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He's probably right but it may not be any one factor that does it to Netflix and Blockbuster. The content owners are directly streaming more and more content on the Internet. Cell phones are bringing more and more content to consumers. Video games get bigger and bigger. These, and other like alternatives, in total, cannot help but bring ever increasing preasure on the simple, physical DVD rentailers. These classic DVD rentailers will run into superior forces in the streaming, download, VOD spaces if they try to use that route as their salvation.


This may be true in the long term, but I have my doubts that downloading and streaming will make a big difference in the short term (i.e. the next few years). Buying a DVD player is inexpensive and easy. DVD's really took off when the price of a DVD player dropped below $100. It's expensive and complicated to set up a system that downloads or streams movies from your computer to your TV set.

I think computer experts who have thousands of dollars worth of advanced computer equipment underestimate what the "average" consumer will be willing to spend (and how much "tinkering" they're willing to do). Until it's available cheap and out of the box, I don't think it will make a big dent in Netflix sales.


kwheless is right. You can create the most awesomest video server in the world, but that won't mean squat to Joe consumer. You need something as cheap and as easy as a DVD player that Joe consumer can put in their living room. You also need a compelling on-going pricing model. If it isn't cheap, convenient, and in the living room, it will never appeal to anything but a niche market.


"You need something as cheap and as easy as a DVD player that Joe consumer can put in their living room."

The funny thing is there are plenty of people who can't even handle properly setting up a dvd player. I've seen it myself. Most people REALLY hate reading manuals.


This is just another way that consumers' attention is being pulled away from the DVD rentailers:

Apple TV to beam in YouTube
Set-top box will stream videos wirelessly from the Internet on YouTube starting in June, company announces.
May 30 2007: 5:30 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) -- Apple Inc. said Wednesday that Google Inc.'s YouTube Internet video site will be available on its Apple TV set-top box.

Apple said that, starting in mid-June, Apple TV will stream videos wirelessly from the Internet on YouTube. Apple said thousands of the most current and popular YouTube videos will be available in mid-June.

Apple TV works with iTunes to play users' content - video, movies, television shows and the like - wirelessly on a wide-screen television.

"YouTube is a worldwide sensation, and Apple TV is bringing it directly from the Internet onto the widescreen TV in your living room," said Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs in a statement.



Let that, that is digital, be digital.


"The funny thing is there are plenty of people who can't even handle properly setting up a dvd player."

In defense of Joe Consumer, it really isn't that easy to set up a dvd player. If you have a VCR, a DVD player, and a cable box or (cable box DVR) and a TV (with a stereo sytem hooked up), it is a mess back there. I think I know more than the average bear about technology but those wiring instructions are intimidating. And then try to explain to your spouse how to watch a movie, or switch between your dvr and your vcr. And now someone wants to develop a new set-top box??? It better eliminate some other boxes in the process!

We finally have pretty tvs that are thin and mount on the wall and we are still trapped by all of these extra devices. How hard is it to build a DVD player/DVR/Cable Tuner/Download Machine to connect to your TV?


At least it’s harder to fcuk with DVDs. The cable/teleco/wireless gatekeepers are going to interfere with digital big time. Seamless it will not be.

Edward R Murrow

Not sure how accurate Andy Bechtolsheim is with his pronouncements, and setting aside all emotionalism caused by his statements - one thing is for sure for those who have studied the history of the computer industry: Andy Bechtolsheim is a pretty smart guy.

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