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Wow. I just logged into netflix and my whole entire que says very long wait, even the movies that aren't released yet! must be another glitch!

yep, mine too

Colin C.

My queue says very long wait for every movie too. It's not just related to new releases, really old films have the same wait status.


Wondering what titles are expiring from the Watch Instant part of Netflix? Here's a growing list of titles submitted by people from their own Queues (over 150 titles):



hey....thanks for the info....i really liked ur site...


hey....thanks for the info....i really liked ur site...


This is the best movie program and services I have ever see. It's fantastic!!! It's the new generation for the people that like & that can appreciated all the facilities & services it offer. Specially watching some with the help of the internet. And all for "free"!
Who ever said the services is not good does not even know o have an idea about what they're talking about.


Who owns Netflix? is it part of Blockbuster?


They're the same cluster of "jews" who own most of America's media and big corporations. No surprise here. hdeanberry dot com for the truth.


LIke the rest of the world, owned by a bunch of theives on Wall Street. Soon you won't be able to rent a movie without using this "service". More control by the wealthy over society! Wake up people boycott this service while you still have a local rental store, a business in a building and any hope of a real economy!

william a hughes

Why can't we see all the movies thru our xbox system?


looks very promising


Netflix is going to be the reason why our internet prices go from 50-100 a month to 400-500 a month! Morons are using it to watch TV and movies! That is not what the internet. You want to use netflix...go to india or somewhere, where there internet system can handle it. Not here in north america! The second outnet goes to those prices, netflix is getting sued for negligence!

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