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The same thing happened for me, and I live in Miami Florida. I mailed in my dvds on Saturday, received the new ones on Tuesday.


I had a similar experience on Columbus Day from the Rochester, NY DC. I assume the mail is delivered on Saturday, processed and returned to the post office on the postal holiday, then it just depends whether or not it's sorted before your mail carrier begins his/her rounds the next day. A very pleasant surprise!

Kirsten Crippen

You're lucky. For some reason, the Spokane, WA, shipping center not only doesn't seem to work on holidays, but also on Saturdays. If I return a disk on Mon-Thurs, my new disk will be shipped the following day. If I return on Sat, it is shipped Monday. However, if I return on Fri, it also ships on Monday. So, apparently, Spokane ships on Saturday, but does no processing of received items.


I was also surprised that the DVD came on Tuesday, I guess netflix dropped it off at USPS on monday and maybe they got a head start on it so it got sorted in time for mail delivery.

Kristen-As far as I know, none of the netflix shipping centers are open on Saturdays, only mon-fri.


This happened to me with two movies I had mailed back on Thursday hoping I would get new movies for the long weekend. It was nice to get them on Tuesday, but I was still a little frustrated.


It seems this surprised Netflix too because they sent me an email yesterday asking me when I received "Shallow Grave" and Tuesday wasn't even listed as an option on their site.

Old Timer Too

I think a lot depends upon when the USPS receives the outgoing from NF. If you live in an area with a major USPS distribution center that NF uses, then the "holiday" shipping is likely to occur in the middle of the night. After all the major USPS centers are 24/7 with a few exceptions.

I have never seen activity from NF on Saturday, so it is normal to expect mailed films on Friday to be processed on Monday (if you are not a heavy user or the traffic is light).


Kirsten Crippen, Netflix doesn't ship on Saturday. Only Monday through Friday. It says in the terms.


Kirsten Crippen, Netflix doesn't ship on Saturday. Only Monday through Friday. It says in the terms.


I have a NF and BBO account. Both received and shipped movies on MLK day. Got the movies the next day.


Not for me. The holiday meant an extra day's delay, so while I'm certain that they received my movies on Tuesday, they didn't ship the next one until Wednesday. White Plains NY distribution center - always slow.


I got mine on Tues. but did not get the new releases I wanted.


The postal service also seemed to be partially operating this past Monday. On a quiet residential street along my jogging route, I noticed a postal worker retrieving mail out of a mailbox, and I said, "I thought this was a holiday for you guys," and he said, "We don't deliver to customers on this holiday, but we still collect the mail." This reflects a larger and I think unfortunate irony, that while executive or higher-management office workers frequently get MLK day off, lower-echelon workers, who disproportionately tend to happen to be exactly the minorities King fought so hard to enfranchise, frequently end up having to work that day.


The Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) of the USPS is open for all but the big 6 holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) Those are the only 6 days of the year Netflix or BBO won't drop off mail due to a holiday. MLK Day, Presidents Day, etc mail will be dropped and processed as normal.


"Not for me. The holiday meant an extra day's delay, so while I'm certain that they received my movies on Tuesday, they didn't ship the next one until Wednesday. White Plains NY distribution center - always slow."

I usually get from white plains and they did ship on monday with tuesday delivery. I have never really had a problem slow turnarounds from that shipping center.


Netflix received my movies on Monday and processed the the next few in my queue, but they didn't mail them until Tuesday. They also sent the emails saying "For Wednesday:"

I'm not upset. I thought the fact that they were processing them on the holiday was pretty cool.

Steven Hoober

My local post office is also some sort of C.O. (I only know the telephony equivalent). So its always got longer hours, and a giant loading dock and repair facilities for trucks, etc.

Simply looking in the parking lot, there are clearly people there 24/7, not to mention on holidays that would otherwise be work days. Not the full staff, but someone. And trucks come and go as well, albeit on a much slower schedule as well.

Having this as my local post office works great for netflix. They get there much faster anyway, but the times of pickup listed seem to be worst case times. If you dump mail thru the slot inside the office (instead of the curbside box) they seem to grab it out of the bin every few hours, day or night, even on weekends. I can drop off a movie friday, two on saturday and one on sunday, and get four new ones in the mail Monday afternoon. Yes, sometimes this makes no sense from a shipping center POV, but it seems true.

Steve, I live in northern MI. Same happened with my new releases. My drop point is Gaylord MI. Good service as usual Nflix!!


Here's what I was told when I called. When a postal holiday comes on a Monday, the Netflix distribution centres, which are usually closed on Sundays, are actually open so that they can get a head start and process all the mail which came in in Saturday. I used to work for the USPS. Many postal distribution centres are open 24/7. They still process mail on holidays. They just don't deliver it. So, Netflix can take the discs to a postal distribution hub on a Sunday and the USPS will go ahead and process it for delivery, but it just won't be delivered 'til Tuesday. This means some people will be able to get their discs on Tuesday.


Two years ago, my local post office delivered mail to PO boxes on that day, and I think mail also went out if it was dropped there. Where I live, we don't consider it a holiday, and every business is open. Only schools, most banks, and SOME government are closed.

I think it is a good thing, and it would be nice to see it expanded. I would like Presidents Day to be neutered as well, or bring it back as Washington Day.

Michael King (or, Most Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr Phd) really has no business being the only Personal holiday in this country.


Pleasant surprise, indeed! I thought that was kind of cool!

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