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Yep. Works flawlessly.


Use this guide: http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/02/01/how-to-do-seamless-window-integration-with-ubuntu-virtualbox/

Have a beefy PC as well. Remember, you're running an entire OS virtually.

You will also need to have WMP11 and NetFlix's apps installed. (will prompt you fir this.)

Tony Muka

I have been using virtualbox on ubuntu 7.10 and it works great! Seamless window mode is very cool too, it lets me keep a smaller netflix IE window playing in one corner of my desktop while working or surfing in other ubuntu applications. Be careful of course while you are getting your virtualbox configuration figured out not to register more than 4 "devices", or you may be out of luck with the netflix licensing. I had to call tech support to gain access since I have previously registered on my old and new laptop, my wife's laptop, and now 2 attempts at a virtualbox installation. (first one i didnt leave enough disk space. if you try, note that the dynamic size option requires you to specify the MAX size, not the initial size!) The tech warned that they would not be able to issue me any more device registrations until my netflix anniversary!


I had the exact opposite experience I've installed Ubuntu countless times and run VM Player and Virtualbox. Virtualbox looks much better, the integration is amazing, but netflix has always been choppy, especially sound (lots of forums talk about this). VM on the other hand works flawlessly.


Have you tried running queueman. on a android emulator, it takes up a lot less processing power than running a virtual windows machine.


I think it's uncool for Ubuntu users to have to jump through all these hoops to stream movies! Microsoft is taking over the world!


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I found that with WineD3D built from the latest Wine source from the Wine git repository will allow Netflix to use OpenGL acceleration for smother video and allows for HD streaming.

I have uploaded a release to my website which can be downloaded from
This is much newer than the releases found at http://www.nongnu.org/wined3d/.

I tried it under Windows 7 x64 under VirtualBox 4.0.4 and it seems to work well.

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