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Im Not A Turnip

THIS is exactly why people should proactively double up and intentionally mail back more than one movie in the same envelope a few times. It's handy to have a small stock of spare envelopes available for those "just in case" moments.


That's what I did. I doubled for about a month and now have about 30 extra envelopes (more then I need, I know), but I find it very helpful for three reasons

1) You lose an envelope.

2) The envelope you received is in bad shape or by mistake you tear it

3) You seal the envelope, but want to watch it again/missed something. For me, I rush to get through DVDs, which means I usually skip stuff like bonus features. I'll seal the envelope the day I plan to return them, but sometimes something comes up and they don't get to the Post Office. Because I have extra envelopes I can watch the stuff I skipped.

I couldn't imagine not having extra envelopes. Plus, it is so much fun to rip them open haha.


I'm feeling a bit odd now. I've been a member since February 2005 and have yet to need an extra envelope. I haven't lost, ripped, abused or otherwise made an envelope unusable - does that make me strange or is it just a reflection of my kid and pet free existence?

By the way, do you pronounce it ONvelope or ENvelope?


I pronounce it ENvelope.

The one time I wanted to rewatch a DVD that i put in a mailer i just opened it and resealed it by taping it and it got there fine.

Im Not A Turnip

Jimofoz: I haven't ripped or lost an ENvelope either, but the USPS has conveniently "pre-shredded" a few for me. I've also had several fall apart because they became soaked when delivered during the rainy season.

Finally, I prefer sending discs back in envelopes addressed to my local distribution center. A couple years ago my local post office seemed to make sure they were shipped back to Timbuktu even though envelopes show "Nearest Dist Center." Perhaps that policy has changed; I haven't tested it in a long time.

JR Lost

Another thing you can do by saving a few here and there is to return the ones from far-off places in a local envelope.


Having users send back multiple titles in a single envelope is something Netflix should be PROMOTING right now, for reasons I think should be obvious.

Depending on the particulars of how NetFlix maintains the Business Reply Mail (BRM) account, the first DVD in the return envelope is $.38.

Adding a 2nd DVD is just an extra $.17.

And the third?


Three DVDs tips the scale at just under two ounces -- that's why there's no increase.

So returning three separately is $1.14, versus $.55. They've just cut return postage costs IN HALF.

Because I really appreciate the Netflix service, I routinely return two or three disks in one envelope.

I'd do this more often if Netflix gave up on the throttling and always had three disks show up in my mailbox at the same time.


I am a disk-at-a-time subscriber. There is no "second envelope" for me. I also notice the unique mailing address "nearest netflix location" or some such. How should I address an envelope? I don't want to send it to california. Must I send it to Cali?

Gabrielle Mitchell

I'm also a one-disk-at-a-time subscriber so all that blah blah blah that everyone else is talking about "use two disc in one envelope" does not apply to me or anyone else who can only have a single disk out at a time. I also don't know if I should send it to the Cali address, but that's the one that's on the disk, so I guess I have to....


does it need a stamp

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