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I don't think that we should applaud Netflix for this.

First of all it was their fault that the charge happened and legally they are responsible.

Second, while I am sure they weren't worried about being taken to court I am sure that someone there felt that they would get a lot of flak over a lousy $22.00 and they felt it wasn't worth it.

This is a sad commentary on the state of how we look at various entities. We tend to feel it is a great thing when they are simply doing what they are supposed to be doing in any given situation.

We should be mad as hell when they don't do the right thing but why should we think they are something special when they do what they should be doing? After all, I think that most of us do the right thing. Are we given anything because of it? Are we put on the news because we go to work every day, or pay our bills on time, or take care of our children the correct way? The answer is a resounding NO. We don't do any of those things because we get accolades for it, nor do we expect any. We do them because we know that is what should be done.



I tend to agree with you, but I've had awful experiences with a lot of companies out there (specifically mediacom) and it is good to know that there are still some companies that do the right thing.

I don't think that Netflix was looking for this praise, it looks like someone sent it in. So it isn't like they were trying to go "Look at us, look at us we did this cool thing for a customer."

I don't necessarily agree with self congratulations by companies. However, in this case I don't think the company was trying to get public recognition with what they did.

The fact of the matter is, while they did't do anything special (they just did the right thing) there are so many companies out there that don't do the right thing that people enjoy knowing what companies are doing the right thing so they can do business with them.

Edward R Murrow

Are people really so naive that they think that Netflix and/or their employees aren't sending these topics to HackingNetflix? Please, leave the kids table and join us for dinner at the adult table.



I'm sorry if you feel I implied that Netflix was looking for praise. I don't think they were. I do think that they felt they would get much more than $22.00 worth of bad publicity out of it and that's why they did it, not because they are magnanimous.


Edward R Murrow:

I don't think we can single out Netflix if they did send the article out. Many (most?) of the companies issue press releases every day telling us what positive things they have done. Obviously it is done to be self-serving.

I would rather read that Netflix has donated money to a worthy organization, (something they really don't have to do), than to read that they simply gave money back to someone because it was through their mistake that the person lost it in the first place.


I definitely applaud netflix for this. After all, they did correct their mistake, so no reason to attack. And to be honest, they do NOT need to refund overdraft fees because that money is taken by the bank, not Netflix. (I learned the hard way). Mistakes happen to any business that deals with this kind of billing. But, that is what I call customer service for sure. They are giving you money that you never gave them. All of you who are complaining and saying such bad things about this article, would love the same customer service if this happened to you. At least they are not Blockbuster!


Sorry BeeSting but you are WRONG when you say that Netflix does not owe the overdraft fee. It was their mistake that caused the fee to be charged. If they were taken to court they would have been forced to pay it.

I suggest you look into what the law is before you make statements like you did.

Jen K

They probably just contact the bank, explained the mistake and the bank refunded the fees. That happens all the time.


Jen K:

While the bank might refund the fee they are not obligated to do so. It was not their fault the account was overdrawn. Just as it was not the customer's fault.

Jen K

I know Tester, I'm just saying that the money might not have come out of Netflix's pocket. I completely agree with everything you said.


I'd have Netflix give me the $22 for the overdraft AND call my bank and ask them to give me a credit as well.

that could work ;-)



Not a problem. As I said I tend to agree with you. I also agree that they would have had to pay the money regardless. My point was just that really Netflix had no way of knowing that someone would write the letter and submit it to a web site. I personally think it is good when people share their experiences (good or bad) with a company. It gives others an idea of how the company works and if they want to do business with them or not.

For example, had they refused to give the money for the overdraft and they had been taken to court I don't know if I'd want to deal with that company. Sounds like if they make a mistake they are going to make me do a lot of hard work to correct their mistake. I'm not thinking of the PR (positive or negative) that they would get out the of the situation, just that it is good knowledge for us, as consumers, to have. I see nothing wrong with people sending and/or posting about their experiences with a company.


I agree IowaHawksFan.
That's the problem with all of you who always just complain about things. When have you ever sat down and write a comment about how wonderful customer service has been ANYWHERE WITH ANY COMPANY?? Well I can tell you, you definitely will take the time to bitch about something rather than to be stay positive and say what people have done to you that's GOOD.
Blogger- your "plan" is stupid and immature...Maybe you should stop milking the system.
Obviously it was an honest mistake and I only thinking that Netflix didn't do this on purpose. I dare you to tell me when any company hasn't had a mistake? Maybe instead of filling your life with negativity, you should focus on the positive and be a little more mature.


What's really sad is that the guy didn't have $19 in his account to begin with!!! Talk about "paycheck to paycheck". Maybe he didn't need a NF account to begin with if his funds are that tight!

How about putting that $19 into a savings account every month!!!


Bob- absolutely agree with you!! I didn't want to say it before, but I couldn't have put it better myself.


As a consumer, I don't begrudge Netflix one positive piece of PR. If for no other reason than to get some of the other companies off their tail ends and tending to the customers that put money in their pockets.

The customer service trend in this company is horrible - Netflix, unarguably, does have superior customer service to most companies. I hope that it rubs off...


Did you mean the customer service trend in this country?


Oh my.. yes, I meant this "Country"!


You need to grow up Blogger.


"Obviously it was an honest mistake and I only thinking that Netflix didn't do this on purpose. I dare you to tell me when any company hasn't had a mistake?"

Who here said that it was done on purpose?


I thought they didnt accept bank or check drafts ??

Cant verify right now because their site is down, but I thought it was CC or debit cards only.

Maybe they have some leftovers on bank drafts ?

And $18.35 is lucky. Thats just 2% state sales tax. Mine is 4%. Im jealous !



How would you feel if it were 7% state sales tax? That's what mine is.


it's not 2% but its actually 8%.
i am guessing this cust has the 16.99 plan which makes that 8% and not 2%. There is no plans between 16.99 and 23.99


As far as his temporary hold coming off early, there are a two ways it could have happened.

1)The person at Netflix who placed the temporary hold had it scheduled to come off on the wrong date


2) He could have removed the hold himself from his account.

The computer does not remove a hold by itself until the date it's marked to. Someone has to go in and physically remove it for any time earlier.


Unless there is a bug in the program.


Tester, taxes where I live are generally 8 to 9%.

But NF and BB only charge me 4%. Which, I assume is just the "state" part, not the county and city, if any.

I was figuring this error occured before the price went down, maybe not.



"But NF and BB only charge me 4%. Which, I assume is just the "state" part, not the county and city, if any."

Now I'm going to have to look at my accounts to see what they are charging me since 6% is for the state and the additional 1% is for the city.



"Unless there is a bug in the program."

Now gir, you know that software programs are never buggy. Just look at Windblows. ;)


NF doesn't have to pay any fees on the bank, ever. And the hold may have been entered incorrectly by NF, which then would be their error, but they still aren't liable to pay any fees, it states in their terms that every customer is subject to their own banking terms. Kudos if it was their mistake. However, the customer can also start/stop a hold in which the customer is ultimately reponsible for the hold info - especially if it's going to put their acct in overdraft. What banks due is their discretion - NF doesn't have to do jack - kudos to them that they did.
By the way on taxes: it isn't necessarily your state tax% - NV, OR don't have any state tax, but those customers are still taxed due to local county taxes, etc. Espeically if NF and/or BB have a facility in that state.

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