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Very nice...just makes it a little easier to look up movies. It would be great to have a new release section.


That is just too weird for me to deal with alphabetizing "The" and "An" as significant words in the titles of films. I'll pass on using this list.


This is a great service - just browse around this list then click on link to see what the synopsis, rating, etc on NF is.

The concise alphabetical listing works for me.

Hope the site is kept updated.


Pretty worthless, now that the guy has apparently quit.

Reese Harber

Earlier todayi viewed a rather long list of titles available. Now i csnnot find that list. Why not?


That list is missing so much, even old stuff like Brokeback Mountain. :\ Boo!

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Pretty worthless, now that the guy has apparently quit. I'm so sad

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