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I've had problems with Netflix using Firefox as well. I get an "unresponsive script" error when I visit my Queue page. (I haven't noticed any problems on my main Netflix page, and I don't visit my Friends page much.) I think the problem first cropped up after installing Firefox 2.0. I expect that the NoScript extension will solve the problem, but hesitated to install it before, as I am unsure of any other effects it would cause.

Toffer Peak

You are probably running into the problem that is solved here: http://www.lifehacker.com/software/firefox/put-off-firefox-15s-unresponsive-script-dialogue-162574.php

Its due to the fact that you probably have a large Queue, slow computer and Netflix loading a ton of info on the Queue page.


I had trouble with the queue loading extrememly slowly. According to NF, the red stars shouldn't show if I have 100+ movies in my queue, but they do. This really slows everything down, even when I have another browser tab/window open. NF takes the entire browser over, it seems.

I have MSIE 7.0, btw.


I have the same problem since updating to Firefox 2.0 The spec for my laptop:

Windows xp
1.83 Centrino
1g Ram

I tried both tips suggested, and I still have the same problem. Installing the plugin just made netflix load very slow. I also have about 500 movies, but I've never had the problem with FF 1.5


Oh yeah. I've started using (gasp!) IE6 to view Netflix. It's only on the queue page.

Yes, I do have a large queue (293). But it's no longer than my BBO queue. And I'm not sure that I would call my PC slow. It's a AMD 64 3700 with 1.5GB of Ram. Certainly not the fastest on the block, but not bad enough to blame the problem on.

I looked at the Lifehacker entry, but I'm wondering if this will fix the Netflix issue. See my browser freezes until I get that error. So if I increase the number of seconds, won't I just have a frozen browser for longer?

Too early in the AM to think it through I'll try this evening when I get home from work.


On a Mac with the latest version of FIrefox (updated yesterday) everything works.


I just recently switched to FF2.0. The only complaint I have is that the queue page (153 movies) is unresponsive till it completes loading, but that was true in FF1.5 too. Other than that, I've had no problems.

Nancy Toby

In Firefox only a part of the queue shows up that I've added recently. I can only display the whole queue in Internet Explorer. I seem to have broken a cookie or something and don't know how to fix it. Any suggestions?


I have WinXP and FF 2.0 (1.5 before) and have seen no problems. I only have 45 items in my queue but I see no problems with the friends pages either.

No slow loading of queue. What kind of errors are you seeing on the friends page?


Thanks for reporting this Mike, I was starting to think it was just me.
At both work and home I use IE 7 and my load times were ridiculously long earlier this week (for all of Netflix, but ESPECIALLY my 500-movie queue). Pages were taking almost a minute to load. I thought it might have been the flash player ads running at the top of the screen, and I upgraded my flash player but it didn't help.
Anyway, the point is I don't think it was just a Firefox issue.


Did anyone else notice that for a day or so after they announced the Total Access plan their web site was different? It redirected to something like beta.blockbuster.com/online. Then it changed to what it is today.

I actually liked the 'beta' one better. You could drag-and-drop on the queue page, not just the little queue widget.


I have noticed significantly longer load times on my queue recently where it took almost no time before. It might be firefox 2.0 as that is all I use. I also have close to 500 movies in my queue.

Edward R Murrow

If you want to keep that many movies in queue for your Netflix account, create 10 profiles that have 50 movies or less in them. That's the only way the Netflix queue architecture seems to work well. Once you go over 50 movies, then the Netflix queue turns into a steaming pile.

BTW, I have 700+ movies in my BBO queue and the new web site rocks! I can drag and drop them, click the little move to the top of the queue button and it's all good.

Just the facts...


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No matter which browser I use with Mac OS 10.4, Safari, Firefox or Explorer, I get no images on netflix.com. Images are fine on every other site. I can do some navigating at Netflix but can take no actions requiring me to mouse over an image. Any idea what the problem is?

System Folder

I had that exact same problem. Try this fix.

1. Open NetInfo Manager (in the utilities folder).
2. Click on the word "machines" in the middle of the window.
3. Click the lock to make changes.
4. Select localhost and click the duplicate button.
5. Select "localhost copy" and make the following changes to the properties.
ip_address =
name = cdn.nflximg.com
serves = cdn.nflximg.com

No need to reboot. The changes take effect immediately.


Netflix.com is not loading for me at all!
I use firefox and heres what it says:

The connection has timed out
The server at www.netflix.com is taking too long to respond.

all my other sites work fine except netflix.com!


Netflix lockup in Safari 3.1.1

I've had the Netflix site lock up several times when using Safari 3.1.1 on my Mac. It used to work fine, just recently (last few weeks in May) started to do this. After the lockup occurs, I can't click on anything and get the web page to respond.


I'm using opera mini on my blackberry and it says my browser is not supported, is there a fix?


Netflix has been locking up/ running extremely slow on my queue for about a month now on multiple computers (4) running IE 7 and Firefox. I have a full queue, but have had a full queue for years and years and this problem has only just started occuring.

Between all the stalling shipments crap over the years and now this blockbuster is starting to sound a whole lot better...


if you go under "my account" and shut off "enable extra movie information" and "enable drag and drop in the queue" it speeds up a bit. i've got over 500 movies in my queue and it was taking forever... after shutting these off, it's still slow to load.. but nothing like it was and it doesn't lock up anymore.

I have the latest IE and Firefox. I used to log onto Netflix but now it's asking me to enable the cookies. I followed each step and restarted my computer but the problem still exist even though I followed the required fixtures on my cookies. What else do I need to do! Thanks ahead of time.

Angered Netflix Surfer

I too have sporadic problems with cookies when visiting NF. It's pissing me off. I've been a programmer, web developer, and graphic designer for over a decade; I can build a PC from base components and have it booted into an OS in less than an hour.

My point? Everywhere else I've gone, talking to support, etc. for advice has led to the bullshit common fixes- clear your cache, cookies, reboot, re-intstall, scan for viruses, bullshit!

Doesn't matter if it's Firefox 1.5 - 3, IE 6/7, doesn't matter! I even called my ISP to see if they were doing anything funky with compression algorithms on their end. The necessity for cookies was once a no-no thing talked about in articles relating to web design, now cookies are thrown around and REQUIRED. Ridiculous. While I enjoy being able to log in to a site without typing my info, not being able to add movies to my que for A WEEK at random intervals is ludicrous.

Take the Netflix devs out back and beat them thoroughly. Wee! You can use Silverlight for your streaming needs! I could give a shit. Get with the times, and the standards you tools.

Whew. Feel a little better now. Seriously though, anyone else "solved" this problem?


I haven't had images loading for a couple weeks. I dropped down to the one at a time plan just because I can't navigate the site and it's not worth it. I've tried everything with no help from netflix, my isp, or hours spent on google.


I'm running IE8 in Windows XP. Within the last week, I haven't been able to see any images on the Net Flix site. I understand that the images are stored on a different server. I've tried changing some of my interned options, but so far nothig has worked. Any ideas will be apprciated. Thanks.

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