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ur blockbuster link is not working. i was going to buy it through you.


Sorry - Blockbuster has taken the promotion offline for now. The banner will be back soon, I hope.


I wish the goof at Blockbuster had dared to challenge me on my math. He could have checked out my accounts and discovered how much action I received over the 8 months or so that I was a member.

I received 234 titles in the mail during that time. Which means I swapped out for 234 titles. 468 rentals for $144. I was wrong cause that comes out to 31 cents a rental. And even if we restrict the number to the mailers, it was 31 cents to mail it to me and another 31 cents to mail it back to them. And that is nothing compared to the economic damage I did to the Brick and Mortar by checking out all those new titles and hanging onto them for the No Late Fees week (since the shut down the nearby store so I wasn't in the mood to drive the extra miles to return them early).

Nice to know that CEO Keyes thought so badly of me as a customer.


I don't think Keyes thinks badly of you as a customer...he most likely thinks poorly of his predecessors who would devise a hare-brained plan that would allow you as a TA customer to get New Releases for free (over and above your TA rentals) when someone who follows you in the door and is willing to pay $4 for it walks out empty-handed.

One can only imagine how much of a detriment the high-volume TA customers were to the business, especially the ones who were there every Tuesday morning to pick up the new releases and kept them until the following Tuesday. Blockbuster never ceases to amaze.


I was the person who picked up the New Releases on Tuesday mornings and didn't return them until the following Tuesday. Plus I'd drop by later in the week to swap out the next wave of 3 envelopes. There was a nice pile of boxes on my coffeetable. Why should I rush?

Anyone got a clue how much under the old late fees they would have made off me for keeping a titles 6 days late?

I played by their rules and they paid the cost. Why didn't I pay the extra few bucks a month to keep the plan? Because I know that if a company screws me on a rate once, they'll screw me again.

Old Timer Too

I have to wonder how much damage they did to profitable customer base or to customers like me, who were willing to pay more for the service? Even with multiple accounts, I am irritated that I cannot work my way through large queues in a reasonable time frame.

I just cannot believe that all 500,000 customer accounts were unprofitable. Sure, some of them were and there were folks like Corey who milked it for all its worth. And companies do need to be taught lessons and I commend Corey for doing it. I did it for one month when they had a program where you paid a flat fee and could check out up to three films at a time, bring them back and check out the next set. I managed to get my cost per rental for that one month down to fifty cents a rental, including new releases. Sure, the rentals always got back quickly, but I got burned out very, very quickly and probably contributed to the smog factor with all the trips to BB that month.

I don't think they have that program any more, but hey, what do I care?

BB has tried a lot of things and done most of them very badly. If they would simply come up with a good business model and stick to it, instead of mucking around with it every six months or so, they'd probably be okay and satisfy and nice profitable customer base.

My feelings are that both BB and NF could benefit by coming out with premium rental plans. Those plans would see absolutely no throttling or delays and any delays would be offset by automatic extra shipments. There would be a minimum guaranteed number of films that a person could get for the price and anything more would be a bonus (It wouldn't be much, since you would likely push the system to its limits as it was). My recommendation would include all plans up to 8 at a time.

And right now, BB is sure acting like miserly Scrooge. Of course, it is the season and they've worked their way into that pickle. But they really do need to take a long hard look and instead of alienating the heavy users and sending them "packing," just ask that they pay the price to make their business profitable.

I sure hope Keyes is smarter than his predecessors, but only time will tell.

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