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Lamarr Wilson

This is a phenomenal idea! I do presentations frequently, and although I do have my own equipment, somethings like a large pull up screen or HD Movie Projector would be great to rent for a very large event that is paying well. I have bookmarked this; thanks Mike, and I've also Rss'd Seth's blog.


That is a really cool idea. I could totally see them being very successful.


Other than the fact that they ship the equipment to you via the mail, how is this like the Netflix model? I looked at the site, its not a subscription service. There's no unique application here. This is one of dozens of companies that rent audiovisual equipment and ship it to you. Nothing new here. I used similar services in the past.


In New York City , I like to use is my Audio Visual and Computer Equipment rental provider Interactive Vision Solutions


I have used a company called All Pro Audio Visual for nationwide rentals as well.

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