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Old Timer Too

I don't know if they do or not, but NF should consider automatic bank draft payments, which a lot of people use to pay regular monthly bills, including car and mortgage payments and utility payments. BB offers that as a payment option.


They used to, but it caused many problems and have not taken checks for as long as I can remember.


Why would someone not want to use a credit card? Cash back, miles, points, etc.


"Why would someone not want to use a credit card?"

Um... a little thing called "debt"?


The issue is actually that NF insists on tapping your card...any sort... themselves - their discretion & schedule.
IMO, that's both wrong and perilous for something as
entertainment as movies.
I've wondered and inquired why they don't allow us to pay by card if demanded, as Ol' Timer suggested, month in advance (they'd have their deposit in hand) and then regularly for as long as service was desired.
I quit 4 years ago on that basis and won't go back.
I want to be absolutely in charge of that plastic ...or any account for that matter.
And I liked what and how they did.


I just discovered this when I found no info to set up an automatic bank payment and called customer service. I don't like it at all. I am glad that I have the cheapest account at least.


what really sucks is if you have a prepaid credit card (so you can control your online spending and prevent your real checking account from getting defrauded) they don't accept those anymore either. I had an account with them for years with a prepaid. One day I got an email that my account was cancelled my account was nolonger valid and a demand for the movies i had out on DVD to be sent back immediately. They want to be 100% sure they get your money.

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