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I have had The Motorcycle Diaries in my que for 6 weeks at "very long wait", then it went to "now" status for 1 day and skipped the "short wait" status. All of my movies were at home so I couldn't get it and it looks like I missed mu shot. I shipped back my movies today and now I look at my que and it is "Long wait" again. So I guess this means I pretty much start the process all over again.

Pinball Mars

There's one DVD in my queue that, for awhile, was shifting back and forth between "Long Wait" and "Available Now". For days it would be one or the other.

The other day I happened to look over some of the user reviews and one reviewer mentions that he had received two broken copies of this DVD and was only able to watch it after receiving a third copy.

So some of those waits, particularly ones that seem to fluctuate, may involve particularly fragile discs that keep breaking in transit.


I think there's a bug in Blockbuster's system over this.

If there's a movie that's about to be released, the week before it actually is released, its status changes from coming soon to long wait to coming soon several times. Not a big inconvenience, just nice to know.


Long Wait : You've been waiting for this one for a while now. Haven't we all? Not enough to actually go to the movies, of course, you lazy thing. But still. It would make for reasonable conversation in the office with those co-workers you have nothing else in common with. Ah, but... you've been sending back your movies suspiciously quickly, buster. So even though it shows as "now" on a co-worker's queue, you're just going to have to wait. And while you're waiting, have you considered going to Blockbuster. Really. We'll miss you and all. Just not on the balance sheet. We'd never go ahead and ask you to leave. Lord no. But really, if you want to see that movie, you might just consider our friends over at Blockbuster. Go rip and burn their movies for a change...

I have a movie in my BB that was released 3 weeks ago and was short wait but has been "coming soon" for the past 2 weeks. Also, I have the Enterprise series. The first disc is "short wait", the others are "coming soon".


This is what makes Blockbuster's in-store coupons more valuable than Netflix's online inventory. Many times, I have seen movies in the store that you can't get online. Try finding "The Blues Brothers" on Netflix or BB. Does not exist in their system, but I can get it in store at the closest BB or Hollywood Video. Try finding "Casino" from Martin Scorsese. Netflix has it as "Save." BB also doesn't have it, but I can get it on DVD at the nearest Blockbuster Video. I keep my options open - Hollywood's MVP, BB Online, Netflix, Movie Gallery, and independent stores. Support local business, not just megacorps.


Really love your site,
Thought you may be intersted in this:

I noticed that netflix has all of its movies listed as "available now", whereas
when I subscribed to blockbuster their movies where listed as "avilable now",
"short wait", and "long wait".

Well, "available now" on netflix doesn't necessarily mean "available now". I
have had the leftist movie " Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving
Train" at the top of my queue and it has been passed over FOUR times now, for
other titles in my queue.

My question is: which is worse, Blockbuster, which actually tells you when a
title is available, or Netflix, which claims a title is "avilable now" when in
reality there is a short to long wait?

Don't know travis. I have had most (99%) in my NF queue always say "now" but several get skipped multiple times.

On the other hand, I have had several at BB that always showed "short" or "long" get shipped right out.

I think they use different algorythms. NF seems to say; "we have 20 copies and 22 people want this - short wait or available now - you wait your turn".

BB says; "we have 20 copies and 30 people want this - generally a short/long wait OVERALL but you may be the next one up, so NO WAIT"


> The Motorcycle Diaries in my que for 6 weeks at "very long wait"

Seriously, WTF?!! This has been on "Long Wait" status in my queue since the DVD was released months back now.

I mean, can't Netflix buy additional inventory on titles like this when it becomes clear that there is far more demand than they may have anticipated?

I don't want to have to go to Blockbuster and spend more than I already do through my netflix sub for movie rentals. That was the whole point of getting it in the first place - so I don't have to be running up there and running back returning movies. Sheesh...

"I mean, can't Netflix buy additional inventory on titles like this when it becomes clear that there is far more demand than they may have anticipated?"

What? Actually spend money on additionals DVDs to satisfy customer demand? This was too much on top of throlling for me. Having to wait months to watch something like Machinist or Jacket.

Thanks for the crappy service Netflix, bye!


Anyone have any good tips for beating the Netflix system? I've had movies at the top of my queue for four weeks now, all new releases that I had at the top for a month before they were even released. I had all my movies back in on the day the new ones were released but I still got stiffed. I figured if I removed the other 50 movies in my queue I wouldn't keep getting skipped and eventually end up first in line more quickly even if I had to wait in a holding pattern for a little while. After all, they ship a million discs a day right so they must be getting copies back in fairly quickly right? Didn't happen though. Weeks later Netflix is still flipping me the finger. The computer-generated responses from Netflix customer service are a nice kiss while they're screwing me but just don't satisfy. Please don't make me go back to BB.


I have had Stargate SG-1, Season 5, disk 2 in my queue as a "very long wait" for over a month now. This doesn't make sense. None of the other disks from this season, or any other season for that matter have had any wait whatsoever.


I had two DVDs, Mermaid Forest 3 and Ranma 1/2 the movie, sitting at the top of my Que for over a year with Blockbuster and nothing! When I switched over to Netflix, Mermaid Forest shipped instantly, but Ranma was listed as unavailable.


I've been with netflix for 4 months...my top ten (new releases) are all wait listed. My friend just signed up for the netflix free trial. He added a bunch of the same movies and they are all listed as "available now". Looks like netflix gives priority to baiting people who haven't paid while screwing loyal subscribers!


Jim - this is true. Netflix has blacklist if you rent too many movies in the month. I think it's something like 6 or 7. I always end up on it after going through tv on dvd. Their explanation is giving priority to new users which seems like a non progressive business policy. Especially since I have many lulls where I don't change anything for months. My friend canceled and they offered her free movies which is how she got off of the list. Or sign up again with a different email.

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