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I did it once with a Battlefield 2 DVD and they shipped it right back to me. I got it the next day. So while they likely aren't obliged, my experience was that they do.


My roommate sent one of his DVDs back in the netflix deal. Couple days later it was sent back in a yellowish evelope with no packing and a note requesting that he double check which dvd he was sending back in the future. shipping center washington state

Lisa Wolfisch

I got a notice from Netflix that I sent back a personal DVD. All of mine were accounted for so I wasn't sure what had happened. Netflix sent me back the supposed DVD and it was a CD I'd never heard of. They asked me to send it back with my next return.

Rusty Ramrod

A friend sent back his safety copy of one of the DVD he owns to BB. He was in a hurry and slapped a disc from the wrong drive in the BB envelope and let it fly.

A few days later he discovered the BB Caddyshack disc was still in his computer. Another few days later and his personal disc was returned with a handwritten note, so apparently BB does return. Never heard anything about NF, but I have to believe they would send a persons mistakenly sent disc back.


Many have reported that Netflix DOES return personal discs sent by mistake. They say the discs are checked on return, but you should not rely on that. I check that each disc has been put in the right sleeve. The employees might not bother checking the discs, to save time. Blockbuster lets you report sending a personal disc by mistake. I thought Netflix used to do that, but they don't any more. It is probably just legalese to cover their ass in the event they fail to return your disc.


Type-Cast has it right - obviously Netflix has to formally say they can't return mistakenly sent disks, not because of the effort involved but rather for legal liability reasons. Informally, I'm sure they do make every effort to return any disks mistakenly sent. It's called good PR...


They should say "we'll make a best effort to return personal discs sent by mistake, but we can't guarantee their return and will not be responsible for loss or damage." The FAQ file makes it sound like they just keep the disc! If they notice you sent a personal disc, I'm sure they try and return it. I've heard they get a lot of discs in the wrong mailers, like Netflix to Blockbuster. I wouldn't send back personal discs to test it, but I'm convinced they would generally return them.


Last year Netflix sent me movie that had the wrong title in the sleeve. I reported it and shipped it back. A few days later I received the disc back along with a note that said I shipped them back the wrong disc and would I return the correct one. It was easy to clear up the confusion but it makes me wonder how much attention to what we report is really looked at.


Sorry, it's are new policy as of like the last 6 weeks. We will not even attempt to get into contact with the warehouses to locate your films. LOL. And BTW its pretty stupid to send in your personal wedding disc and get upset at us. LOL


I once accidently sent them the library copy of Return the Oz that my daughter had put into the DVD palyer after taking out the Netflix movie without telling me. Netflix at first said they would try to find it but it might be tough to do so. After about a week they said they couldn't find it and mailed me a copy of the movie so I could return it to the library. Surprisingly, a few days later, the original library DVD came back from Netflix. I'm assuming somebody realized when I returned it , it was the srong DVD and tracked down who had returned it and sent it to me. While it reflects a bit of discoordination on their part, it also reflects how they try to satisfy customers. I've had similar good luck with problem DVDs and returned DVDs that got delayed in the mail after I sent them.


About a month ago, I accidentally sent back a personal CD in a Netflix envelope, which I didn't even realize until I got an e-mail from Netflix telling me this and that it would be returned to me ASAP. It arrived the next day. I have my share of Netflix complaints, but on this score, they did well.


Just from my own speculation I'd say they probably put a tag on the disc that they can read through the envelope. So, when it goes through the machine at the warehouse and one passes through the machine and it doesn't see that tag red lights start flashing all over the warehouse then that house music comes on and it's like that Bop Bop BOOM BOOM BOOM, and everyone starts dancing.


I called customer service when this happened and was told that if the DVD is in their inventory it will be relabeled as one of theirs. But my account was credited ten dollars and a new envelope is being sent to me so i can return the disc. Inconvenient... but they were very nice about what was my mistake.


I accidentally returned a personal disk, which was reported to me via email from Netflix. I held off mailing their disk back (for one I didnt want to mail a disk solo through the mail for fear of breaking, and two because I figured the disk would come back in their envelope, making the next turn around quicker). It took nearly a week for my disk to get back (normally a 2 day wait) and when it did it was shattered. Has anyone else had this happen? I've emailed NF but am not optimistic for any resolution...

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