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Blockbuster actually has a little lock that is suppossed to keep TV series from being sent out of order. That said they sent me disc 3 of the Bronx is Burning first. Even for a die hard yankees fan 3 hours of bonus footage before I'd seen the actual series seemed a little much, it went right back in the mail.


YEah, same thing happened to me. Blockbuster has on more than one occasion sent me series out of order that have a lock on them (I can't change the order unless I unlock it). It's usually one disc- but it's a setback.

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This has always been a pet peeve of mine. It would be great if there were some way to group discs so that they arrive in a certain order no matter what -- whether they be TV series, movie sequels, or some random movies I want in a certain order.

Short of that, I've been using the same trick outlined in this post -- manually moving the next in line to the top of the queue after its predecessor has shipped. It's more than a bit inconvenient, but the alternative seems worse.


I've never had a significant problem with this. Almost all of my rentals are series of between 3 and 8 disks. I think I may have gotten one or two disks out of order in the past 7 years.

My approach is a variation of that suggested - only keep the next disk in the series at the top of the queue. I'm typically going through 3 or 4 series at a time, so this is automatic; the 'next' disks always take the first 3 or 4 spots. (From what I've heard, this wouldn't work so well with BBI, which can skip down 5, 10, even 15 spots to pick the next disk to ship.)

Still, there have been times when I liked a series so much I wanted to get the full series in rapid succession, one disk right after the other, to the exclusion of other rentals. It would have been nice to just move all those disks to the top of the queue and not worry about it.


I'm with gir. I watch a lot of TV shows through Netflix, so if I have TV shows A and B, the top of my Q normally looks like:
1) A disc 1
2) B disc 1
3) Movie
4) A disc 2

You get the idea. I do this because it's how I like to watch, not just to prevent unordered shipments. This sort of "shuffling" discs at the top isn't possible with BB's service.

When I do have all of one series at the top (that's actually the case right now with Scrubs), I almost always get them in order. If I don't, I tend to turn over discs so fast that, at most, it's maybe 3 days before I get the disc that should have come first, so I keep the other until then. So gir, feel confident in putting them all at the top and not worrying about it, the risk is low ;)


You're right.

I'm on the 5 out plan, so the inconvenience of getting an out-of-order disk would be pretty low. That said, I don't turn disks over very quickly, so I'd probably end up hanging on to the out-of-order disk for a week or two.

I'll probably never be able to bring myself to do it though.


The problem i have is with TV series disc being LABELED as out of order. Take this Doctor Who:The Beginning DVD. (http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Doctor_Who_The_Beginning_Disc_3/70046608?trkid=90529)
Disc one is really disc two. Disc three is really disc one and disc two is really disc one. Causing your viewing experience to be skewed. Luckily i was smart and read the comments/reviews, but what if i had not? This is a very common thing. The Battlestar Galactica Season one boxed set normally comes with the BSG Mini series as disc one. With netflix, you have to rent the mini series. It does not come all together. What a pain in the butt..


Machinegunn: This sort of "shuffling" discs at the top isn't possible with BB's service.

Unless we are thinking of two different things, it is possible. There is a graphic lock that locks in the order of the series so that nothing sneaks in between. But you can unlock it and rearrange the series however you want.

Towards the end of my time with BB I noticed that it seemed some of the TV shows I was queuing were being locked in with the second disc first.

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