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Must be a throttling thing, since I received "Children of Men" from Netflix the day after it was released.


Not to diminish the problem (NF should stock enough discs), I avoid the hassle...

I usually wait till this site lists the new releases, then add the desired titles to the bottom of our Q, which is 250+ titles long.

Sometimes I move up a particular title after a few weeks but mostly just wait till it gets towards the top, (we're on the 8/mo plan).

I don't really get this need to watch something right away thingy (it's fueled by the paid hype machine)...but that's just me...



this is why I use the BBOTA swap out to grab the fresh titles off the shelves at the store.


I waited for Children of Men for some time now and got a coupon from BB for $1.99 and rented it. NF is great with new films but sometimes a few films are out forever.


Blockbuster isn't getting many copies of new releases, either. They were all out of Pan's Labyrinth, Apocalypto, Fay Grim, The Painted Veil, The Good German, and Venus on the days they were released. You have a better chance of being hit by lightning than getting a new release on Total Access. They have cut their purchasing way down. It's easier to get them online from CockBluster.


why bother with waiting for them to be shipped through the mail when you just show up Tuesday - Thursday and snag them off the shelf. That's what makes BBOTA attractive.


Apparently your store gets more copies. Mine would be out of everything by 5PM on Tuesday and they wouldn't have any copies for weeks. Yesterday, I got Venus by luck. They had one copy and half a shelf of display cards. That came out last week. They don't have one copy of Pan's Labyrinth, Apocalypto, or other big name titles like that.


I would have to show up in the store Tuesday morning by 10 to have much chance of getting new releases. Tuesday to Thursday? Don't kid yourself. More like Tuesday 10 AM - 3 PM. If you go after 5 PM, you're looking at display cards and rows of empty shelves.

Pauly from CT

I too have the same issue. I just received my copy on Friday, June 8th, After having been on the waiting list since march 27th. Also, I just received the GOOD SHepard the same week. Both movies were on my top queue since it release. Ive been a netflix mbr since 2003 and I probably dont fall in the high priority group anymore. I guess they feel I will always be around.

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