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I'm not having any trouble with shipping times right now, although that hasn't always been the case. I wonder what DC most of his movies are coming from and how far away fron it he lives?


I think it is ironic that in one story Reed Hastings says about throttling..."We are straight-foward about how it works" and in another posting someone is asking about delivery times slowing down after being a high-volume renter.


I've started getting shipments from the other side of the country so I've decided to take a break from Netflix when my month ends in a few days.


I've been a heavy renter for 3 years and have noticed a number of different throttling techniques. I've done the math and realize that Netflix can take a loss on customers who rent like me, so I don't really mind that they limit the number of movies I can get in a month.

The newest technique seems to have been in place for 2 months now. At the beginning of the calender month, everything works fine. Movies ship from the closest DC the day they are received. Then towards the end of the month, a switch is triggered. ALL movies ship the day after they're received, usually from a DC on the other side of the country(long distance mailing almost NEVER happens in the early part of the month).

I'm on the 7 out plan. From May 1 to May 20 I had received and returned 30 disks. From May 20 until the today-6 disks. The two they received today won't ship until Wednesday. I haven't counted but the pattern for April seems identical.

None have been new releases (I don't re-order my queue, so most at the top have been out at least 3 months). The mechanics of throttling have NEVER been straight-forward, legally they've covered themselves and are free to limit my rentals using whatever tactics they desire.

As I said, I understand their need to make a profit and with my rental style they'd barely cover postage. But I'd like to know just how many movies I can rent in a month on my unlimited plan.


i have never had any shipping problems at all!! but i hope all of you realize that you are dealing with the postal office as well. maybe you should complain to your mailman. just a suggestion..instead of just assuming the worst.



i have never had any shipping problems at all!! but i hope all of you realize that you are dealing with the postal office as well. maybe you should complain to your mailman. just a suggestion..instead of just assuming the worst.



I've been noticing a big change in my movie arrivals over the last six weeks or so. There are two DC in Kentucky, both about a two hour drive from me. It's been taking movies three to five days show up as returned after I ship them and then it's been taking the same amount of time to get a movie back.


"but i hope all of you realize that you are dealing with the postal office"

Netflix tells me they've received the movie, but doesn't ship the next one until the next day, then they ship it from the other side of the country(which they tell you in an e-mail).

Where does any action from the post office effect this procedure?


I'm in my third month and I'm just now starting to get throttled. At this point, they've begun to ship movies from points further from me. The thing is I can understand not being able to break even with the shipping costs, but would be nice to know upfront you'll be throttled. I'm not talking new releases here either. That or allow movies to be shipped in batches rather than individually to save costs. I'd be okay with having my 3 come at once and sending them back when I'm done with all 3. Rather than pretend it's not happening, come up with solutions.


What do u think could be the max dvd's that nflx and BB could mail out per month per customer to stay profitable?
Heres the dvd's shipped monthwise by BB in 07 (3 at a time for $19/month). This does not include the dvd's received through the total access program.
Jan 24
feb 17
mar 18
apr 19
may 22
I am pretty happy with BB.


I've got accounts at both BB and NF. Blockbuster's made huge improvements but still lags way behind NF in selection. My Blockbuster numbers are similar to hrsd's.

In terms of profit and shipping costs-Both certainly get a discount outbound since they pre-sort. My gut says total shipping cost is around 60 cents per movie.

My rule of thumb is that I'm happy if I can get a great selection of movies delivered to my door for slightly under $1 each. Netflix has been doing this for years. Until this month when my number of received disks plummeted. Blockbuster is finally becoming a viable alternative and now Netflix decides it's time to pinch pennies.


All I know is that the movies I supposedly have "out" are still sitting in the ship category waiting to ship after three days. One of the movies I returned and that they sent me a confirmation of receipt email for is still listed as "out." I thought maybe it was related to the site being down yesterday, but now I suspect they're starting to throttle me. Ridiculous. I pay more money than someone who only gets one movie at a time. I should get better service. But of COURSE there's no email address or web form or anything where you can put in a complaint. I'm not about to call their helpline from my desk at work.


Get some facts people. NF is not out to get anyone & people don't sit at NF and bother to look at your queue or plan with over 7 million customers.They don't have every title at every hub. So if you order something not avail at your hub, they DO have to get it from another one. This happens a lot with non mainstream titles/obscure titles. As for NF receiving a movie but ya'll not getting one shipped to the next day: think on this: NF has to have a shipping cut off time from the post office so after a certain point in the day, they cannot ship anymore as would go out the next day anyway per USPS. Also, what you want in your queue may not be available that day as soon as your disc is checked in - they don't have 7 million copies of each movie just to send out to you asap. That a "switch" is thrown on the second half of the month is the most Mulder-like conspiracy I've ever heard. So what if the title isn't available at your nearest hub? At least they have the title (unlikeBB & local stores) and are sending it to you.


We've used Netflix for three years on the 3-at-a-time plan without any noticeable problems. The disks would almost ALWAYS be in our PO box on the day NF said it would be. Funny though, as soon as we switched to the 4-at-a-time plan, our disks have been consistently late. We currently have three that should have arrived yesterday, and they're still not there.


I switched to the 3 at a time plan and have started to be throttled. I was getting better service with the 2 at a time plan! It's taking several days to get movies now, and they've gotten two from me on the same day and mailed only one movie back out. If there is indeed a limit to the number of movies you can rent, it shouldn't be called an 'unlimited' plan.


I'm on the 3 at a time plan. I've been noticing the slow down on shipping. I initially would get 5-8 movies a week shipped from the local facility (in the same town as me). I work from home and watch movies while I work... After the introductory offer ended my shipping slowed to 3 a week max! This is not including the ones shipped from other states, I have no problems with that. It takes time to mail something from across the country. I take offense to the fact that when it was free I got great service but now that I'm paying for it I'm not getting the same value that I had come to expect.

Why should I have to upgrade my service to get the same ammount of dvds that I was before?! If it is just about money they could do what I do and ship all 3 in the same envelope. That could save them a lot of money on packaging and postage (It galls me the amount of paper I throw away each year from Netflix!).

When I lived in Boston, my video store chain had drop off boxes scattered around the city that they would check every few hours. I could have movies hand delivered to me at work and drop them off at the T station on my way in, or just call them up and do a swap when the delivery guy stopped by!

I think that in areas where they actually have distribution centers(like in my town) they should put in drop off boxes at certain places like the grocery stores or downtown. All they would need is a guy to do pick ups once or twice a day. They would save on postage and have a faster turnaround time. Hell, that would be a great part-time job for me!


I have the 4 at a time plan and have really good times. I have noticed however on months that I have watched a lot of movies it get's slower. That's what I use Watch Instantly for, try it out sometime.

Lorene Alston

I am a heavy user of NF, and the turnaround time is immediate. Back to them, received next day, pick up my Que and mail, get next day unless a weekend delivery. USPS is so quick, we cannot believe how they get the movies to us so fast. Must be a little red truck in the middle of the night to beat the time of the post office is all we can figure. We know the hub for Yuma is at Phoenix and that is over 100 miles away. HOW do they do it? We see no slowdown in delivery shipments, but we sure do find the WEBSITE is dying -- and VERY, VERY slow down causing us concern and thinking we might leave NF for Blockbuster mailings. DuH!

Daniel of Seattle

I have been a longtime user of NetFlix for a few years now since I left big-blue-and-yellow. I was very happy with their delivery times for the longest time. However, this past Christmas I received a ROKU device (allows you to watch instant movies from NetFlix) and since then my turnaround time for physically shipped DVDs went from 2 business days to 5 business days. I called Netflix to complain because apparently they won't let you report the issue until their predetermined reporting time of 3 days each way (6 days) and incredibly coincidentally my movies began to have a 2 day turnaround time all of a sudden. Hmmmm how coincidental. At least I got what I wanted but I think Netflix could have continued their 2 day turnaround rather than slow things up just because I'm actually using their "watch instantly" on a regular basis now as well. Maybe they will make my "instantly watch" movies unwatchable, who knows... I'll keep you posted.

NF should be ashamed of this very noticable fact and get back to good business practices. It was their initial good business practices and customer service and speed that propelled them to the top of the DVD rental business online. Now it would seem they are taking their directions and ideas from failed business leaders like BB.

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