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Wade Menard

It doesn't get mentioned, but Amazon Video on Demand works great under Linux as well.


I missed the premiere of Prison Break Monday but caught it at Hulu for free. Amazon wants a 1.99 for that episode. Maybe I'll use their service some day but not soon.


If you want to take full advantage of your If you want to take full advantage of your purchase and download the full-quality or portable version of the video and have a Mac or Linux system, look elsewhere. I commend Amazon for making a Mac/Linux version of their mp3 downloader available, but they haven't created a Mac or Linux version of their Unbox video player (required to download for off-line use). If corporations like Amazon who are providing a service/product to general public want to cover the full spectrum of potential market, they wouldn't limit themselves by using proprietary codecs owned by Microsoft. They can keep their DRM and still provide cross-platform interoperability, which would be to their [fiscal] advantage. I won't make the mistake of limiting my purchase's potential by purchasing their service/products.

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