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I don't know if you noticed, but the submit field doesn't work. Not in Firefox 3, not in Safari.


It may be technically harder to do, but it would be interesting to see returns by week day. Comparing this to shipments may answer how many people are getting skipped to the next day because of resource limits. It would be especially useful if you entered a zipcode with your feed data.

Commenters here seem to get varying degrees of service. There are those that flip discs twice a week and don't have a problem and those that always seem to get there next disc from across the country. If enough zipcoded RSS data was matched with Netflix facility information then you could see which facilities are overloaded. Shipment delays could also be looked at by scarcity of the title and number of discs shipped in the past month.

My guess is that Netflix simply sends heavy renters to the back of the line. Those people near an overloaded facility with a disc in on Monday or Tuesday are probably getting delayed and are the ones complaining about throttling. Heavy renters near a non-overloaded facility still get discs but end up with ones from lower in their queue.

Of course, about the time that FeedFlix gets this amount of information will be the time that Netflix starts attempting to block them.

michael smith

the submit field doesn't work for me either. not in firefox 2 or 3, not in safari, not in opera, and that's already too much effort.


It doesn't work in IE either. I would say it just doesn't work

Raghu Srinivasan

Hi there,
I am the creator of FeedFlix.
There was a bug in FeedFlix that was exposed after Netflix went down last night. Everything should be back up now.
I apologize for the frustration. Please try again.

michael smith

thanks, i'll try it again!


Cool site, any chance of including movie ratings in any way? Maybe something like the most rated movies or something.


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