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$19.38 in Vancouver, WA.

$15.58 Waco Texas

$19.47 NF

$16.23 BB

3 out plan

California USA


$19.07 is what I've been paying. Not a big deal for me.


Fl. = 6.5%

NF = $19.16
BB = $15.96


State-by-state chart for sales/use taxation of 164 services, including "Rental of video tapes for home viewing"



Netflix $19.25 3-out
BBO $16.04 3-out

North Carolina

Die Capitalists!

I don't see how they can charge sales tax when nothing's being sold. Video stores also charge sales tax too. Nice little way to increase their prices surreptitiously. Tax added at sale is BS. It should be included in the price. This jew pricing is such an annoyance. Go to England and all the prices include tax and tip. So you see weird #'s like 12.37, 5.18, 21.53, etc. None of this stupid 95, 99, 9/10 cent gas prices, plus tax, plus tip, etc. Dumb Jews.


It's weird - when I started Blockbuster, they charged me tax for the first few months. Then, they stopped charging me tax and actually refunded all my tax for the first few months. I'm not sure what changed here, but I'm not complaining.

Jew pricing ? WTF ?

Get Bent

Die Capitalists! = fucking moron

Moderator - please remove the racist post above, it is just uncalled for.


I'm on the 4 out plan and it comes out to around $22 with the taxes.

Netflix: $19.74 - TN, 3-out

Die Capitalists = small dick


Netflix 3-Out, 19.38

Orange County, CA


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$19.38, 4 out plan (grandfathered in...price good until I cancel)


I live in CT too.. its 19.07.. i probably should upgrade to the 4out plan.. im averaging 12-13 dvds a month.. my turn around time is 4-6 days..funny , when my DC is only 1hr away. at least with the 4 out plan i can get 4 more dvds a month for just 3 bucks more.


The custom of making prices in 95-99 cent or 9/10 cent units was first began by jews. It's not racist to point out that in countries like England such annoying awkward price schemes do not exist. We'd be better off if those practices were outlawed here as well. It's intentionally deceptive and greedy. So I have trained myself to just ignore those stupid prices and round them all up to the nearest dollar, and never even think of the stupid $5.99 crap. And why are the prices for gas always 9/10ths of a cent? Wow, so I save a whole penny on every 10 gallons. Thanks, you greedy MFers. Why not use full cents?

atheist anarchist

Get Bent = Fuck1ng M0r0n. Ooh, what a clever come-back. Try actually saying something intelligent for a change.


Ah...back to the original question:

Netflix: 3 Out - $17.11 (including taxes) Nebraska.

Throttling is free.

Tim how can you be paying less then $17.99 on a three out plan?


Paying 26.24 4-out
That's 23.99 + 2.25 tax
Sales tax in Oklahoma City is 8.375% I think but the way I figure it out, I'm being charged more than 9% tax.

BTW, video stores can charge sales tax for rentals. My family owns a video store and we don't keep the money we charge for tax. All of that goes straight to the state, county and city.

So go peddle your conspiracy theories some place else. That's not why I come here.

Ending in .99 has nothing to do with jews. Just do a google search and you can easily find info on the history of it. For example:

"Advertising prices in the newspapers was rare before 1880 but common after 1890. At first prices were usually rounded off to the nickel, dime, or dollar, but it wasn't long before a few smaller operators looking for an edge began using what might be called "just under" pricing (49 cents, $1.95, and so on), no doubt in an effort to convince the gullible they were getting a bargain.

The idea caught on surprisingly slowly. Even in the 1920s some large merchants still rounded prices off to the nearest dollar or on larger items to the nearest $5 or sawbuck. Today's custom of having nearly every price end in 99, 95, or 49 cents or dollars (or just a 9 for items under $5) is of fairly recent vintage. The practice bespeaks a certain low cunning, but it's also pretty obvious and trying to find out who invented it is like trying to find out who invented the hat."
see: http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a3_166.html

Here is another a scientific research that was done on the psychology of the "Left Digit" and pricing ending in .99. "Sometimes a Penny in a Price Tag Can Make a Big Difference"
see: http://my.webmd.com/content/Article/107/108379.htm

Please, let's keep the racist remarks off this board.

Good god, people, stop bitching and moaning about how much you pay for Netflix. It's stilla better deal than *anything* else around. And, if you don't think it is, then please feel free to cancel your service ASAP.

This is not sales tax, this is rental tax you are paying. Feel free to research the tax codes yourselves. Just about every state has sales tax and rental tax, and it is generally exactly the same rate. Don't go spouting off about how you are getting screwed since there was no actual sale, that is irrelavent. You are paying rental tax and there is no way you are screwing uncle sam out of thier cut, unless you're a wealthy person who pays people to lie and cheat your way out of paying most taxes of course.


To anonymous poster who asked about my plan: I pay only 15.99 for 3 Out. Plus NE taxes = $17.11. I got the 15.99 deal when I started in Oct. 2004. I think that's when Netflix slashed prices to head off Amazon.

Guess they won't have to worry about that anytime soon. Better lock in prices before they go up!

Hey Die Capitalists!,

Go die and burn in hell. We don't want asshole racists like you contaminating the human gene pool.

Racism isn't hereditary. Well, it isn't. But what I wanted to say, pertaining to the tax, is that you're being charged tax because you buy a service (not a physical good). The tax has nothing to do with it being online, as states can't control interstate commerce, and feds have a moratorium on that (I think). Rather the tax has to do with the fact that in most cases the service is provided from an in-state facility. Does Netflix have a facility in every state? Because if they didn't, I'd be interested in knowing if they still charge tax, even though they don't provide service in-state.

Neither BB or NF has a shipping center in each state. But you can bet they charge tax there.

Yes, because they DO have a physical presence in each state: the DVDs.

You don't pay tax on internet sells because YOU own it before it enters the state. (although you are required to report the purchase on your income tax, you do do that, right?)

But the DVDs belong to Netflix and that makes a presence so you pay tax.


You are not required to report purchases on your income tax records. Since "a purchase" is not income there is not any reason to put in on the tax forms. "A sell" is income and is reported on the tax form submissions of the company your purchased the product for.

You must pay a lot more taxes than everyone else if you think that a purchase (whether it was inter-state or intra-state)is considered income.


As for the tax issues...

Any state tax is null and void when a transaction crosses state lines. If there is not a federal tax associated with the transaction, the transaction is essentially tax free.

When you "purchase" a rental agreement, you purchase the rights to the item you are renting for a particular amount of time. If you decide to convert the rental rights into rights of ownership then the transaction is a simple modification of existing terms. So, while the DVD is technically owned by the rental company, the reason it has entered your state is because of the rental agreement you purchased. State tax does not apply to these transactions since they are transacted across state lines.

Rental companies that choose to charge taxes are doing so at their own discretion. The tax that is collected may or may not be paid out to the correct governmental bodies. In most cases, taxes collected in this nature are added to the profits of the rental company as the rental company is only required to file taxes in the state that they are licensed in, and all states that they have physical locations in... such as warehouses, offices, and storefronts.

Any taxes collected from purchasers that are not residing in the states that the company resides in, are not paid out to any governmental bodies.




haha netflix dosent charge that much it does me for 12.50 ant that is not expensive

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