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Do you know where in Knoxville. I literally signed up for netflix 5 minutes ago. Found this site. Then found the news about my hometown.


The address for the Knoxville drop location is just some P.O. box, 37950 zip code. But it's true, movies mailed from my mailbox are now arriving at NetFlix the next day, and I'm getting the next movie in my queue the day after. Same turnaround time as when I lived in Nashville. Much better service than what I was getting before this new Knoxville location.


It has been taking about 1 week to get a DVD back after mailing it at a post office in Knoxville. Hopefully this will speed it up some.



My wife was just complaining that three of her favorite artists came to Knoxville within months of us moving away.

Now I know how she feels. It annoys me so much that they opened a drop location in Knoxville after we moved. I HATED being in a Netflix dead zone. Oh well, good for everyone in the area--service was absolutely lousy in East Tennessee.

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