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Anyone remember what NetFlix' original and adjusted subscriber targets were for this year?

Looks like last quarter they said year end 6.8 to 7.3, down from 7.3 to 7.8. Quarterly statements available here:



Remember that churn for Netflix is a monthly number, not the quarterly value that most companies report. with a monthly churn of 4.2% only 59.8% of customers remain after 12 months. [ 0.958^(12) = .598 ]
So how do they stay in business? Netflix signs up a lot of people (more people sign up than cancel), the majority of whom quit the service after the free period is up.


Blockbuster screwing up Total Access would be a highlight

Old Timer Too

"Blockbuster screwing up Total Access would be a highlight"

No kidding. BB has done more to help NF over the past three months than anything else. While NF has never been the most forthright and alienated a lot of us a couple of years ago, BB's pockets were not deep enough to sustain the price and feature war. Thus, liabilities had to be limited and so the most you can rent from BB is three out at a time. So they have Total Access - so what? All it gets you is new releases with no or little waiting (a telephone call to your local BB will reserve a copy if they know you).

But at a price? And with plans all over the place (but none with any decent "at-a-time", BB has done its job of shooting itself in the foot... I wonder if they are using a spare table leg to help them get around.

As you can tell, I'm not happy with BB and probably won't be for quite a while to come. In my opinion, playing games with customers is not the way to win friends and influence enemies.

Glitches in growth happen. Who knows, maybe NF will reach those original goals.

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