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My Netflix Fan blog logo.

Marty McKee

Peter Graves.


I used my own homemade logo...


"...must be owned entirely by you and cannot contain the images of or owned by any third party..."

This obviously isn't enforced much, if at all. I picked one DVD and looked at the reviews and in the first page saw, Spongebob, Wonder Woman, and a Smallville logo as profile pictures.


BTW, mine is a picture of the bronze dragon on a pen holder my brother-in-law got me from Taiwan.


My own. It's hot.


I wonder if I "own" the Old English Crest for my family's surname that I use as my photo? I would assume such things are in the public domain by now since it was created in the 1600s. And it is unique - what looks like two drunken dogs, with tongues hanging out, on either side of a big battle shield, with "God save the King" in Latin as the logo. I haven't seen anyone else using family crests.

Old Timer Too

A family crest is like a trademark for your family and you have every right to use it for something like this. It is not copyrighted as it is protected by laws governing heraldry.


mine is me kissing my little japanese gheisha statue...


Mine doent have a friends and community tab!


i've tried over & over to upload a picture. it always says "upload of c:\blah blah failed"

the picture is of me. I've even resized it to 150x150. Any idea why it won't let me upload a pic?



Always get an error that it 'failed'. Never works for me.


i get the same error message every single time! doesnt matter what file type it is and if i keep it below 150x150! so annoying


I get the same error message. It's totally shit!

research papers

Why do I always get the same error message???


I can't change mine either (it's a pic of my cat...that I own...LOL).

I keep getting the "Upload of cat.jpg has failed" message.

RockStar Will

I have the same problem too. I just talked to customer service. they said that the IT people are working on the friends sections to fix some problems. They were not aware of this problem because nobody told them about it. SO, the customer service agent sent an email to the proper department to make sure they were aware of the picture problem.


it's still not working... 2 months later... incredible..

Andrew Weit

March 2nd, 2010 - STILL NOT WORKING. "upload of [filename] failed." I chose a really large picture and it hung for about 10 seconds and said "unable to send picture." I chose another one and kept it under 150x150, made sure it was a photo that had a CC license that granted free use by anyone (public domain), didn't contain profanity, nudity, vulgar or obscene content, or any offensive content and it still failed. Finally, I tried a small picture that I created myself using MSpaint, still failed.

I wonder if that 'email' that cust. service sent got lost.

Andrew Weit

March 2nd, 2010 - To add to the above: I tried 3 different formats (.jpg, .png, .gif and they all failed.) I also called in and reported the problem to Netflix customer service. They responded by saying that there was no notice of that feature being down or any website outages that would effect that feature. The rep also said that there are other people that were recently able to change their profile picture. He added that it may be a problem with the upload process or a formatting error on my end. He finished the conversation by saying that he would forward that report to the IT department to see if anything can be done about it.

Whichever it is, I really hope it can get fixed.


i am on a new install of my OS and it will not upload...sux

Kevin Daniel

I also get the upload failed response, for noone having this problem everyone sure is.


Can't upload photo. I just have the random image there bugging me.... This is idiotic.


I've always gotten the userpic error (upload of such-and-such failed). Wouldn't bother me so much if my default userpic was the same gender as me. Hope they fix it someday.


I've tried everything possible to get a picture onto Netflix. I've resized a million times, but it never works. I've changed the resolution a million times but it never works. I give up. NOTHING WORKS! There is no help.


Still does not work !!!

Not Audrey Hepburn Fan

Still is not working. I really don't want the Audrey Hepburn avatar they assigned me!

Renee A

I too have also tried and resized the pictures and made sure that they wouldnt be flagged. But is still keep getting the same error message over and over again! I have 3 ppl with heads shaped like cones.....plz someone find a resolution for this because I cannot tolerate looking at these cone heads lol! They freak me out! HELP.


I also cannot upload any images. Every one appears to be rejected for an unknown reason, regardless of file size or type.

Endre Pekarik

Am I just one of those people who love to walk up to a brick wall and start banging his/her head against it?
That is how I feel. Weeks ago I started the presumably easy task of changing my avatar on Netflix profile. After days of trying of seemingly easy process, I called customer support of Netflix and I asked what the problem is. "No problem" was the answer. It should be working.

I want someone to just snap me out of this miserable position I'm in. Unless I can I think I will be just sitting here at my PC for months, years until I make it work. Help. Snap me out of this. Meanwhile I just keep trying every possible file formats, small and large size,


NETFLIX SUCKS when it comes to fixing a simple problem. A year later and they still haven't fixed the problem?....no wonder people on here have switched to Blockbuster.


There is no friends and community tab. Either way, I get the same error message as everyone else.

a. hughes

Whenever i try to change my pic(5th attempt now!)it says successful! I wait 24 hours just to see the usual Mr. Spock...Sheesh, at least give me an error message so i know.


Ever since Netflix deleted their "Community" section the ability to change your profile image no longer works. Even though all the links and upload tools are there to do it, it just doesn't take, and after all this time probably never will.

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