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How are they going to reward/reimburse the people like me who didn't have an active membership and am using my settlement month?


About time they said somthing to us. Geez. Glad to know it's them.

Stinky Pete

there not. you're not a "real" customer.


Looks like they had software problems and are being proactive once again in apologizing and issuing credits. Once again Netflix is taking a proactive stance instead of dodging a problem and passing the buck.

Rich B

Talked to customer service and in the past have found them to be very helpful and friendly this time they were not. This must be a serious problem.


now they're really pissing me off. I had 4 disc from a TV series that were in my "DVDs at home" section that hadn't been shipped yet. Now they are gone and Netflix says they will ship the next disc in my queue tomorrow. I had to rush back and re-add those 4 disc and move them to the top again. All I know is that Netflix better send those 4 disc and not the first 4 disc of the next season.


I'm on the 4-at-a-time plan. I mailed 3 DVD back on Saturday. As of late Tuesday night, Netflix hadn't received them. (My Netflix Processing Center is located about 3 miles from my house.) My billing date was Wednesday. I figured, Screw this, Netflix has boned me before and delayed a DVD shipment, so I downgraded my account to 1-at-a-time at about 1am Wednesday morning. Lo and behold, withing MINUTES of my downgrade, Netflix sent me an email stating that they had received the 3 movies I mailed 4 days before. They may be apologizing, but I call B.S. I doubt I'll see any kind of refund or credit, and honestly, I don't believe a word Netflix says these days. They lied about throttling, they're probably lying about this, too.


I'm sure they are throttling. I was on a 2 disc plan for 6 monthy, and I usually cycled twice a week, meaning I ended up watching 4 discs a week. Well, then I had about a month of downtime from work, so I was watching the movies the day I received them, and mailing them back the same day. That means I got 2 on Tuesday, mailed them back Tuesday, Netflix received Weds, I got 2 more on Thurday, mailed back on Thursday, Netflix received on Fri, and got 2 more on Saturday. So I was getting 6 a week. I did that for 2 weeks in a row, and then Netflix started to delay saying they received my shipments and delay in sending them. After I went back to work, I got my typical 4 a week, and never had a problem. I recently upped my plan to 4 at a time, so I can get 8 a week if I cycle twice a week. Well, lo and behold, 2 weeks into doing that, Netflix has once again delayed receiving my movies and sending them out. It very well may be a glitch, but its coincidentally happened to me twice as soon as I ramped up my disc usage.


:( i just want my movies...
i am kinda scared
and wonder if i should wait
on sending the ones i already
got at home back
or wait a week...


Yes Wow...they are terrified about you using your 4 out plan soooo much that they forgot to be worried about the million other customers who rent more than you.


Or the other 8.7 million customers they have... Seriously? I am sure they have better things to do than to worry about what you are renting.


If they're issuing credits, I'm not sure how it would be to their advantage to throttle.
I'm just glad they are announcing they are issuing credits. I wonder if they switched to new shipping system (that wasn't adequately tested).

I'm just glad they're not saying "We're sorry to report that due to a technology glitch, millions of credit card numbers have been stolen."


This concerns me a little. The movie at the top of my queue was in "Processing" status last night, now it is not even listed! I can't remember the movie name, either.


Movie at the top of Q yesterday now is gone. I had to re-Q it again also. They said something about sending out individual emails regarding the credits they will be issuing. Has anyone received one of these emails yet? I have yet to receive one and they should have shipped my movies out on Monday.


I sent back a movie over the weekend after the mail had come on Saturday. Therefore, it should have been received by Netflix on Tuesday. I had no update on Tuesday, then my movie was received on Wednesday, but as of 8:30AM on Thursday, my next hasn't queued up to send out. No personalized e-mail yet either.


Ending this bold silliness.

Get a life kids.....a little seceret...(they are just movies)


I received one of the personal emails at around 4:30 am.

We're Sorry DVD Shipments Are Delayed

Dear [...],

Our shipping system is unexpectedly down. We received a DVD back from you and should have shipped you a DVD, but we likely have not. Our goal is to ship DVDs as soon as possible, and we will keep you posted on the status of your DVD shipments.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. If your DVD shipment is delayed, we will be issuing a credit to your account in the next few days. You don't need to do anything. The credit will be automatically applied to your next billing statement.

Again, we apologize for the delay and thank you for your understanding. If you need further assistance, please call us at 1-888-638-3549.

-The Netflix Team


@Brandon No, Brandon that kind of brainlessly dismissive comment does nonone any good. One might question your posession of a "life" since you are posting on a Netflix fan site. When Google goes down People treat it like the end of the world. Very few people pay for Google's service. I pay for Netflix, this is bad and nobody is covering the story well. Even the site is merely reposting info from Netflix. No commentary? No investigation. Its day three Brandon when should we begin to worry. Hmmm?


"Get a life kids.....a little seceret...(they are just movies)"

Movies that have been paid for. Why the hell should we just sit back, pay for a service, not receive said service, and then be ok with that?

Since they crediting you what you out what are you really loosing? You point is invalid.

correction: they're crediting you what you're out what are you really loosing. Your point is invalid

sorry didn't catch those trying to type to fast


I'm a fan, I pay for netflix, I used their community feature, I expect their service ... but jeez, I'm in agreement with that guy ... get a life, go outside, read a book, play a board game with family, they really are just movies you know. The post said, they are working on the issue and will give credits, done deal. Come on outside with me ... the sun is shining I hear. All services you pay for now and then have issues (electricity, dsl, phone). Few like netflix actually offer credit for them so be happy :). I'm just being a troll.

And will someone fix that bold thing.
lets see


I just signed up for Netflix in June, did the two week period it was perfect no mistakes, then I signed up for the 5 movies a month then they started to get slow logging in the movies, and sending them out. They logged my movies in on Tuesday which was sent back Friday, I rec the notice on my account about some sort of problem going on, I think its something bigger, something there not saying, because I tlk to customer service today, and ask them when can I expect movies, I ask could it be 6 months, she said yes, I need to know how long its going to be because ifs going to be that long I need to cancel I told the customer service rep that, she said I maybe I should, so that tells me there something even bigger going on, when the customer service is not caring if you stay or go, then something is wrong big time...I say take advise, u may want to get out now, I am....

You know if you send something out on Friday that it isn't getting delivered till Monday at the earliest right? Saturday is just an overflow mail day no new mail goes out.

Jax Maxton

I love the comments like, "I'm a paying custimer so I deserve better than this!" You know, this is a service based on technology. The bigger and more advanced the technology gets the more likely it is to fail, and fail massively. I suggest with the attitude of "I pay" that you get out of the internet altogether, go back to rotary phones, and put up an antennae, cause you're in for a lot of disappointment otherwise.


I agree with all the responders saying "get a life"
At least Netflix is posting an apology and letting people know what happened. Would you be any more mad if they didnt send you a notice letting you know what happened?
Yes we are paying for this service, but with a company with 8.7 million customers (around there :) ) they are doing their hardest to get DVDs out on time. They dont want you to wait anymore than you have to for DVDs. I still am amazed that this service is so cheap and that I get my DVDs in one business day (OMG! or two days) ... :)

Come on people, get a grip and just be content that Netflix still provides an amazing service for pretty much dirt cheap. Stop yelling "throttling" and saying that you hate Netflix and threaten to cancel your subscription.

Take a chill pill and play a game of chess or something ... if some of you have ever played it .... :)


Netflix didn't issue an apology until almost 48 hours after the problem first started. There was nothing telling customers that there was a problem. And no, they have not let us know what happened. Simply saying there is a problem with shipping is not explaining the problem. No shit there's a problem with shipping, any monkey could have told you that.

Like if they explained what is happening with their systems you'd understand it.


Just wanted to add that I also dealt with an offensively rude customer service rep while trying to get the problem clarified earlier this morning. It was really shocking considering that they've always been very nice and helpful in the past.


What a pack of blubbering pusswads!

And I love Robert's response to Brandon for a post Brandon didn't make. Talk about lashing out in hysterics! LOL!

They apologized and are handing out credits. What do you want? A public flogging? Hastings coming to your home and fellating you? What loons!

(In British matron voice)
"Oh my! The customer service gentleman on the electromagneto-phone was unacceptably rude! I think I might swoon! I fell as if I hav the vapors! Auntie Em! Auntie Em!"

Chris O.

6 months? If Netflix can't ship anything for another 6 months, they will be out of business. Hard to believe the problem is that drastic but it's obviously pretty bad. In the meantime, I highly recommend Hulu if people need something to watch.


Zoon said: "What do you want? A public flogging? Hastings coming to your home and fellating you?"

Sounds good to me... ;)

@ Chris O.

I'm completely sure that 6 months comment was meant as a joke.


I'm with some others on the board who say this problem is bigger than most of us know. Netflix has had hiccups in the past but what hit them a couple of days ago must have been a real doozy. I'm a bit concerned but not enough to give up on this company; they've been terrific for the nearly one year I've been a customer. Of course, if this were to extend into weeks (which I doubt) I'd have to reconsider.


James and moviemeh...the same thing happened to me. A processed movie just disappeared so I have to readd it!

I'm annoyed at this problem, but in the 3 years ive had it, if this is the worst thing that happened....I can live with that. I'm sure they'll be generous with their crediting.


As both a Netflix customer and an IT person, I can appreciate when a company has IT issues.

For instance, there is a major bug in the VMware server hosting software that hit August 12 that is preventing any systems using it from running. VMware is used in many large corporate server rooms and there isn't a patch yet to get systems using it up and running.

I don't know if Netflix uses VMware, I simply use it as an example where a technology issue by a third party can bring down your company servers.

Yes I'm a customer and I'm being inconvenienced. Yes it's frustrating. But I have sympathy for the IT staff at Netflix if this is the kind of problem they're dealing with and I can show a bit of patience for a service that is generally amazing most of the time.


My latest queue says shipping wednesday (yesterday) lol


Chill out, people! Read a book!

Galen London

i would just like to say as a Netflix addict (i have gotten many family members and co-workers to join, and been told by my boyfriend to close my computer and get off the queue in bed) that i average about 20 movies a month over the last 3 years. There have been times i hit 30.I am currently at 6-at-a-time and travel back and forth between coasts for work and have 5 different addresses on file with them.
I have NEVER had a delay like this.
so, no they are not trying to mess with you. Im sure they have bigger things in life to deal with.
Im sure, as somebody suggested, they switched something in the system and there was a glitch.
Im addicted to my movies too, and anxious about watching the last disc of Mad Men, and getting my Best of Johnny Carson discs before i see grandma this weekend..but really...
And they ARE offering credits.
Now breathe, and go outside. Its summer.

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