a $.50 roll of tape from the local dollar store and i have what i need for any problems that arise.

I haven't had any discs that were badly damaged due to mailing, but i have had discs that looks like some idiot let their dog play with it, or let the kids use it as a frisbee. The biggest problem is teaching the members how to properly handle and care for digital media such as DVD's. I keep a cleaning and polishing system nearby, a badly scratched disc just gets tossed in there, push the button, and a few minutes later it's good as new, and the next person that gets it would thank me for it if they knew it got repaired by me.

All in all, i'm very satisfied with Netflix. I get four times the movies and at a quarter of the cost of renting the same number of movies locally.

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