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Netflix used to. Blockbuster currently does however send a new or replacement disc promptly before they receive the damaged disc back.

Rusty Ramrod

BB will currently ship right away for disc reported late or damaged. Not sure about NetFlix as I never had a damaged or missing disc.


Last time I got a damaged disc, Netflix sent me a new one immediately when I reported it, before I'd even had a chance to get the damaged one in the mailbox. That was a few months ago so maybe their policy has changed since then. Now I try to examine my discs immediately upon receipt (I get mine delived to a PO Box) so I can send them back immediately if there's anything wrong.
As a side note, I wish there was a better way to report other types of problems with discs. I received one that was partially cracked near the inner ring but it still played. It will need to be replaced soon, obviously.


I once had a disc arrive cracked, and Netflix immediately sent a replacement. When the replacement arrived cracked, I gave up on the title and ask that a new title be shipped. That title was shipped only after the cracked replacement disc was returned. It may be a difference between whether you ask for a replacement or a new title when reporting a damaged disc.


My experience with Netflix the last 5 years has been that you report the damaged disk. If you request a replacement of the same title, it ships immediately. If you request the next title in your queue, then the damaged disk is just like any other rented disk - nothing ships till the returned disk is checked in. Netflix seems to consistently follow this procedure.

I have no clue what BlockBuster does. Sometimes they ship the replacement right away irrespective of whether it's the same title or not, other times it seems to take a while.

I'm sitting here right now waiting for a replacement of a title where the disk arrived in two pieces last Thursday. The replacement of the same title that I requested didn't show up in my queue or as shipped, so I tried to add it. BB tells me it is already in my queue (where?). Meanwhile nothing has shipped since I reported the disk broken on Thursday - I'm down to 2 titles in my Out List even though I'm on the 5 out at a time plan. I'm currently waiting to see if/when BB figures out there's something wrong.


Sometimes Blockbuster sends the next movie, even when you ask for a replacement. (Maybe they don't have enough copies.) W few weeks later, they send a replacement. This can be annoying. Netflix has never done this. They seem to have a better system.


"My experience with Netflix the last 5 years has been that you report the damaged disk. If you request a replacement of the same title, it ships immediately. If you request the next title in your queue, then the damaged disk is just like any other rented disk - nothing ships till the returned disk is checked in. Netflix seems to consistently follow this procedure."

My experience is the same as CJ as of 1 month ago. I reported one broken (in half) and said to send the next disc. They did not ship anything out until the broken one got back. Cost me 2 days. (not to mention I had to wait 3 days in the first place for the broken one to come across the country from San Jose to the East Coast!) Because it crossed a weekend, it took 8 days to get a good disc from the 1st shipment!


I, too, have had the same experience as CJ.

Does Netflix start getting uptight if you report too many broken discs? I have a tall, skinny mailbox in a small apartment building, and I can't seem to convince my mail carrier to stop putting the discs in the box from the top, as they get stuck (I have a feeling that's why they are breaking). I've requested time and again for them to put the discs in from the front (the door doesn't latch). They can't seem to grasp that concept. I came home tonight to find two discs stuck in my mailbox. When I finally got them out, one was cracked. This is the 5th broken disc I've had since the beginning of July.


lately I've had a sense that netflix is sitting on my return dvd for a day. Especially when I send 2 titles back in the same envelope and only one gets listed as received. So if I don't get a "we've received" notice by 10:30 a.m., I'll report that it didn't show up. Amazingly enough within 5 minutes, I get that received email.

I do it by 10:30 a.m. because if I report it by then, they'll send me the next title in my queue.

anybody else discovering this works for them?

Rusty Ramrod

"anybody else discovering this works for them?"

I have similar methods for BB.

I am fair, I usually try to send at least 2 and sometimes, when the planets align, 3 per envelope. It is extremely frustrating when they receive one the next day, another the day after that, then the 3rd two days after the first. I caught onto this scam long ago. It is virtually the only way you can "track" your returns and prove intentional delays.

I typically use the 2-day rule with BB. If I send a disc back to my local distro and if it is not received by the 2nd day before noon their time, I report it. Funny thing is, when you start a new BB account the first set of disc have *always* and I mean *always* arrive the next day. Then when you send them back they mysteriously know right away, and another set of discs ship the next day. This lasts perhaps 2 or 3 turns, then the games begin.

I'm guessing BB will soon ax the ability to report discs right away and go to the excruciating delay that NF makes you wait. Coupons and the reasonable report ability is what keeps me with BB.

As a side note, I spoke with a BB CSR a few days back. She said they do keep an eye out for people who abuse the system, but told me I wasn’t (I agree) and to continue reporting as needed.


If you request the same one to be sent out as a replacement it will go out right away.

The reason they delay sending a new title is that you could, potentially, use that reporting as a way to get around having X amount out at a time. If you are on 4, and you say it's broke (but it's not) then you would have 5 out at a time and they would be losing the revenue that you should be paying for that plan.

Not saying you do that, but I see why they do it this way.


Same same....

The only problem I ever had was years ago when I had a cracked disk. Returned it, and after a while the SAME disk comes back. Clearly the same. Still broken.

Complained again, but this time I wrote on the sleeve in sharpie, defaced the barcode, etc. I now tend to do that to make sure they notice something is different, and don't recycle the broken one for someone else.

I liked the broken disk checboxes on the sleeves. Sorta sad those disappeared.


Sorry Howard. Netflix's policy is to send out a replacement as soon as the problem is reported and a replacement is requested. But I will admit sometimes it feels like they take forever to send it out...bs.


We received a disc of "Lost" on Friday, and it was unplayable. This was reported Friday evening, and the replacement was shipped out Monday and received Tuesday. Meanwhile, the damaged DVD went out in Saturday's mail, and it always takes 2 business days to reach them, so we did receive the replacement the same day that Netflix received the broken one, but they didn't wait for us to ship it.


I've gotten the impression it's given on credit. The first time you report a disk problem, the replacement (same title or not) ships immediately. If you report another disk problem shortly after that, you have to return the problem disk before another will ship. And after a grace period of no damaged titles, you get your credit back again. That way they prevent abuse, and still maintain some level of superior service.

I could be wrong of course. I haven't reported that many damaged disks, so I don't have a wealth of evidence, and NetFlix is characteristically tight-lipped on the details.


I just reported a scratched disc, they send then replacement immediately, unfortunately that one was scratched too. I reported that, and again they replaced it immediately, but GUESS WHAT? The SAME F'N DISC that was scratched the first time came back. That really pisses me off that we tell them a disc needs to be replaced and they just send it out to the next customer?!? no wonder so many discs are unplayable!! This is such a ripoff for us as well as a frustrating waste of our time.

Jeremy Church

NetFlix send out disks to me immediately when they are reported broken. Since last december I have had an average of 2 per week that are broken generally one or more per shipment. I am getting bluray movies and according to Netflix they break when they are ran through the automatic sorting machine at the post office. I make a trip to the Post office each week asking them to not run my mail through the sorting machine and each time I get the same answer "we don't run the movies through the machine." At a loss I pay extra for bluray movies yet I get more problems and less movies to watch.

Beverly Ellsworth

The Westler will not play totally. I have cleaned it and tried numerous times.


does it meter if u did not report the disc right away i have had the disc fore a whiul but did not now what to do i am scared that i am going to return it and they blame me


Netflix has always immediately posted a replacement when I've notified them of a defective DVD. That said, I've had a significant problem with cracked DVDs and Bluray disks seem more susceptible to damage. I would say 1/4 of the Bluray disks I've received had small cracks around the edges rendering them unplayable. Clearly the problem is rough handling and the inadequate strength of the Netflix envelope. The reusable DVD jacket should contain two strips of rigid plastic reinforcements across the span to prevent the disk from flexing during shipment. I realize the disks themselves are easy and cheap enough to replace, but it's a real let down to plan to watch a movie and wind up with a cracked DVD. A simple improvement to the jacket should reduce or eliminate this problem without Netflix incurring any increase in operational costs.

Sara E. Sittel

this is the second damaged disk I have had. Please don't send me any more of this series and go on to my next series and go on to my next selection

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