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I think that would be nice to display an advanced notice (Even the day of). It gets annoying when your watching a movie on instant watch and you can't finish it because netflix turns there website off.

Old Timer Too

Netflix needs to get their down time minimalized, especially if they are going to provide services like instant watching. Or, at the least, provide it via a different set of computers/site, one that isn't down for extended periods of time.


Absolutely then need to warn users that the site will be going down AHEAD of time. Again, paid service, any time I can't use my paid service, I have a right to be disappointed. I appreciate them "going down" late night though, they need to do that every time.


From what I can tell, they usually only go down Wednesday nights until 2:30 or 3:30am PST. No idea when it usually starts, though.

I don't feel like I'm being cheated or anything: even Amazon and eBay have momentary downtime. They have several millions of customers, whereas Netflix has, what, just over 7 million? And of those, most usually only use the website once or twice a week. It's not an incredibly high volume website, and it's completely devoid of ads, so it's not like they make money hand-over-fist or anything, and, really, how many people are inconvenienced by a two hour downtime in the middle of a Wednesday night?


The only sites that need to notify you are ones that have a "due date" associated with them.

Example is a credit card site. If you HAVE to pay your bill today, at the last minute, and they are down for maintanence, then you could incur a late fee.

My Opinion, YMMV.

Edward R Murrow

For companies that charge a monthly fee, downtimes should be minimal since the meter is always running for the customer.


A monthly fee to rent movies. Having the site down for a few hours every wednesday night is probably only a major hinderance to that for 0.001% of Netflix members. I am sure the vast majority of Netflix members never even notice that the site is ever down. I believe the site goes down around 11:00pm pacific time or 2:00am eastern time.

Edward R Murrow

So if the cab I'm riding in breaks down, the meter keeps running? That's exactly what it's like when the website crashes since I can't manage my account.


The site was down this Friday at 1:30 AM, which was right when I was settling in to watch a movie online. Customer support tried to sell me the line that the Instant Watch service was not something I was being charged for, so no account credit would be given. So, I'm going to go log out of my Netflix account and see if I can use it for free, since it's apparently not part of my bill.

Also, the site has been down at 11:30 PST on a Wednesday night in the recent past.


I must be the .001% of netflix customers that are inconvienenced when the site goes down. I was just getting ready to watch the next episode of Dexter Season 1 online and the site crapped. Some advance notice would certainly be appreciated.

Weds are my night off, and i work 3rd shift so Im up all night even on my day off...so it's a big inconvienince to me, but I will put my money back it in my pocket and cancel my account...no point in fighting them..it is consumerism, and If you dont like it dont pay for it...too bad Im sure most of you will.


Not really. They are usually only down for 1/2 hour longest.... what did you people do before Netflix? Go read a book for a few minutes and sign back on - geesh


I am also a third shifter and it seems like every night that I have off where I would just like to lay in my bed, relax, and watch a movie, Netflix is either doing scheduled maintenance or down. Some may say, well, if your plan was to watch movies all night, why didn't you rent them? BECAUSE I PAY FOR NETFLIX AND TO WATCH INSTANTLY WHENEVER I WANT! I am seriously considering leaving their service. I find myself on Hulu when I pay for Netflix. I should just give THEM my money. They've never been doing scheduled maintenance when I want to utilize their service and theirs is FREE.


Figure average of 30 days a month x 24 hrs a day is 720 hours. Well at approximately $15 an month it costs a bit more than 2 cents and hour to have netflix. So if the they are down for 3 hours I lose about 6 cents. Not that much for a good company like netflix. However, advance notice is something that shouls be considered by the company. What if I had a date over and planned to watch a netflix movie? Not so cool running to the video store for something because I wasn't aware of the down time. I hope they consider all angles of member situations. Thanks for reading.


I'm an insomniac and the one cure for my sad little existence is the droning sound of the guy that narrates Documentaries (no joke try it sometime) I paid for Netflix because it's always here.....Oh wait, but it's not! Oh, what heres Hulu and Joost oh and what's that they are free, with very little commercial interruption? The next time this happens without warning I'm canceling my account as well, when I know I can get half, the streaming content from other sites for free.


I was very disappointed that I wasn't given advance notice of this maintenance. I had a friend over just to watch a movie, and we couldn't.


Are they really only down once a week? I swear every time I try to use it at night it's offline. I can only use it during the day.


Ha ha... the moment I post on this website, I check my netflix tab that I still had open and it's working... funny.

Jim Nazium

yes. duh. paying for the service. can the phone company just turn off my phone "for maintenance" without notice. family night watching movie. just bought streaming hardware. totally dissed. not happy.


What is up with ending the service at 9:00 eastern time on a Friday night!? Why are you not doing this kind of Maintenance during the off hours? Do we receive credit for the HOURS that you have shut down the site at a high viewer time?


Tonight the site went down at 7pm ET. I didn't even know that they had downtimes until I logged back in to keep watching Lost and it said Netflix was unavailable. I can understand that things need to be fixed, but it would be nice for a heads up even if it is just a couple of hours ahead of time. But I guess since there's nomajor competition as far as online instant watching they don't feel the need to be so considerate to their customers.

Just Some Guy

If it's so acceptable to have downtime without advance notice why don't they advertise that when they are trying to sell you their service?

Just Some Guy

Oh and if it's really "scheduled" downtime why don't they 'fess up and admit they aren't really 24x7 and post the maintenance schedule so I don't schedule time to watch when they aren't going to be up?

Just Some Guy

Also the maintenance methodology doesn't have to include any user-experienced downtime. For example, they can shift the workload to half of their group of servers that isn't yet taken down for maintenance, then do the maintenance on the taken-down half of the server farm, then shift the workload to the just-maintained half, and then do the maintenance on the other half. Abruptly telling paying customers that the service they are paying for is down as previously scheduled but not previously disclosed is not acceptable.

Uh huh

i just did a line of coke so i can stay up and watch movies. now this? wtf netflix! you are breaking my balls!!!

Mary Lou

Today is the first day of my free trial membership and I was going through several episodes of a favorite tv show, just to be hit with this maintenance thing.

Very bad mark on my free trial. Could certainly impact whether I decide to continue.


you coke head junkie! I'm sure you will soon get paranoid and forget all about the t.v and begin watching out your blinds!lol.. OH my GOD!!!! The police are outside!!!


Mary Lou don't be such a lame. Seriously 7 million people lovve netflix and I honestly don't think they care if you keep it or not. What are you going to do, go to Blockbuster?lol.. these guys run the show now. I't s still working on my xbox


Why is it off in the middle of the afternoon?


Netflix goes down every week (Usually Tuesdays) before 11:30pm: PAIN IN THE NECK! I asked them why at 11:30pm instead of 3:30am, and they said they do it during lowest traffic hours. YEAH, RIGHT. I'M THAT STUPID.


dammmnnnnnnnnnn youuuuuu netttttfilxxxxxx during the most suspencful part of the movie as soon as laura was about to say who her babys dad is BAM Scheduled Maintenance please set up a reminder for this its really annoying


last 20 minutes of an AWESOME movie and Netflix screwed it up, but before that the movie kept going out and I had to reload. Error N8211. It sucked.

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