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How about that new Roku box attached to a slingbox? Sounds like it'd work.


This is not new news. It is only valid in the 50 States. This is controlled by the studios and not Netflix. It is called out in the T&C's of Netflix.


Why can't he get his DVDs by mail? Just ship it to his APO address. Soldiers in Afghanistan have Netflix accounts, why not Korea?


I dont mean to sound harsh, but this is the rules. It has nothing to do with the "greedy movie studios", but more to do with the fact that if a studio's content is allowed to float freely on the web, it will get snatched up and exploited overseas. At least when it is playable in the United States, it can be watched over by the FBI and US copyright laws.

ALSO, did you know if a company doesn't enforce its protection on copyrights, it can be subject to LOSING the copyright? All this DRM protection is for the better of the business.

And considering how LITTLE movie and TV studios are actually making right now, i hardly see how it is "greedy" of them to protect what they put so much money into creating.

In other words, QUIT COMPLAINING. Netflix is only like 15 bucks a month anyway. You and your family are getting a steal on DVD rentals.


This guy should talk to some Mac users that live inside the US.


As a Mac user, sometimes it is frustrating to not be able to see certain content online.

Do i blame netflix though for the fact that I bought a Mac? NO.

Just as this guy shouldnt blame netflix for the fact that he has to be overseas right now.


Geez, I've never seen people so ungrateful, especially on Memorial Day weekend. Remember what Monday is about...it's not about BBQs and swimming pools, it's about remembering those who serve and have served.

Yes it is in the Terms and Conditions. Does that mean it's right? No, one does not follow the other. And Mike, I didn't read into it that he's blaming NF for being stationed overseas. He is just saying that the service should be opened up for Netflix users worldwide...I agree with him. As was stated earlier it may not be NF's fault, but that does not mean the complaints are illegitimate.


"He is just saying that the service should be opened up for Netflix users worldwide"

This seems pretty straightforward to me:

Netflix DVD service will only work for those whose mailing address is considered within the United States; APO addresses are considered 'within the United States', as the USPS will deliver to any of these, so he is allowed to get DVDs.

Netflix Instant Movies service will only work for those whose IP address is considered within the United States; APO IPs are not considered 'within in the United States', as the studios require as such, so he is not allowed to get Instant Movies.

Again, seems pretty straightforward to me. Movie studios own the content rights, so they dictate how that content is distributed; Netflix is a distributor, ergo they have no say insofar as overriding the wishes of the content's owner.

Take your complaints to Hollywood, officers and gentlemen.

...Get it, get it?


No, take your complaints to whoever supplies Internet service on-base. US bases, US embassies, US Navy ships, etc. -- all should logically have US IP addresses.

I never could figure out what we're doing in Korea anyway. I know it's for historical reasons, but that's decades ago. South Korea is rich enough to pay for their own defense now.


He can always get any "Hide IP" program that can mask his IP to whatever country he needs.

I use one to mask my IP to an over seas IP for certain sites that wont allow US IP's.


Also, TOR can be used to connect through an IP in a specific country including the US.


The reason that a lot of the streaming services don't work is the encryption level used on the data.

devices to decode 128 bit and above encryption keys are technically not allowed to be exported out of the states.

That being said. Try ultrasurf. You can google it.


This software will allow you to watch Netflix from outside the US



hey, thanks rasta321! it works perfectly!!

the Joker

one minor comment...it IS GREEDY movie studios that pose a problem. OK, so one way to enforce their policies is to check IP addresses for location. But the have policies to control movie releases in various countries that are there to make money. Take the Regional encoding...It drives me crazy, because I have a Region 1 player (well, Region A Blu Ray player to be exact) that can NOT play the Reg B movies in my local DVD shop now that I am abroad. I am screwed. What sense does encoding the movies and players make? It does not prevent piracy, because pirates simply get the 'local' version and copy it or go into a theater and film it. It is meant to control release of movies in various countries. In the end, we (Americans) who are abroad get caught in the web.

Annoyed "outside" the US

Ok I'm late.. but I would like to add that I'm in the US Virgin Islands and I'm punished as well. I could understand the copyright issues etc, but I'm a born American too. Just like I pay US taxes, follow US laws, have family/siblings who also fight for OUR country, then I should at least be able to be considered AMERICAN and watch streaming videos like everyone one else on the mainland. Thanks you.


Blocking non US ip addresses is ridiculous. It's not like only non Americans are pirating movies and sharing them online. Many Americans use and share videos on bit torrent. Anyone can copy a movie on their PC and beging sharing. This includes your average American from Alabama. I used to know someone in college who got paid to share movies on his pc from his American dorm room. This was before bit torrent, and when Napster was stil around.


Well I tried www.hotspotshield.com and it worked great for my xbox and computer but hotspot shield only hides your computer IP not the xbox. I am deployed in Iraq at the moment but about a week and a half before I deployed I was relaxing and watching netflix on the xbox, the next day I had a warning on my xbox that it wont work anymore because I am overseas in Great Britian. I called Netflix and they told me that the powers that be started tracing IP addresses through netflix live streaming devices and that included the xbox. One thing that shocked me after I finaly fessed up the truth that I wasnt located in the US and they were rushing around trying to find a solution to my problem, They were very sorry to inform me that the only people calling and complaining about the problem were military members like myself sationed overseas. Now I noticed that someone mentioned that i was getting a "steal" with the DVD's. I am not getting a steal, I travel around so much mailing DVD's is more of a pain when all I need to do is bring the xbox along and watch movies that way. So I am hoping that someone can crack the code and tell us how to get our livestreaming back or know the right people and put a bug in their ear and tell them who is really getting the shaft.


I got it to work on my xbox somehow last night, but today I'm getting the error message. :(


you know its about money.
USA REVOLVES AROUND MONEY more then any other country. if you dont agree try living in a 3rd world country as they do. and find that they are content with all they have. But here in states we are never content with what we have. We want more.

But I intend moving to say philippines in about 5-10yrs. and I hope I could have netflix there as it would be nice to watch a movie here and there. I know I could do it. but its also against there policies.

If they could make a player to work in other countries it would help alot. they could earn more money they earn enough now to keep them going but imagine adding 100k more people or more to the whole bankroll.
many in the states would pay for there families to be able to watch it. instead of watching on say YT and some other sites.

There would be less of a need for copies if people could watch anytime they want via stream.

The US is not the only market.
And for the service people they should take and be able to have a way to register there xbox or other device marked as military APO
so they could use it properly. They are considered in america where ever there based.

but dont blame just nf its the government & network also.

Fighting for your rights

Quick simple solution if it's even possible. Point blank all US bases are considered to be on US SOIL, hence the APO address being considered a stateside address. The US may not own the land be we lease (rent) it if nothing else. Of course it's impossible to go thru a US internet company so US service members are forced to go thru ones that have a US government contract to provide internet. Since Movie studios or whoever the real people are (regardless of who "they" are they're keeping the same people that fight for our rights and privileges from being able to enjoy them themselves) won't set up a simple system to bypass the IP block on service members accounts. Is there a way (like hotspotshield for the PC)to make a PS3 or xbox broadcast the truth that it is sitting on US soil?


I agree. I live in Germany and would have no problem paying for Netflix if I could have it on my American Xbox that I bought from the PX. But I can't, so

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You are right, they are being greedy.

Solution: download the movies via torrent. ISOHUNT, Piratebay etc. If the movie studios in Hollywood in don't respect the fact that you are defending their country, they don't deserve your hard earned money.

Don't feel a tiny bit guilty either. You are performing a job much more important than any actor or movie producer in Hollywood.


simply watch this tutorial on how to unblock netflix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nY2qy7LFA04


I'd just like to add, someone wrote "how little the movie studios are making right now...." riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, and this is why top end actors continue to be paid in the millions. Its more like the studios get to keep less...hmmm I wonder why. I'd love to see actors paid less, and the money put towards making these services available abroad. I speak from experience Piracy is rampant outside the US because services like these are not easily available. I know I would do less if I could access descent paid services


I'm actually trying to access my netflix account via the browser on my blackberry. I am within the contiguous 50 states, but when I get to the site it gives me the message that it thinks I'm outside the US. Does anyone know what's going on with that?


holy crap these fucken dumb ass army people in Korea...you guys aren't fighting an enemy or shooting people or risking your lives your living in a wealthy 1rst world nation doing nothing but lazing on your ass and getting drunk on the weekends. stop bitching about how your serving your country and blah blah you guys aren't doing shit. homesickness is not a worthy excuse when your being paid to do nothing id consider you guys incredibly lucky. Why do all army personnel act like their lives are on the line and need special perks you guys do absolutely nothing in Korea but cause problems.


Dan. You are an idiot. A gigantic idiot.



This is easy: You already have a Netflix account so all you need is an american IP adress. All you need for this is a fast proxy server. you could use StrongVPN for example. (http://www.strongvpn.com/) It only costs like 50 bucks a year and you have a fast (~2-3 mbps) & secure VPN connection to an american server. That way you can bypass the Geocontrol. It is not even illegal. Simply log in and watch your shows online. you can't get your DVDs though. Sorry for that...


Amidst all the military and movie studio bashing I got some great information to give to my husband who will be deploying for his FIFTH time in the 10 years we've been married. I've saved all the links and sites you listed and he'll give them all a try once he's deployed. Thanks!
You're right, the military isn't as hard on soldiers as it used to be. But many civilian employees, stay-at-home moms and even our kids have things easier. It's called progress. And we are all entitled to its perks.


This also ticks me off, but if iTunes let's you watch movies overseas on line, I don't see why netflix can't.


to all you who are defending the studios... if it was such a big deal to them then explain this:


anyway looks like us Americans outside of the US don't have much longer to wait.

Nike Shox Rivalry

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Hotspot no longer works on netflixxxx :(


WOW...i have never seen so many rude responses, especially m.e. the coward that not only neglected to mention his name but whom obviously works in the "arts/movie" business and is not succeeding! My condolences SSGT Clifton for the appauling manners of others. My husband is away on deployment as well as we speak and is ging through the same problem. And yes it is unfair. He pays full pice and cannot access his netflix and is bored to tears on his down time.

I have no answer to your question, I'm sorry. It is unfortunate that others think so little for you risking your life over seas and being away from your family for 6 months - 1 years at a time. And it is not too much to ask to be able to watch a movie from time to time in which you have rightfully paid for. I will send a formal letter to netflix about this problem, its the least I can do. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all in your squadron at this time. Thank you for all you do and happy hunting for tv enjoyment!


I live in Denmark and I have used the Netflix on both the iPhone and iPad with great success. I have written a tutorial on the subject here: http://thomasfals.com/how-to-use-netflix-on-the-ipad-from-outside-the-us/


if you think these things are ridiculous i live in puerto rico which is in the Caribbean and a commonwealth of usa and i cant get any service like that no hulu ,amazon video cant get my psn to work with my visa no netflix on my nx800 bravia.



Problem? This is a contradiction, without them you would not have a movie.


I do have to agree with those who say the content will lead to more abuse overseas especially in Asia and other poor countries. I live in the Philippines (part of Asia) and here you can buy a legal DVD for $3-7 dollars US, buy a VCD for $2-5 dollars US. However those are barely touched as everywhere including malls are pirated movies. You have collections of usually 18 movies for $1.25-2 not so great quality. You have single pirated movies dvd quality for under 3 for $2. Why buy legit when you have a cheaper and much bigger selection pirated at every street corner and multiple stores inside every mall including Manila and Cebu.

Still there blocking this from overseas also doesn't make that much sense in ways because at least with them some money does get to those who make the movies.

Account Deleted

The best way to get around this is with VPN. I have written a guide on How to Watch Netflix Outside the US. It is super simple and works for more than Netflix.

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