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Though I strongly dislike Blockbuster, all of those concepts sound pretty good. What they aren't mentioning is that Blockbuster is just playing "Catch-Up" to Redbox, by offering 6 AM movie rentals. You could walk into your grocery store, rent a movie, get a fountain drink and all that, you don't really need a Blockblister for it.

I don't know if they can come back from 23 years of customer hatred by offering free "Wi-Fi". Golly gee, free wi-fi in my Blockbuster store! Just what I need when I'm standing in line for twenty minutes to rent a scratched copy of "I Am Legend"!

With the record my friend's and I have had at BB I would fear having to talk to them about a return or any problems.


They seem to just be trying ideas at random with no clear idea what they should do.

Or is it that they're just trying things out of desperation?

Old Timer Too

Hm. Like I want to go into some megastore to rent a DVD. There is enough trouble with check out service at stores as it is. Why make it worse by turning it into a Circuit City?


It'd be ironic if people started to use the free wi-fi to download torrents of movies...


Why doesn't Blockbuster understand that it all comes down to price for their new releases. I am just not willing to spend $4.50 for a movie, when I can go to a dvd kiosk and get one for $1.00.


It's just one of several concept stores in Dallas. The whole purpose behind doing pilots is to see what works and what doesn't work. If people don't want to buy consumer electronics in a Blockbuster, then the numbers will show that.


I might hang out at a Blockbuster store if it were more like Barnes and Noble, but for movies. I often hang out at my movie theatre after watching a movie, to talk about it with my friends, so it would be nice to have a place to do that where there are places to sit, and coffee, etc.


Now, I think it would be hard to do that in certain Blockbuster locations, but I can see them converting Circuit City stores to have movie rentals -- as pictured. The big thing will be that having Circuit City might allow them to offer better buy prices on DVDs.

I also can see Blockbuster moving a few doors down in my down to the old Walgreen's. That'd give them the space to do exactly what is pictured.

FWIW ... the Blockbuster where I live still does pretty brisk business, especially on weekends. It's probably not as brisk as 10 years ago, but it is still busy at peak times.

The reality is that Blockbuster still has a way, way better selection than Redbox. Sure, Redbox has new releases of the major movies, but it has few, if any of the independent/art house flicks, documentaries, or less popular films. Blockbuster has that and more.

One interesting thing is that my local Blockbuster also has a large selection of Christian films. Don't know why, but they always are checked out too.

Oh, and the local store is pushing Total Access In-Store Edition big time. It's 2 Out for $29.99, which isn't that bad of a deal. Signed up Friday night, got two movies. Returned one Saturday, got another. Returned two Sunday, watched, and will return Monday for two more. That will give me six movies in three-four days. In other words, In-Store movie passes are more expensive, because technically you rent more/get more.

However, anyone know how to send a suggestion to Blockbuster. Here is what I want to see:


-- a Total Access In-Store 3 out plan for $36.99-$39.99/month
-- a combination Total Access By Mail (1-3 out) and Total Access In-Store (1-3 out) with a discounted fee if you get both (like I do)



Re: Pricing of Redbox vs. Blockbuster

Does your Redbox have Goya's Ghosts, September Dawn, The 11th Hour, The Savages, The Final Season, King of California, Chalk, insert indy/art house/documentary/less popular film here?

Nevermind that the Redbox inventory on new releases is not as good as Blockbuster -- at least not in this town. Nevermind that almost every movie I have rented from Redbox has been severely scratched, to the point where it is nearly unplayable. Blockbuster lets you swap it. Redbox does not.

My local Blockbuster has a rather outstanding selection of films that beats Redbox hands down. Pricing is not as good, but selection is outstanding.

Plus, the store always seems to keep at least ONE copy once it is off the new release aisle. And, if I want, Blockbuster offers a convenient way to buy the more obscure, hard to find films. Rent it, keep it. Not even Netflix offers that.

Don't get me wrong, I like Redbox. $1/night isn't bad ... though ... I tend to keep my movies for several days. In other words -- I should have used Blockbuster.

Redbox will not be the best bargain until:

$1 gets you either a 2-day rental on the newest of releases
$1 gets you a week on the older new releases and older classics

Furthermore, Redbox could do away with the continued $1/night charges. Be it 2-days or 7-days -- no late fees. After the week, grace period (3 days would be enough -- so either 5 or 10 days total) you get the $25 charge.

And, if Redbox really wanted to enhance its value they create a Movie Pass system -- though their weak selection would detract from any real long-term value.

"They seem to just be trying ideas at random with no clear idea what they should do."

Exactly! That seems to be the pattern with BB. They have tried selling magazines, comic books, toys, VCRs, satellite servies.

Ohh, ohh, they could transform into H&R Block next.


Yea, I can just imagine the idiots who work at the BB around here trying to explain any electronic items they are selling.

They have a hard enough time checking out DVD's!


Redbox at a buck a day is still pretty cheap. Two nights for a buck? How do you expect a DVD to pay for itself?

The bigger thing will be the price of gas - if it keeps going up we'll have $5 a gallon by mid-summer. How many people will go out of their way to get a DVD? You gotta go to the grocery store - and there's the red box.

Does Blockbuster plan on paying for real employees that can explain the various devices? Or will they somehow expect that the kid who gets conned into using the DVD rewinder on the "new titles" will be able to push that 48" HD set?


i work at bb and i know more than the people at best buy and circuit city. it is not hard to sell things to ppl and there is no such thing as a dvd rewinder dumbass

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