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They must have just changed this policy, because one of my coworkers paid for two movies she lost.

Toffer Peak

I've reported a lost disc a couple of times over the last two years and Netflix always said I wouldn't be charged. These discs were eventually found or made it to Netflix however so I don't have a "history" of "losing" discs. Your coworker probably has a history of losing discs and therefore is being charged. Agter so many losses I think Netflix stops giving customers the benefit of the doubt.


I've never had a lost disc with NF. One was lost at BB - I never received it and they never got it back. One was lost with Nicheflix on the way back. I feel it was stolen by someone in the post office. Unlike most of their discs, it was region-free, NTSC and a mainstream title. Most of their discs would be just useless to the average American (non-region-1, PAL video format, or very obscure). None have been lost since I began using the inside box at the main post office. USPS website suggests the inside box if you suspect your mail is being stolen.


I did report one lost disc to Netflix that I never got, but they received it about 2 weeks later. The fact they don't let you report a disc lost for six days means most will arrive or get back to them in that space. I've reported more lost with BB, since they let you report them after 3 days. They should not be allowed to charge you for lost movies. They should only be able to cancel your account. There's no proof that someone's stealing discs, unless they have them delivered with signed confirmation. Even then, the USPS, FedEx, and UPS will OFTEN leave a package on your porch without getting a signature.

Maybe the person lives in an area with a high rate of mail theft or dishonest postal workers. Netflix should either refuse to serve that area, ban those who lose more than x discs in y time, or force the people to pay more (temporarily) to compensate for losses. "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" is a crock.


This post clearly states "a reader lost a movie." If you lost a disc, Netflix should be able to charge you. If the USPS lost a disc, then you, the customer, should file a complaint with the Postmaster as well as notify Netflix. If you claim alot of discs lost in the mail, perhaps because you are a victim of mail theft, but you fail to report it to your Postmaster, Netflix has no choice but to assume you're at fault.


being charged $20 is nothing compared to how much Blockbuster used to charge for a lost tape - it was 4 times that. And remember that if you lost the disc in your house, you can always try to buy a new copy or used and send it back - if you can find it for less.


My dog chewed up one of my movies so I paid for it. The post office has "lost" other movies though, and I didn't pay for those.

If the movie was "lost" / damaged while it was in the subscriber's care, the subscriber should pay.


I've never lost one, but a friend lost two and never received and warning after reporting them lost.


I think I've had a total of 8 missing discs. The first 4 were over a long period of the time, then the last 4 were all last summer. I'm pretty sure it was a postal worker, since all 4 didn't get to me (2 on one day, the other 2 within a week). I had to call Netflix over it, but they gave me a break because I've been a member forever.


I had four disks go missing right after 9/11. I got a warning from NetFlix about losing too many disks (on your next lost disk we'll suspend your account), but luckily things straightened out after that. They cleared out my list of lost disks a little over a year later - I guess they forgive lost disks after a certain period with no losses.

I did have one disk where I bought and returned a replacement. Note: it's safe to clean a disk with Bounty paper towels, but some brands will scratch a disk something fierce.


I have not had any problems recently, but when I first joined Netflix about 6 months ago, 2 of the first 3 they sent me never got to me.


Actually, the postal workers here in Texas told me that there is currently no way to file a complaint about lost Netflix discs unless you KNOW that they were stolen from your mailbox. To paraphrase: "If there's no tracking number, there's nothing we can do."

Toffer Peak

Scott - those are probably the postal workers who are stealing the discs. The PO should definitely take record of any stolen mail complaints where they can be proven or not. Postal theft is discovered from patterns. Many postal workers have been caught not redhanded but rather because many various compliants trace back to a single source. If your postal worker doesn't take your complaint then you should go to their boss.


You can file a lost mail/rifling report on anything, but it is true there is nothing they can do about it, sometimes even when there is a tracking number. I had a purchase with delivery confirmation go missing, and there was nothing they could do about that either (though I'd hope they at least gave the mail carrier a talking to).


Having some insight into the USPS...

You can file a complaint on any missing mail item. But realistically, unless it has some type of tracking number, it will be virtually impossible to locate.

While some mail is stolen by USPS workers (which is really actually a low number, it just makes good news - and remember ALL prfessions have their "bad apples").. most mail is just lost because it was misdirected & misdelivered.

Examples: a letter may get stuck to another because of the flap glue or someone let the stamp hang off the edge and stuck to another piece below. A smaller envelope gets stuck in those open address windows (the ones without the cellophane cover) and rides along with it. It may get stuck in the sorter and blown into the wrong location while sorting - then when the carrier pulls the mail he fails to see 1 wrong piece mixed in with the others.

Depending on the route, most carries have 100s of stops on the route and 1000s piec es of mail everyday. It is impossible to visually look at each one as they are delivered and still make it back to the office on time.

The bottom line here is, when mail is misdelivered, you hope that person will put it back in the box (marking it as a misdeliver) so it can be re-dlivered correctly. The real story is that alot just gets tossed by the person that gets it (not their problme I guess) and in the case of a movie, probably gets kept.

It would be impossible to know where these misdeliveries occurred so no chance of them being returned if the person did not put it back into the outgoing mail.


I agree with most of that, but it doesn't apply to a box large enough to hold two DVD cases. And one would expect delivery confirmation would prompt a mail carrier to be a little more careful.

Yes, I'm still bitter. Their mixup cost me $35. I avoid purchasing anything that would ship via USPS now.


Becky: "If you lost a disc, Netflix should be able to charge you. If the USPS lost a disc, then you, the customer, should file a complaint with the Postmaster as well as notify Netflix."

I doubt the USPS takes reports seriously unless it has been over a month since the item was mailed. A lot of those would be delivered or returned by the time they investigated. Netflix shouldn't blame us for losses, if we maintain we never received discs OR we returned them. They can't PROVE you're lying without delivery confirmation, and search warrants. It would be unlikely to get a search warrant based on such vague, circumstantial evidence. I have the impression that a warrant needs to specify exactly what items are to be found and where they are.

"If you claim alot of discs lost in the mail, perhaps because you are a victim of mail theft, but if you fail to report it to your Postmaster, Netflix has no choice but to assume you're at fault."

Whether you report it is irrelevant. Netflix should go to the trouble of reporting it. Their business is based upon a sizeable percentage of discs being lost, stolen, or broken each month. (I've heard as much as 3-5% sent out are lost or destroyed.) If a certain certain city or neighborhood (or customer) has a high rate of loss, they can refuse to service them. But they should NOT be able to charge you if you never got the disc or you returned it. We trust them, that they're sending discs when they say. It is a two-way street.

You should not be charged for something that wasn't your fault. If you admit to losing or damaging the disc, they should charge you the fair market price, not some arbitrary figure. I suspect that most DVDs cost them a lot less than $20, and a few would cost much more to replace. It's not inconceivable that a person would claims to have "lost" a disc that just went "out of print" and is selling for an inflated price online. Netflix should charge them more than someone who lost a disc they can easily replace.


I "lost" three discs all at once during a move. I asked about them of my then ex-landlady and she said che never saw them... so the "blame" was sort of dispersed, but surely mine in some way, at least for not changin my shipping address early enough. Netflix paid for them and one more since then. I believe they darn well should, if for no other reason than they've made me feel entitled to it.


They should forgive lost disks up to a point. It's part of the cost of doing business. But they shouldn't be endlessly forgiving. That would just invite abuse. There are plenty of unscrupulous people out there who'd take advantage, and we'd all end up paying for it.


I was wondering whether anyone had any complaints regarding the netflix lost disc policy? In particular, I'm interested in whether there were any incidents of being charged for lost DVDs?


I have sent netflix movies from the large post office in my neighborhood and they always get there in 1 or 2 days. If I send them from my local small office, it seems to take 4 to 5 days and sometimes a week. I just wonder if the PO personell are viewing my movies.


So ... does anyone know how many it takes to be lost in x period of time for them to put your acount on hold?

My most recent email had three lost videos listed, two of which were this month. I'm putting them in the mail, but the worker in my area seems to change on a daily basis; sometimes the mail is stuffed into the mail box, sometimes it's nicely folded. Sometimes the disc is jammed into my mailbox, sometimes it's by my door (I live in an apartment, and my door is just down the hallway).

Anyone know if there's a way to contact the PS regarding questionable service? One of the employees is doing a good job, one is doing rather shoddy ...


I had a movie out and I lost it. The debit card which I had set up with netflix expired, I then preceded with canceling my account. Netflix emailed me many times about returning the disc but I never did. Now when I log on to my account it offers me the option to restart my service but under rental history it states that the DVD was purchased., although I was never charged. Any info?


I reported a disc lost this morning and received two emails reporting the disc problem report received and another one reporting "we received. . . missing DVD." They were emailed just ten minutes apart from each other. It makes me wonder if this is a form of "throttling." I had to wait five days to report the disc lost due to the way the problem reporting was set up on the Netflix website.

NetFlix Critic

NetFlix False Advertising

NetFlix advertises in their TERMS OF SERVICE that they do not charge for the "occasional" lost DVD except in "rare" circumstances. (See language below). However when I called them to see how much they would try to charge me if I lost 1 DVD after 6 months of subscribing, they said $20 plus tax. This is a clear case of false advertising because I lost an "occasional" DVD and they did not replace it for free as a "member benefit" as they claim. "As an additional member benefit, we will replace the occasional lost DVD free of charge. However, in the rare event that the number of lost DVDs on your account becomes excessive, as we may determine in our sole and absolute discretion, we will notify you that your account has been placed on hold for review and may charge your Payment Method for the estimated cost of the lost DVD(s)."

Netflix User

I have been a member of Blockbuster and I just closed my account after like 4 years to sign up to Netflix for the free trial. I am just out of my free trial and a movie never made it to me... they said they want to charge me now if it doesn't show up. The DVD I rented is sold on eBay for as little as $3 with shipping for a NEW copy.


I'm in the exact same spot as the May 14th post above. The 2 weeks free trial is almost up, and no DVD's got to me. They've been ordered and reordered (with no success) until some limit was reached and they put my account on hold; they still haven't yet gotten a DVD back, I guess. Hopefully they don't try and charge me - then I don't have to spend Christmas break harassing Netflix customer service for their asinine policies.


Well, so much for that theory. I've been a Netflix member since 2003 and lost a disc for the first time. I clicked on "lost disc" and - boom - automatically billed the credit card.


I have been a member for maybe 2 years and for the first time one was lost in the mail .. I never got .. I was concerned about being charged and time slipped by as I was hoping to still get .. I just told them on web and auto replies were ie no problem will send replacement and this email followed:

Lost Disc Report

Dear Cecil,

We're sorry to hear that The Godfather: Part III was lost in the mail. Unfortunately discs do go missing during shipment from time to time, so it is our policy to accommodate for the occasional disc lost during shipment. According to our records, you have reported the following disc(s) as lost in the mail:

Date Reported Title

04/16/11 The Godfather: Part III
If we receive any of these movie(s) from the post office, we'll let you know as soon as they arrive.

If you've requested a replacement copy, it will be shipped to you as soon as possible, otherwise, your next movie should be on its way soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

-The Netflix Team

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