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This feature is no longer available. If you want to make a suggestion, you must call customer service, who will very nicely take down your suggestion and forward it to the acquisition team. (It helps a bit to first check online to be sure the item is commercially available on DVD, and then give a brief description to the representative.)


The suggestion form does seem to still be available; go to www.netflix.com/Suggest. I submitted a suggestion and got a message saying it would be sent to the Netflix purchasing department for review.


If Netflix does get a movie that you suggested or requested, do they alert you?


I suggested a popular Christmas movie ("The Muppet Christmas Carol") about six weeks ago. I never received a response, nor did Netflix add the movie.

happy flower

a friend that works at NETFLIX said that there has to be a certain number of people asking for the movie one request so they can add it up because they don't want to loss money by adding a movie that only or les than 100 consumers are going to ask for...


netflix has removed the suggest a film page. (oct 17 2009)


Thanks for the posts. I was looking for the "Suggest a movie" option as well and could no longer find it. I've had good luck in the past with that feature of Netflix. I along with others I assume asked for the "Corner Gas" TV series and they bought seasons 1-4 last year. Now I would like them to get Seasons 5 and 6 which are available so I guess I'll call customer service as suggessted above. Thanks! Peter


Netflix doesnt want to hear from you, they know what movies are best for you. Isnt that swell?

Chris Utley

How annoying. The /Suggest link goes to the /ContactUs page...this is the internet, people! I don't want to have to call them.

Dr. Raoul Duke

Netflix dropping the "Suggest a Movie" page is truly arrogant. They've effectively killed off the local competition and there is no other choice for renting, so now we're getting into the arrogant "just pay and be happy" phase. Frickin' wonderful...Dear Netflix Corporate Greedhead Dingleberries: o.k., you win--we admit you own the movie rental world...please now reinstate the e-mail feedback/ suggestion page. Thank you, The Serfs.

Dr. Raoul Duke

Postscript: Called Netflix, and the customer service guy ("Casey") who answered after only a 1-minute wait was well-informed, candid and great to talk to, at least by general customer service standards. Anyway, he did take the movie request and explained the ins and outs of adding new flicks. He said that there is no threshold, except that maybe if a million people want something, they'll make a special effort to acquire it. We additionally discussed the erstwhile "Suggest a Movie" page and he strongly agreed they should reinstate it and said he would submit that suggestion also. This was an unexpectedly positive customer service experience.


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smiles davis

The misadventures of Sheriff LoBo

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John Lund

Netflix has said for years that "Saint Jack" is "unavailable". But it IS available, has been available since 2001, you can buy a DVD at Amazon! Now they've removed the Suggest A Title feature from the website. I used to think they cared... but not any longer.


really want to suggest a cheesy 1987 movie called The Barbarians to Netflix. has anyone seen it? i remember it being really funny when i was 12.


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