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I think these numbers are phony and here's why. Since CBS was paying, they had to bypass the usual criteria to get featured. Second, video counts of other users mysteriously began freezing while those CBS clips viewership kept climbing.

For instance, one of my own clips I put on there was doing quite well climbing steady in number of hits. Then suddenly it just stopped as if it weren't being viewed anymore. Yet, I was being left new comments and the number of people rating it continued to climb.

Here's someone else's example:



Well, what do you expect? YouTube is selling out like Napster, eDonkey, KaZaA, BT and the rest. They'll sell themselves to the highest bidder. Money rules everything if we let it. Corporations seek to control any independent media source. They killed Air America with a boycott by major advertisers, but they don't mind buying spots on Rush Limberger and Bill O'Liely. They sue their rivals or boycott or buy them out. All the while lying about it.

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