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Hunter McDaniel

For me it's more like half. My wife and I tend to watch TV discs during the week, when we may only have an hour or so, and watch movie discs over the weekend.

Also, DVD is much better suited for TV series since there was no way to "seek" a particular episode on a linear tape.


That's one of the things that I really like renting from Netflix is the TV series. I've been revisiting some old favorites I haven't seen in a long time and watching some new ones.


Further proof of the decline of intelligence in America. There is nothing good on TV, and watching TV on DVD causes the same damage to reasoning and imagination. It's a medium for mass brainwashing, as are most major movies.



I agree with Type-cast - there is little, if anything, worth watching on network TV the first time around, let alone later on as a series of DVDs. Most major movies are also a waste as far as intellectual stimulation, however, some of them are an entertaining escape, and they doesn't take the voluminous hours required to wade through TV series DVDs.

Most of my rentals are movies you've never heard of, and half of them are foreign language (i.e. subtitles).


I prefer to get my TV show DVDs from Blockbuster online when it comes to shows that were released on flippers. NF seems to have deals with Universal and others that split the discs - so it takes twice as long to rent the season.

I've been enjoying the SCTV 90 episodes for the last few weeks.


"Further proof of the decline of intelligence in America. There is nothing good on TV, and watching TV on DVD causes the same damage to reasoning and imagination."

Sorry, but over the last 20 years the best TV shows have been better than all but a few movies. Particular when it comes to comedies. I'm thinking of Seinfeld, Sex & the City, Everybody Loves Raymond, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc. Add in the best of British TV and it's off the chart. Movie comedies are strictly made for teenagers these days.

I have a lot of TV shows in my queue, but surely not more than about 25%. So why does Netflix recommend almost exclusively TV shows for me? Guys, I'm not interested in Benny Hill! Oh wait a minute -- maybe I should try checking the Not Interested box. Duh!


I'm probably using about 75-80% of my queue for TV shows. Of course, that's a little mis-leading since most movies are 1 discs while most TV shows are 4-6 discs.

I not only rent old shows that I haven't seen in years. I also use Netflix to check out some of the shows that I never got around to catching while they were on the air. For example, I have Newsradio and That 70's Show in my queue. I liked both shows during their run, but not enough to watch every week.

This is especially great during the TV season breaks like we're just finishing now.


We watch no live TV at all. We have a small antenna & hook it up occasionally...the last 3 times was during the 2 Iraq wars & 9/11. Viewing most of what passes for entertainment on the tube makes us scream, "Stop the world, we want off!"

However, we do enjoy certain TV shows via NF. Typically, we start w/ the first disc & if it's enjoyable, I'll space the rest throughout the Q.

TV shows & documentaries probably make up 35% of our Q. At least half of that is UK material.

I have noticed brain damage in my wife (that type-cast refers to), but the electric shocks seem to have cured her. I'm thankful that people like type-cast are around. They provide a great service for those of us who aren't as intelligent & wise.



Why is it so many people knock watching TV? It's as if you must be brain dead to "waste" time watching TV. Honestly, is watching TV really any more wasteful than many other hobbies people have - like making doggie clothes or painting saw blades? What is really wrong with wanting to watch Gilligan's Island or Scoobey Doo instead of taking a course in differential equations or going to the opera. Let's face it, knowing how to make a radio out of a coconut is probably more useful than solving a second order differential equation.

And if you must know, right now, among other choices, I'm going through Enterprise, The Saint and The Highlander series off and on from Netlix on my rabbit-ear wearing TV.

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