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People forget what jump-started the original VCR ERA, and what put Adult movie theators and stores almost out of business. Now you could enjoy porn videos in the privacy of your own home.

If I were the MPAA, I'd be darn sure there are a lot of XXX titles out there from the get go, because that will be a major impetus to buy a HD players, at least in the USA market. Once one has the HD player, then he/she will branch out into mainstream titles. Sounds ugly, however, History does has a habit of repeating itself.

HD Porn

Since high definition has come to porn industry, sites related to HD start growing up quickly. By this moment I know at least ten of such sites.


Check out Rated HD for some high quality HD Porn Videos!


WMV-HD is really something. You can watch HD even if you don't have a HD player or an HDTV... just on your computer! You can watch it as soon as now. In less than a few years, all porn videos will be encoded with this codec, and as the codec is also used to distribute High Definition videos on standard DVDs, people will play back their clips on compatible DVD players (either blu-ray or HD-DVD players) and on their computers (with standard DVD players!). I already found some free HD clips to download and it's amazing. Just take a look by yourself. http://www.18closeup.com/20561545.htm you will see by yourself what's all the fuss about HD.


Agree with the rest. HD is the best. You just cannot compare. Anything HD. HD Porn is just the icing on the cake. :)


http://www.sugaradultdvd.com is the NETFLIX for PORN and they have a pretty big selection of HD DVDs.


The porn companies are always a head of the game. I already read reviews about iphone porn http://m.wantedlist.com/ , iswank.com, and iroticnet.com just to name a few. I read the reviews at gizmodo.com. Lets see Dreamworks come up with iPhone movies.

HD Porn

I dont think netflix will have porn anytime soon, good thing you can find it on the web!

Porn Reviews

Yeah, the internet is the #1 source for HD Porn! We review porn sites at NikkisReviews.com and HDPornoReviews.com and I doubt we'll ever see the same content at netflix!

HD Porn

The internet continues to be best source for high definition porn and I dont see that changing anytime in the near future.


"I dont think netflix will have porn anytime soon, good thing you can find it on the web!"

Netflix already has soft-core porn, they just don't advertise it as much. (and depends on your definition of soft-core).

They have a 'raunchy' subcategory, for example, which I know is not the same as porn, but for many people it's enough fun to watch and get a good laugh.

We've actually been aggregating a list of all the porn-style movies on netflix and other streaming sites as a small community project, just for fun. Everyone can submit movies for review and we've got a growing list.

We're at http://streaming-review.com


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