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We is this weird or even news?


I've had similar strange happenings. One that comes to mind is with Blade Runner. Because there are so many different versions, and since they appear to release newer cuts every year, I've noticed it jump from my queue down to "Saved" and back up again.

I've also discovered 2 different pages for the same film, without any kind of differentiation between the two. I'm guessing one was the director's cut, but neither of the pages reflected any differences between them; they both simply said "Blade Runner" with different artwork.

It looks like Netflix has since sorted it all out and there are 3 pages for the same film. I still have yet to see this classic because I don't want to see the "wrong" one. I want to see the film the way it was showed in theaters. I don't care about any other bonus editions, workprints, or directors cuts. Some are on Blu-Ray, some are on regular DVD, some are on "Watch Instantly". I'm a little overwhelmed.

nipsey russell

thats a major issue i have with netflix - they really should post which DVD version it is. as josh says, i do not want the "wrong" version and many movies have terrible transfers on some versions and good transfers on others....and some have different content.
in some cases it would alter my decision to rent from NF or even to go out and buy form someone else instead
NF just sent me texas chainsaw massacre....how do i know if i am getting the pioneeer "Special Edition" or the dark sky "2-Disc Ultimate Edition" or whatever????

nipsey russell

hmmm...the TCM dvd page shows a companion disc and describes the supplemental content on that disc. thus, in this example, i think i can answer my own question (ultimate edition, i think)
...but my point still stands, dammit


Hmm, The reason I thought this was interesting was because I didn't notice I had a movie called Shadows in my 500 long queue. I thought it was some debug message left over by some developers adding some shadows to the interface or something.

It makes a lot more sense now that I know there's a movie called Shadows :P


This just happened to me with A Woman Under the Influence this morning. I still can't figure out what they mean by a different version. They really should tell you what version it actually is that you are renting. I agree, it was a strange message in my queue. Kind of Alien like in it's delivery. WTF?


At least you guys got that note about two different dvds of the same Cassavetes film you'd queued.

Yesterday I got the same note, about replacing the film Lady Killer. Only instead of replacing the 1930s Cagney movie I'd queued, they stuck a 1995 Judith Light movie into my queue as the "different version."

nipsey russell

a little more judith light in your life is a good thing!

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