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I don't know if there is an easier question to answer in Netflix help than this one.

Whenever someone would ask our high school English professor a question like this, he would ask "did you give it a college try?"


Well not really.
What if you loose both the envelopes or if you are a subscriber for 1 DVD at a time? What if there is no "same package" ?


I must say...I have been a subscriber for a year or so. I have had this happen 3 times. I have sent back two DVDs in one sleeve each time. NOT ONCE has Netflix received the second movie. Each time, I have had to report the disc as "lost in transit" after a couple weeks in order to being renting my full allotment again. It's a nice theory, but not well executed. Don't rely upon it.


If you don't have the envelope you mail it in something else with the address and a stamp. The post office sells envelopes.

Or you could report the disc as lost and request a replacement and then send it back with that one.

Longer By

EIGHT DVDs in sleeves (one per respectively) will fit in one mailer. (be sure to munge the barcodes)

They will receive all eight, and update your shipping stats, send two immeditely THEN TAKE THE TIME to note when they plan to send the other ones. Yup, that's mighty efficient fraud.


I receive very rappid turnaround but the most recent mailer was a stuck together mess. I had to destroy the envelopes to retrieve the DVD. Now I have no intact envelope to return th thing when I hve viewed it. What to do?


So if I use a regular envelope How does Netflix know to credit my account with returning the DVD?

Kristie Williams

I have put both dvd's in the same red enevople and i have not had one problem. netflix recieved them both then sent the next on my queue very happy costumer of like 4.5 yrs almost.

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