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Pop-ups are evil. Pop-unders are merely annoying (though very annoying). I haven't run across a NetFlix pop-under myself (yet), but I think it would put me off if I weren't already a customer.

What I really hate are those DHTML pop-overs that obscure the page you're looking at, and that you can't get rid of except by clicking the 'close this window' link. I'm usually not trusting enough to believe that the 'close this window' link won't do something in addition to closing the window, so I usually just leave the site. Advertisers - don't do that: you're driving away traffic.


Most of the advertisements you see are run through somewhat reputable companies, even if the ads themselves might not be. Doubleclick, fastclick, Tribal Fusion, Burst Media, etc, all demand that the close button actually work as advertised. Still, pop and layer (DHTML) campaigns are annoying beyond belief. I have a site and refuse to run them, at great financial loss, because I find them so distracting to the user experience. Advertisers are willing to pay quite a premium for these -- one DHTML layer ad I recently saw paid about $0.03 for each user who saw it ($30 CPM), so they must work.


I haven't come across either. I'm running a popup blocker however though (firefox). Regardless, I'm annoyed by that type of advertising, but the problem with popups and unders are they work. (at least i've heard they do, which is why therye so popular)


I run Maxthon with its built-in pop-up blocker and I have never seen a Netflix pop-up or pop-under ad. I rarely see any pop-ups period.

But if I did, I would not be happy with the company whose ads kept popping up. Even if they are not the ones that are doing it, they have chosen to have their ads distributed that way and THAT would make me think twice about a company that feels they have to use those tactics.


I still remember all the X10 camera adds when pop-ups first starting being used, I hated that company. Now I don't even look at any of the pop up/under adds that make it past my blocker, I just close the window without even noticing whats on them.


I have to agree with sycho, I run Firefox and I've never seen one of these. I see the banner ads all over yahoo though..but that's a good thing.


I do not recall seeing any Netflix pop-ups or pop-unders. I use IE at work, with Google toolbar to block pop-ups and pop-unders, and Camino or Firefox at home and I never see pop-ups or -unders of any kind either place.

If a site bombards me with ads, I refuse to stay or return.


Hhhhmmmm....Yeah I think you need to check your computer for some spyware. I don't think netflix does pop-ups or pop-unders.


Mozilla Firefox 1.5 also; i am a netflix subscriber and experience NO pop-up or pop-under advertisements.

There is one ad (730px X 90px). It's posted at the very top of the page and outside of the tabbed usabilitly area of the page. Essentially, it's out of the way. I browse down and never notice it.


I'm not writing about pop-under ads on the Netflix site, but pop-under ads for Netflix on other sites.

I use a variety of compauters (Mac & Windows) at home and work, and not all the Web browsers are setup to block pop-ups, so I have seen them from time to time. I checked dozens of sites before writing this story, and was able to see Netflix ads on several sites as mentioned above.

Firefox and the Google toolbar do a great job of blocking the ads.

- Mike


firefox + adblock extension + filterset G = no pop ups/unders ever, and few ads on pages.


I don't tolerate ANY ads. AdBlockPlus + Filterset.G AutoUpdater + GreaseMonkey + RIP


no banners, no popups, no popunders.... nothing. Ad-free is how the internet is meant to be! :)


I cancelled NetStop because of the Pop Under Ads. Hopefully for their sake they've replaced me with three brain dead ad-zombies.

Firefox has automatic ability to stop pop ups/unders. AdBlock extension lets you remove any ads just by specifying the server, path, wildcards.

Netflix has done pop-unders for years. Not only do I have them specifically blocked in my domain resolver in case my pop-up blocker fails, I'll never do business with them. (Not that the email I sent them saying so would have the slightest effect). I've signed up with a competing service, so it's definitely lost sales for Netflix.

Advertisers do not have the option of taking control of my PC (as Sony tried), nor of my browser. Those that do instantly become companies I won't do business with. It's becoming a pretty long list.


I terminated my account with Netflix because of their Pop unders. They are like a virus!


Netflix popups are from tribalfusion.com and they do use spyware and unless you have a good spyware program can infect your register key. Here is Netflix's PR email address: Public Relations [pr@netflix.com]- the next time you get a popup copy it and paste it to your email and send it to them. Maybe if they get several thousand emails they will re-evaluate their advertising.

Badri Saljooghi

Thank GOD I am not alone. Everytime I click on a news video, this Netflix ad pops first. Not only it is not done interestingly, it is annoying to the point that I close the window and say to myself the hell with news. I can not stand it. NO , I never bought a movie from them, nor I ever will. Lets shout this maybe they get it.


Netfilix is the MOST annoying company regarding pop-ups. Freaks.

Phillip H. Blanton

I run IE and Firefox both with popup blockers and I get those Netflix pop-unders all the time. Netflix has found a way to get those around the blockers.

I find FoxNews.com to be one of the worst offenders when it comes to slimy website marketing practices. Luckily my blockers work on all of their ads, it's just that I can't navigate their site without the constant "bla-doop" of the blocker. I feel for the poor idiots who navigate that site without any protection.

Without regard to what any one of you may think about Fox News, it is a big-time company that shouldn't be engaging in these slimy practices.


Laf, I personally think your just harvesting emails. I find it very interesting that in order to "support this site" you have free trails to the very company who uses the pop-under scheme more than anyone. Are you on the Netflix payroll ?

And I quote your site: "If you sign up through these links you help support this site. " Followed by the Netflix Trail link.

Baaaaaa.. the sheep will follow..

Bob in Austin

Fuck u Netflix, I am cancelling my account!!!


Just came across this page while looking for someway to block those nasty Netflix pop ups. First of all, on my pc they take so long to pop in....it freezes my computer up while its loading. I will never, never buy from them as well, just because of those pop ups. Netflix will never get a cent from me because they had to make their advertising so annoying.


I have been clicking on the ad up to 1000 times each time it pops on my screen. That will cost them about $30 every time they pop under my screen Now if Millions of people would do this every time it will cost them 30 million dollars a day for nothing. Maybe that would get there attention. Someone should make some software that will click on an add for you as many times as you tell it too.


There is such a thing as agency and Netflix is ultimately responsible for the hundreds of pop ups that inundate everyone. Do you have any idea how much negative publicity is generated by these ads?


I too found this site trying to find a way to block the Netflix pop unders. I didn't even know they were called pop "unders" until now and was wondering why my pop-up blocker didn't prevent them. I get them at several mainstream sites (news sites) all the time. They drive me crazy! THis only happens with Netflix. I don't get any other pop-unders.

Don Z

NetFlix uses the most annoying advertising! They have advanced pop-unders that bypass the blockers on FireFox. Good work annoying me NetFlix!


Netflix is truly an evil company. The popups and unders are merely scratching the surface of this hateful entity. I'm serious. If anyone is interested go ahead and do some research on who (really) owns and runs this company. Stay far away from Netflix.

Rich Mycroft

This is the link I've got for the latest pop under ad. http://a.tribalfusion.com/p.media/a1mNnA3AjGnUnIXsMVYGF21GFOmajP5UvRWrfFUAv4RqUYQsZbnQt3N0WfoT6Mu3G3VXUZbJTPXo5ABgRPnI4WFmXWMAmWZav36YY5sUfUsJdVGf8RAvNWdQPTUrY5bEnWqnrWqQaQEBLRVBZbPUIxRtn9Wsb5RsyAvOHqYZc/1483516/pop.html Using Firefox with popups supposed ly blocked.


Yes, Netflix will never ever get my business!


Its nuts...i have my browsers settings to automatically delete my history,cookies and every other option there is when i close the browsers and i still get netflix pop-ups...i hate them!!!


I'm relieved somewhat to see it's not just me. I'm terminating Netflix and notifying them of my anger. Each lost subscriber wastes attempt to get new ones.

netflix sucks

everyone should inundate netflixs phones with the phone number on the top left of this page


I am a Netflix customer. I too find these ads annoying. If company marketed their product in the way, the web would be a useless mess. I called Netflix customer service and spoke with a very nice person. However, it was apparently the first time she had ever heard of this complaint. Incredible! She suggested modifying my pop-up blocker (which I have done). And she tried to suggest that it was the fault of the offending websites that put up the offending pop-ups. Again, incredible. I told her I will terminate my membership. But, that doesn't fix the problem. Does anyone have information on how to fix the problem?

stanlee b johnson

every time i turn on my computer net flix pops up. please please stop this annoying crap.


I hate them. Especially since I have netflix, and I still need to see these annoying ads pop up. That too on popular sites like ABC etc.

I almost feel like clicking on it, to make them spend some money! so annoying!

Please find a better way to acquire customers!


Ad networks seem to have found a way to defeat the blockers. I work in the tech sector and hadn't seen pop-unders in a long time until this latest wave from netflix. Very annoying. Looking for a good fix that doesn't block all ads (need to see some for my job).


Any company that goes out of their way to knowingly annoy people loses my business. Bottom line.... I won't use Netflix.


THERE HAS TO BE A WAY TO PASS A LAW AGAINST THIS!!! I never gave them the right to pop on my computer...let them try to pop into my house and see what happens....


I have canceled my NetFlix account. I detest these pop-under ads and refuse to patronize anyone using such tactics.

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