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This is a fundamental feature of Netflix. Why are you just now "discovering" it?

Mike K

I get a lot of questions from new users by e-mail, and I'm experimenting with ways to talk about features and answer questions without alienating advanced users like you.

I was also impressed that it caught duplicate movies in two Profiles, so I posted it.

Maybe I should label stories like this in some way that would identify them as "intro" level?

- Mike K

I have 3 setup. The main one for the spouse, small son & me. One for my oldest son and one for my daughter.


Mike K,

"Maybe I should label stories like this in some way that would identify them as "intro" level?"

I don't think that's a good idea. A potential poster might ignore an article if they believe it's not worth reading when in fact useful information may be within it. The same sort of situation may occur if you label an article 'pro', and potential posters are a little intimidated. Let visitors explore without that sort of map.

I did notice you removed the recent post list, which became useless once a new issue arrived.

Rachel in Tulsa, OK

Somewhat unrelated: When I rent a movie for someone else and don't watch it, Netflix keeps asking me to rate the movie.

Matt H.

"When I rent a movie for someone else and don't watch it, Netflix keeps asking me to rate the movie."

When you set up profiles this will go away, as Netflix will only ask you to rate movies that "you" rented.

I set up a second profile on mine to allow my wife to pick her own movies and then have her own ratings system. That way she gets recommendations that match with her tastes. It also keeps my ratings clean with just my ratings.


I have queues set up for other family members, but I also have a separate queue for my new releases vs. my catalog movies. I make sure that every Monday before a new release there's enough free slots in the new release profile's queue so that they'll ship. I also have one special hidden queue for those movies I don't necessarily want people on my friends list to know I rent.

My biggest issue is how to have an easy way to rate movies that other family members (profiles) have rented. It's not too strange to think that even though my wife rented something I watched it too. Right now I need to go to the Friends page (I had to add my wife's profile as a friend), then select "[my wife]'s Recently Watched" and open each movie I've watched from her queue to rate it. There must be a better way!


"You can also use Profiles to get past the 500 movie limit for each queue. By setting up multiple Profiles, you can have up to 2,500 movies in your queue(s)."

I wish Netflix would acknowledge this use and allow the use of multiple profiles under one login. I have 4 profiles set up dividing my queue into genres, and it's a pain always having to login/logout to each one.

Rahul G

I love the feature mostly because i've become addicted to watching tv shows on dvd. Now i set up a seperate que that contains nothing but tv shows. this prevents me from spending an entire weekend entraced by a single show and i don't have to regulate or make my movie que long.


I've been using Netflix for about two years now and I've never understood profiles. It's one account, but two queues, right?

If I give my girlfriend an account, how does it distribute the discs from queue to queue? I only get one out at a time--how does this work?

Dustin L.

"If I give my girlfriend an account, how does it distribute the discs from queue to queue? I only get one out at a time--how does this work?"

If you're on the one-at-a-time plan, you would have to continually reassign your one slot between the two profiles. The only benefit I see to having multiple profiles under a one-at-a-time plan would be the ability for each person to have separate ratings.


I use the profile feature and I love it. It was instrumental in me going to the four out plan as well. Splitting up 3 movies between me, my wife and a compromise list was too much crap to manage. I went to four out, wife gets two, I get two and we always have something we want to watch. Especially good because my wife has little interest in most of what I want to see, I can watch hers with her and because she takes forever to watch her movies, whereas I watch them as soon as possible and ship them back. My wife supplies all the profit to Netflix on our account. :)


I keep one queue for movies and another for tv shows. That way when I send back a tv show, I get one in return. I don't have to keep shuffling my queue around each time I return a movie.

I wish netflix would allow for this behavior without treating the two profiles as different people. It would be nice to be able to rate movies from either profile.

"When I rent a movie for someone else and don't watch it, Netflix keeps asking me to rate the movie."

There's a "no opinion" button you can click in that instance. I use it when I get a damaged disc and consequently can't rate the movie.


My Dad and I each have a profile. I'm usually the one who watches more movies, so we have a 3/1 split on the 4 out-at-a-time plan. When I'm busy, I'll throw a few more discs his way and everyone wins.

The only improvement I'd like to see is that he can receive emails when his movies ship/are returned.

Netflix answers this question in their FAQ, saying that the primary "owner" of the account can monitor what movies are coming/going -- but they already have a system where you can regulate the types of movies people receive based on ratings.


The problem i have with this feature is that if one queue is empty, the other queue can't use up the extra out-at-a-time disks. My girlfriend only rents movies occasionally and I keep having to change the disk distribution.


I didnt know much about it when I first signed up for Netflix so i made my dad a profile but i dont like how you have to assign them movies and now i cant delete the profile... Netflix needs to fix this how hard can it be to write some code so we can delete a profile?

I like the idea of the TV show profile though.. I might try that out :)


I accidentally made a third profile, so I just called it "Do Not Use" and it doesn't distract me anymore.


I can't beleive they do not offer an option to send emails to the people for whom the profiles were created.


Or that you can't delete a profile and that you have to have separate logins and first and last names. You should be able to name a profile whatever you want, not necessarily after a person.

Pissed Netflix Customer

Kiss your Profiles goodbye!!!!

Per email I received from NetFlix today, and I quote.

"We wanted to let you know we will be eliminating Profiles, the feature that allowed you to set up separate DVD Queues under one account, effective September 1, 2008."

Angry 5-year Netflix Customer

Yes, profiles are disappearing. I got the same email too.

What is really annoying though is the way they are doing this.

1) They're getting rid of a much-loved and much-used feature with NO EXPLANATION.

2) They provide no way to transfer things from the other profile's queues into your main queue. Their genius advice is that you can print out the queue and then manually enter items one by one!

The data associated with that profile (e.g., all the ratings you've submitted) just disappears. Too bad for you customer if you've rated 1000 movies in your other profile: you wasted your time and that info is going to disappear.

This pisses me off so much I am looking for an alternate service. Getting rid of the feature is bad enough, but doing it in such a half-assed way and providing no easy way for merging the associated data into the main profile stinks of utter contempt for the customer.

Another Pissed Netflix Customer



Show netflix and the world how you really feel! Spread the word!


Just got an email from Netflix, they are keeping profiles! Thankfully some corporate execs admit when they've made a mistake!


Profiles are a great idea but Netflix executes them as second class accounts with no privileges other than having a queue. A profile has none of the great Netflix features like watch now or error reporting. I'm guessing they think only children will have profile accounts and they can't be trusted with the adult features. I want equality for profiles, this is discrimination. I'm calling Obama right now.

rate my wife

i think this is such a great thing that they did hear. i will be using it.


Is it impossible to let the kids login using their PROFILE ONLY on their independant ipod touches?....


If anyone wants a share of my netflix account text me at 360 774 5809

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