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Old Timer Too

Cable is already overpriced (Comcast) and from what I've seen, aside from satellite, most cable companies are priced higher than NF's 8-at-a-time, and that's just for basic(+) service, not to mention the premium channels.

And on the related note of charging for higher bandwidth, aside from it being standard practice in some parts of the world (or was), the cable companies are still way too greedy, especially considering that they usually have a corner on the market where they are located.


We get HBO and don't even ever watch it. I think I've maybe watched a movie or two in the years we've had it. Never liked any of their shows or much tv at all for that matter. Never heard of Hulu.

Edward R Murrow

When HBO, Showtime, NBC, ABC, etc. all have this type of technology in place, why would they ever make their content available to BBO and NFLX? I'm guessing that the film studios may as well follow suit.


If I lived in one of those areas where cable isn't available, and the only way to get HBO was via satellite, I would prefer to get my content on DVD by mail.

I like getting my content on DVD by mail, so I'm not paying for stuff I don't want.


I actually don't think you need to be an HBO subscriber and a TWC subsciber. You can be one or the other, but both are not necessary according to the way I read the press releases.

Doug Drake

The trial ended Oct 31, 2009

Still hoping HBO figures out a direct online subscription model...

Would dump cable in a heart beat

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