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I've been a member for a little over two years. It's okay, but slow (they only have one distribution center). I'm on the 2-out plan ($14.95) and I usually get 4 disks a month. You might be able to get 6 if you pushed it, but I doubt you could get 8.

They're selection is huge, but as you might expect it's hard to find a good rental. Most pron is garbage. I suspect (if you have broadband) a subscription to a good web site would be a better use of your money.

I've been pretty happy with what Greencine has. But again, slower turn around because they ship to me in Maryland from California.

How do you guys pick the movies to watch? I have had better luck selecting the movie from the adult movie review sites. But, not perfect luck. Otherwise I hate 90% of the porns out there.

I usually look for an actress or studio that I have liked, which Greencine has a great search function for. Someone also put up a great list there called clean/well lit great adult films, which has some great recommendations. Andrew Blake makes good movies, and I like anything by Score. Blowfish.com is another great site to find recommendations.


This is un-Islamic.


It's non-Christian too....but then it's PORN!


Oh yeah, and let me put in a good word for Marilyn Chambers.

Nothing like the classics!

Also, is "Robin's Nest" avaiable from any of these Services?


wired piece is full of it. check out adultdvdtalk.com for reviews of the major adult rental by mail companies. adultdvdempire is about 20 times larger than "wanted list." bushdvd is considered the fastest and adultdvdempire has the best selection.

If it weren't for Christian ideals scaring women into not putting out, we wouldn't need porn.


They want you to buy the whole cow.


The deal at videobox.com is pretty good. unlimited downloads for ten bucks a month. they add a new dvd deach day.



I've been using SugarDVD.com (mentioned in the article as a 'rival') for what would seem to be about as long as WantedList has been in existence. When it comes to picking titles, I find that it comes down to the studio. There are good studios, and there are bad studios. Once you get with a good one (and they are there), you can usually count on more good releases of the same or better quality. I've found a lot of good studios just through SugarDVD alone. I get movies in about one to two days since one of their centers is pretty close to my state.


I'm from New York, and I've been with WantedList for a couple years. I'm on the 3 DVD plan and now that they have shipping from nearby New Jersey I'm getting next day service. I haven't tried the other companies, but I've never had a problem with these guys, even when they were only shipping from California.

Ben Dover

I've been using wantedlist for about 6 months now. I actually used to use sugardvd, but then met my girlfriend who was using wantedlist. (Yes, I'm a lucky man). I must say, the wantedlist site is a lot more fun to use than sugardvd (which is okay). Choosing your next porn DVD can be a chore, so its nice to be entertained while doing so. There's some really funny stuff on there and the "pornotron" (hilarious) does help out picking movies.

I though the Wired article was pretty interesting. I thought it was funny how they showed the top 5 movies for both Netflix and WantedList, with the genres for WantedList being "anal", "ejaculation"...

The higher churn rate isn't too surprising. Although I'm pretty sure I'll be a WantedList member as long as I have an active sex life, I can see some people stopping after settling down with someone. That said, I say you get her into watching porn also!


WantedList has never caused me a problem, I am very happy with their service. and i like how they have additional content like their interviews and advisor sections. they also put on great contests too, one of these days i'm going to win one.


I love Netflix, but why the hell doesn't Netflix rent porn. They need to, I found a pretty sweet site that looks to be the Netflix of porn...XXX Rentals Online http://www.xxxrentalsonline.com Soon as that baby opens up I'm gonna have 2 subscriptions :D LOL One for the wife and kids and the other for daddy. LMAO!


I run a site that reviews the options to rent adult dvds online.

The Netfuxxx Blog

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