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I found a solution that worked for me. I'm using Windows 7 so things may work differently in other operating systems.

Here's my solution, right click on the speaker icon on your desktop task bar. Select playback devices, highlight "Speakers", click properties, "Enhancements" tab, and enable "Loudness Equalization".

THANKS A TON! This fixed my problem.


In Win XP I fixed the problem by opening the full volume control and pushing WAV volume all the way up. Then, opening "Advanced settings" I checked the "PC Spk Mute" button. Bingo, just that easy, but with no understanding for sure why.

Howard Rogers

I have the low sound problem with my Mac OSX using Leopard. I think the movies play thru my DVD player. Is there a way to make them play through iTunes which has a good equalizer?

Patrick Hothersall


I have had this issue for some time. I finally called netflix CS and they explained the problem.

They say that the issue is bandwidth. When they looked at the speed of the movies I was watching, they could see that the speed of the connection would drop, and that this coincided with the volume issues I was having. They also mentioned that this disproportionately effects people with wireless routers, which can explain why so many people with laptops also experience this issue.

The sad news is, if the problem is bandwidth then there is no simple solution that involves turning a dial or toggling a setting on your computer. They told me to talk to the ISP. Hopefully, if you are having this problem, there will be an easier solution your your particular circumstance.

I found their Customer Service to be very efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. By giving them a 6 digit number they could see details on how my movies were streaming in seconds. The phone number is 1-866-716-0414, and if you click on "call customer service" under the help tab you will get your six digit ID.

I hope this helps!

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