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I believe the strategy for Watch Now is like you are in a sort of virtual brick and mortar store - you kind of look around to see what's available and impulsively select a DVD to view. The catalog available at a store (say BB) is continually changing, and it's difficult to keep track of what's gone and what's new.

Personally, I don't want an elaborate, parallel, system of Watch Now queues, new releases, etc. - the NF web interface could get real complicated in a hurry.


Better yet, avoid Watch Now. Problem solved. Another pathetic attempt at DRM prevented. I say they should charge extra for it and also for HD-DVD and BluRay. I don't want my money going for ANY of them. Let people who WANT a service PAY for it. I want HD-DVD and BluRay to fail miserably. I'm not going to upgrade. I'm not alone. By giving them money, Netflix prevents their failure. Watch Now is foolish for the same reason Total Access is foolish. Where is the $40M coming from? Unless people rent fewer DVDs by mail, they A) LOSE MONEY, B) CUT COSTS, C) RAISE PRICES, D) TWO OF THE ABOVE, E) ALL OF THE ABOVE. Someone explain, please, the economics of Watch Now.

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