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I received an e-mail like that too.


What's the longest free trial anyone has seen for either Netflix or Blockbuster?


I've never seen beyond a month, and really there is no reason for anything beyond a month. Most places have cut back from even a month.

I signed up a for new account using that promotion and it didn't go through. I am a former member, but I signed up this account for my Mom (different address and CC #). It didn't recognize the account as previously existing. The language on the introduction screen mentioned the free trial, but after signing up I realize they had charged me.

Customer service:
"Your account indicates your promotional offer was not processed
properly. Please provide us with as much information about the offer as
possible, such as where or how you received the offer and the code associated
with it. We look forward to hearing from you so we may adjust your
account accordingly."

If they don't accept that I got the code from a blog, which I'm thinking they won't, maybe someone could email me a legitimate code at spacism@gmail.com.


If you enter 'john' (without quotes) on Blockbuster's main sign-up page, you get a 4-week trial instead of the regular 2-week trial.

Looks like Blockbuster stopped giving 2 week trials, and instead offers 5$ off first month. To the previous poster, all you have to do is tell them the exact link you followed, and it clearly offering 1 month trial. Tell them to withdraw the charge, or you'll dispute. Anything they feel like asking is none of their business. If they don't cancel the promotion, which they didn't, it's legit.

What are you all talking about? If I go to the BB website and click the "Try It Free" link to try the free trial, I get this in the corner of the sign-up page...

"You are signing up for:
2 week Free Trial
3 at a time
$14.99 for 1 month(s) plus applicable tax"


I think BB still has the language for the free trial on there site, but it isn't actually a free trial anymore. It has been that way for quite awhile. I attributed it to BB incompetence.

I'm having a hell of a time trying to get NF to tell me what the problem is. I notified them immediately after signing up when I noticed the charge. It never said that it considered me a returning user, or that I would be charged. When I came into the site it mentioned the free trial and I signed up under that impression. I sent a link to customer service showing the trial, and said if they had a problem with an email offer code from their friends program posted on a blog then I would accept them not honoring the code, and they should cancel my account. I'm currently stuck in form letter hell, and it takes them a day or two to respond to each email.

I'm glad their service has been good for me and I've never had to deal with their awful customer service. I am a member that took a month off to try BB, and I plan to come back next month. While I don't have real "brand loyalty" to these companies, I can definitely hold a grudge against them.


It is such a hassle. I emailed them immediately after signing up about the problem. I left myself open to any decision they would make, honor the code, don't honor it and just give me a refund for an account that is only a few hours old.

I could probably call and maybe get it taken care of sooner, but the problem is so simple it should have been solved after one email. I just don't like dealing with customer service people on the phone, being put on hold, etc.

Don't bother with fighting back. It didn't work for me, the link I mean. The cust support said that I'm a returning user, even though the form didn't tell me that ahead of time. I guess they won't be giving me a refund. So guess what Netflix? I'm keeping Rise & Fall of ECW and 3 seasons of 24, if I get them all. My mailman has sticky fingers. If Netflix cheats, so will I.


Are you having the same problem then? I told them everything, I signed up with my credit card out of convenience and used my name, it didn't say I was a returning user during the sign-up process. The address was my Mother's, a place that has never had Netflix service.

I don't care if they think I am cheating them, don't want to honor the promotional code, or don't allow one person to sign another up and still get a free trial. I understand that if I unwittingly violated their definition of "household" that they might not honor the free trial. I should get a refund under the circumstances. I could change the account address and have the movies sent to me, but I refuse to be pushed into paying for an account.

Exactly the same problem. Now I have to admit that I am a returning user, and I did try to cheat Netflix into another free trial, however the fact that I'm not eligible for the trial does not overshadow the fact that their database refusees to honor that specific trial offer. I used a different email address, but the same CC number. Note that the form didn't recognize me as a returning user. After I emailed them about the problem, they must have seen that I'm using the same mailing address as the last time. But if there is someone who, or his family haven't used Netflix, sign up using this offer, and make those bastards honor their words.


I've actually gotten more than one free trial from Netflix before while living in different places. They let me sign up with a different address. I'm sure I used a different CC, but all my cards have always had the same billing address.

Anyway, I've given them much more information than needed to fix the problem, it comes down to a mistake with me being charged while under the impression I was signing up for a free trial. Do they think they caught me in a trap and can now charge me for an unused account?

There's no way they can charge you for an unused account. They have to charge for the current account, when you're signing up. If you have not used Netflix from your current mailing address before, and they still charged you when you tried the 4 week trial, dispute the charge. I can't do so, because this is the 3'rd time I'm using Netflix from the same address, but diff e-mail addresses.


They shouldn't be able to keep the charge against you if you realized you were billed and contacted them before you used the account. Even if someone was billed and didn't realize it until later, I think they still have some kind of case. I know they have a policy against partial refunds, but if you haven't used the account you should be able to get a refund.

They fixed the problem for me today, after 6 days. I actually broke down last night and changed the address and added some movies to my queue. I also added "NETFLIX SUCKS (FU-NFLX)" as the second line in my mailing address in feeble protest.

I figured I might as well get the last 24 days and then end my dealings with Netflix. I'm glad they took care of this, I'd hate to stay mad at Netflix, if only because it is against my best interests to hold a grudge against the best service.

I signed up with Blockbuster at the begining of this month (May '05) and used the promo code 'friends' and recieved a 4-week instead of a 2-week trial. I don't know if it still working but someome could give it a shot.


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