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That's good news. My next PC will probably run Linux; I want nothing to do with Vista.

Watch Now/Silverlight on a set top box would be better news though.

[Sorry, I have no advice on Ubuntu.]


Someone asked about Linux support at one of the Mix07 Silverlight sessions, and it sounded like there weren't any concrete plans yet. So probably not in Silverlight 1.0, but maybe 1.1?


This is sweet news for linux users!

As far as ubuntu vs Kubuntu. The primary difference is just the look of it. Theres some different applications for each, but you can get the same functionality It's the difference between Gnome (ubuntu) and KDE(kubuntu), and is a matter of personal preference. I prefer Ubuntu, but there are just as many who love kubuntu :) As with all things linux, it just depends. If you have another questions, I'd be happy to help


Let's see - it's trivial to load Yellow Dog Linux on my PS3 console. And the PS3's connected via HDMI to a 47" HD LCD TV. The Netflix Instant Watching experience could move to a whole new level...


I've been using Linux as my workstation at work for 4 years now. Gnome's goal is to make things as simple as possible. If your coming from a Mac, then Gnome is likely a good choice. KDE is a bit more configurable. I have primarily used KDE because I can make it perform like Windows (double-click on a window's title bar = MAXIMIZE dammit!). Like sean220 said, other than the look, Ubuntu and Kubuntu are the same.

It would definitely be nice to see Watch Now on Linux.

Edward R Murrow

Ya, all those civilians setting up dual-boot LILO, firing up a bash shell and entering those infamous ls, mv, cp, mkdir, etc. commands. Then downloading media to watch.

Wait a second while I turn on my plasma, hit the Comcast On Demand button and wait 5 seconds while last Sunday's Sopranos episode downloads.

Toffer Peak

It's really easy to install Kubuntu in conjunction with Ubuntu. Once you have Ubuntu installed you just type "sudo aptitude install kubuntu-desktop" in the terminal. Getting rid of it is just as easy. More details are here: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kde .

As others have noted Ubuntu (GNOME) is designed to be more simple and straight to the point than Kubuntu (KDE). I like GNOME much more because I don't want to waste my time playing with every little option. There's almost nothing that GNOME does that I want it to do differently (other then show picture icons for folders automatically).

GNOME I believe also has more and better native applications with only a few exceptions (Amarok, K9Copy).

Complication - I've used Ubuntu for ~1 year and it has always maximized when double-clicking the title bar for me.



i would very much like to see that happen. my home theater is powered by linux via MythTv i allready can record or watch 2 channels at a time same as with a dvr. plus it plays all my roms. furthermore its connected to my surround sound system and i use it for all my dvd playing. the only part i dont use it for is VHS which rarely gets used. if i could use the watch now function it would make my life that much more convient. but i will not use windows to do so i hope this works out.


no, not silverlight itself. a port of it for use on Linux. another reverse engineered/re-engineered product by your Linux Hacker Coding Friends.


back, microsoft, back! I won't have you contaminating my ubuntu partition with your pseudo flash killers. if that means I have to reboot just to watch a movie, so be it. aaaaaaaa!


ive been using ubuntu for years and years. i have used kubuntu a few times before but always end up switching back.

i am not the fan of kde. i prefer gnome.

their are also other distros from other parties. i recomend Linux Mint for example. you may want to look around


I use Kubuntu over Ubuntu. I just never really liked how GNOME worked. And I disagree that overall there are better GNOME-native apps than KDE-native apps. Amarok is a good example, but there are others such as Quanta Plus vs. any HTML editor on GNOME (they all stink) and Konqueror or even Dolphin vs. Nautilus.

Really though, it all comes down to preference. You can get by on either desktop suite, unless you are a web coder.


I was trying to work with Gnome, but KDE3.5 is so much more powerful and compact on screen, was enjoying it for 3 years.

Now I'm trying XFCE4 (Xubuntu) for about a week, and love every moment. Everything is faster at least twice, and i have no memory problems anymore on my cheap-ass laptop.

Would suggest for you to try Xubuntu and use KDE/Gnome programs whenever you need them.


It is now the year 2009 and Linux desktops have propagated much father than ever before into homes and offices. Is there any word on this elusive "Silverlight", or compatible, player which has been promising to deliver Netflix streaming video to the Linux systems?


Yes, my media center is Linux based! And I'd love to stream my Netflix from it! Any kind word other than using a VM and windows?

Tom Porter

I HATE that you HAVE to either pay for or hack XP PER system to watch netflix movies. It's like Microsoft wants their cut out of VOD nexflix subscriptions. IE7/WMP11 both require WPA check... and only fix for ubuntu is virtual machine running an instance of xp to watch a movie??? So I'm REALLY supposed to pay for software I don't want or need so that I can watch a movie on my PC? Really???

Netflix work this out!!!

Write a Adobe flash like plugin (as in how it's not shipped with Ubuntu) that we all install and walla the Hollywood bandits are happy.


Moonlight is a Silverlight clone and works with Linux. I installed Moonlight 1.0 and tried it with a friend's Netflix account on my computer running Ubuntu 8.10 under Firefox 3.x and the main "Watch Now" page says incompatible browser. I installed "user agent switcher" from Firefox plugins to force browser identification as IE7 and then it complains about ActiveX, which I assume is just the Silverlight installer trying to run. Pretty standard for Microsoft-only sites.

The good news is... in the web page code, I found the link to the Netflix player:

I copied and pasted this into my address bar and it tries to load but says Moonlight was compiled with 1.0 support and 2.0 support is needed to load the player. I'd think once Mono, Novell and Microsoft get Moonlight 2.0 built Netflix in the Linux/Unix environment will be golden!


Jasmine Desai

I'd recommend ditching the whole ubuntu family and going with the Debian core, it's much more stable and can run any desktop environment you want, it also has the largest repository of packages of all the linux distros
as for KDE vs. Gnome I say Gnome, but if you're a mac person who loves their widgets and hot corners and your computer can handle the extra graphics/RAM strain then use KDE (kubuntu)
good luck


No to Ubuntu. Use Fedora. You can pick either Gnome or KDE and Fedora is more secure. It's also more cutting edge in its packages.

Or if you want performance, go with Gentoo. No distro can match it in terms of speed and customization options (though it is for advanced users only).

As for Silverlight on Linux -- not sure I want it. Why? Because of DRM. Linux should, under no circumstances, embrace DRM.


why in the hell is this turning into a distro war? Keep it on topic people. It's silly to hear half of it, No to ubuntu, yes to mint, not to mint, but yes to debian, yes to fedora blah blah blah. Nix has just as many skeletons in it's closet and they are all tied in these days. Mint is just ubuntu with a few nice control panel type options and a cleaner updater. Fedora is a free testbed for redhat enterprise, ubuntu is based off of debian anyway, and debian you people helped empower assholes like ulrich who is now with REDHAT. It's a friggin disgrace that it's akin to some giant jerry springer event that took place on an irc. Just pick a distro you like, you will need to try a couple and eventually you will realize that at it's core they only difference is the stupid branding and the packages installed by default, and you will by then probably not want them anyway and will remove them and compile your own. Now, back on topic. mono and moonlight for the win no reason not to have netflix on nix could open a world of cool things.


If you have only ever used Windows, you really need to do your research before making the switch to Linux / Ubuntu.


I use both Windows Vista and Ubuntu Linux. I prefer Linux (Ubuntu version) but some applications I have to have for work reasons run in Windows only. However, for strictly personal use, I love Ubuntu for the stability, speed and security aspect (far fewer virus problems). Plus, I love all the free software in the Ubuntu library, especially the games - tons of free top notch games.

As such, my box at home is setup for dual boot capability.


The DRM issue with Moonlight is frustrating. Check out this forum thread:


To those asking for links about Netflix DRM with Moonlight this is straight from Moonlight's creator:

"Microsoft licenses PlayReady today for certain use cases, but they do not have a port for Linux which prevents Moonlight from using it."

"It is very unlikely that we will get PlayReady DRM on Linux."


Ok. I have a question. I am not a power user but have several Linux machines in my house. One being a media center. I would prefer to completely switch but am not able too due to programs needed and watching things like Netflix/Hulu and such.

My question is how do Roku and Tivo stream Netflix since they have a Linux core. There are even Blue-ray DVD players that stream it. What are they using to play the DRM? If so, is there not a patch that could be used on other Linux distros? or will they just not release the code?


I watch Netflix Watch Instantly content on Ubuntu with Firefox, so it is possible now. I don't remember doing anything. It seemed like it just started working one day. I haven't gotten it to work with Kubuntu using Chromium or the KDE browser though.

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