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I'm fine paying an extra $1 for Blu-ray discs if I actually receive them! I've had Blu-ray movies on my queue for months now that I've yet to receive (Vantage Point, anyone?), and don't think it's fair to share that cost if I'm not receiving the benefit of the increase.

I wish it could automatically detect if you successfully rented a Blu-ray disc and then charges you the $1 for that billing period, versus charging you regardless. That seems a little unfair.


I think it's quite fair. If this was a cable/satellite/phone company we'd be seeing $20/month extra minimum.


I will be canceling my membership at the end of the month and switching to blockbuster.

I am on the 2/month plan. $6 for netflix vs $4 for blockbuster makes blockbuster a much better value.


If the increase is so "modest"... why charge it at all?

Sounds like Netflix needs to be a little more aggressive in their purchasing agreements with the major film distributors.


"If the increase is so "modest"... why charge it at all?"

Well, I think they mean modest per consumer, but probably significant enough globally.

Brad Fredericks

I'm comfortable paying the extra fee, however I'd like to see a minimum level of service guaranteed in terms of Blu-Ray availibility.

Paying extra for the current level of service, where movies are constantly stuck in a status of "Long Wait," frankly sucks.


I wouldn't mind the extra $1/mth, if I actually got discs that weren't broken.

Out of 13 BD rentals, only 2 of those arrived without the 1/4" crack on the outer edge. On average, it takes me 3 attempts to get a disc that will play due to these cracks.

I have no problem with regular DVD's being damaged, only BD. I can tell before I even open the envelope just by looking at it. If the disc is positioned near the outer edge, and I can see the mark where the mail sorter grabs it, the disc will be cracked.

Maybe if they didn't have to buy so many replacement BD's, they wouldn't hurt the bottom line as much.

I've been contemplating switching to BB, I think this made up my mind for me.


Hey netflix how about BUYING more blu-ray discs? I'm getting tired of say like Kill Bill Vol 1 sitting at VERY LONG WAIT ever since it was released. Also how about Dark City? And why the heck is The Matrix now in the saved queue when reloaded/Revolutions/animatrix in queue for Oct 14th?


I'd bet that the problem actually comes down to the dearth of BluRay players in use by consumers, and a subset of those are Netflix subscribers.

Netflix has to buy xxx copies to satisfy anticipated demand, but they cost more compared to how many people will ever view them, so I think that only $1 extra is not asking much.

Then again, I don't use BluRay {smile} mostly because of it's draconian DRM and the pricepoints of the players and discs. DVD is still sufficient quality for me.

Jason8-- are you retarded?

I'll never figure out how people come to decide that BB is a better deal than Netflix.

"$6 for netflix vs $4 for blockbuster"?? Netflix offers 2 movies per month (which I'm assuming you're referring to) with BR enabled for $4.99 + $1 = $5.99. Blockbuster offers their base 2/mo limited plan for $9.99. Even with the extra $1 with Netflix for BR you're still paying $4 more with BB. Better deal? Really? And I highly doubt that the in-store trade-ins can be with $4 to you if you watch movies so seldom that 2 movies a month, total, satisfies you plan-wise. I highly doubt you're that anxious to walk into a store and exchange instead of just waiting the three days.

Go ahead and change to BB and pay more money. Have fun with that.


I wouldn't mind the $1 fee, if I recieved a blu-ray movie, i have Shinobi: Heart Under Blade and Fall queued on top, even before they were out.Time to remove the bluray access


"Jason8-- are you retarded?"

He's not, are you?!

BBO does have a plan that gives 2 rentals a month (no total access) for $3.99 a month. It has a $1.99 in-store swap out fee if you want store access.

Need to check your facts before you jump all over someone!


(click the "see all plans" link)


No anonymous coward at 4:39PM, you are "retarted". Blockbuster offers a $3.99 2 DVD plan. Just like Jason8 suggests they do.


(click "See All Plans")

$4 < $6


If this increases the availability of blu-ray, this is a huge improvement. I want premium service, and that means being first in line with blu-ray movies. However, this will accelerate the death of blu-ray in favor of 1080p downloads. I don't currently download movies. Once I can do that conveniently from a full catalog for $1 a movie, I'm there. Instant switchover for me.

well if it weren't for the simple fact that bb screws folks around so much may consider it but i started with bb they jerked me around constantly some times took more than a week to ship me movies for common tiles so i started reporting them as missing after 3 or 4 days of them not showing as received until they canceled my service and tried to charge me for 2 movies that had been returned for months so no matter what i would never consider going back to bb as for blue ray i cant see the benefit just yet but $1 seems fair for the boost of having the service as long as they have blue rays readily available


Why did Netflix even start offering Blu-ray in the first place? They don't want to continue the DVD-by-mail business model anyway. They suck at Blu-ray availability (as does BB) and now they're going to collect "a little extra" to cover the additional business expense. A la carte pricing in a general subscription base business. This sounds like Sat/Cable industry talk. It's HD, it's extra special. Please pay more. At least with the Blu-ray in hand you know your video content isn't going to get squeezed to death via compression.


For the benefit, it's well worth
a buck.


I really don't like the $1 fee. I think it should be a variable price, based on how many movies out at a time. 33 cents for one movie at a time, 66 cents for two at a time, and $1 for 3+. The way they are going to set it up, it will add 11% to a single disc plan and only 6% to a 3 disc plan.


Ugh. The two blu-ray titles in my queue just jumped to "long wait". This is BS. Maybe we'll have to wait a month to get the "benefit". I'm not going to pay $1 for zero service.

"unlimited access to Blu-Ray movies". Total bullshit as of today. Maybe this will change tomorrow.


Mike makes a good point about the math. It's not very PC of Netflix to place the burden of higher taxes, scratch that, costs on the shoulders of the poor, scratch that, lower-price-tier subscribers.

Johnny R

I'm of the same mindset as the posters above stating they've been waiting for months for Blu Ray movies at the top of their queue. It literally look me 4 months to get the newest Harry Potter on Blu Ray from it's release date. And OLD BOY, an old movie that's on Blu Ray has been at the top of my queue just as long and nothing! I called, complained, they didn't care, so I canceled and got my month's subscription for the current month refunded.


"I wish it could automatically detect if you successfully rented a Blu-ray disc and then charges you the $1 for that billing period, versus charging you regardless. That seems a little unfair."

That sounds like what they should do. Brilliant suggestion.


When I started in 2000, it was 20 bucks a month. Now it'll be, what, 18? I'm content.


ha you guys are great. complaining about a dollar and waiting for blu-ray discs.

I moved to new zealand and there is no netflix here. they have fatso.co.nz but it's expensive and doesn't even come close to the service or selection that netflix offers. and you have to pay for how much you download here as opposed to paying a flat rate. so watching online is out of the question. And renting and buying dvds at a store...forget it. too rich for my blood.

be happy for what you have


I am going to downgrade on principal. There is no reason Netflix should have a tiered system. It will just get worse once they have a system in place. Next step will be to start charging Mac Watch it Now users an extra $1 a month for the privilege to watch on an overpriced Mac... whenever that will happen. Funny thing is I would galdly pay extra $$$ for a postal rate increase or minimum wage increase.


It's fine, IF, as so many others have noted, you actually receive Blu-Ray discs in a timely manner. If the level of service doesn't quickly improve, I'll dump the Blu ray preference on my account.


Given that some small percentage of their movies are available on Blu-Ray (less that 1% is my guess), how about they charge the "premium" if you have had any Blu-Ray disk in the billing period. That way you pay to *HAVE* the more expensive disk, not the for wanting Blu-Ray, but also wanting to watch something other than the block buster of the day.

The Hurricane

I just downgraded...As with all the other comments I'm not paying an extra dollar for the priviledge of having Blu-Ray Long Wait appear in my queue


I am fine with the increase. I realize that many people are saying, "It's fine if I GET the movies," but maybe this $1 per Blu-Ray customer will help them purchase a greater number of Blu-Ray discs.


Thanks for defending me on the blockbuster pricing differential.

While they are at it are they going to start charging more for high cost regular movies and less for cheaper older movies?


blockbuster $9.99 plan is listed as a "super saver" plan. it should be called the "super sucker" plan. it is essentially the $3.99 plan plus two pre-paid exchanges, but the exchanges on the $3.99 are only $1.99 each.

so for $9.99 you are pre-paying to get a negative 50 percent discount. blockbuster should market this as the pre-pay for three but only get up to two plan.


As soon as I got the email I logged into my account and removed the Blu-ray option.
When I buy a movie to keep, I'll get blu, but for a rental I don't really care - I only got them because it was a freebie except for the wait times.
One more available for those of you sticking with it!
Strangely enough I still have HDDVD active on my account, and I still receive HDDVD discs - I thought they were stopping those?


Regarding Blu-Ray disc availability.

I am sure netflix is considering that half the folks that rent Blu-ray will stop with the increase. This will increase movie availability right away and will hopefully address the "long wait" concerns.


Wow! I was expecting more like $1 more per Blu-ray movie rental, not $1 more for just Blu-ray access. I'm a happy man...

As for availability of Blu-ray new releases - I'm getting almost 100% each week, on Tuesday, of the new release Blu-ray titles in my queue. My only "misses" are for super blockbuster Blu-ray titles - like "Speed Racer" or "Iron Man". Those I just pick up at the local BB store when they open on Tuesdays. I'm fortunate that my local BB store is close, and going Blu-ray big time.

I have zero complaints about my Netflix service...


I'm the same with CJ. I have 3-out accounts with NF and BB. I went HD on my equipment back in Feb (once the format war was over) and flipped the switch on my accounts. It wasn't until about a month ago when, for the first time, I had 6 all disks in Blu-ray sitting on my coffee table. My BB stores are close and watching the Blu-ray shelve space getting bigger and bigger reminds me of the time when DVD's started pushing VHS off the shelves. Funny, I don't remember paying a premium for that format change...


Free one month trial to Netflix:





Negative posts are a bunch of whiners, Netflix is still cheap considering all the good points of service. Go ahead and go back to Blockbuster. Have fun. Im still only paying 17.99 and i just installed playon media server . I can now watch movies through my PS3. Lets just wait and see for Blu ray availability within the next month.

Paul Kawika Martin

Does netflix buy all the Blu-ray titles available? 800 titles doesnt seem like much.


I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this.....Do you realize if you don't want Blu-ray movies and don't want the charge - you must opt OUT? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Except then they wouldn't get the extra buck a subscriber from those that don't know they CAN opt out.


I think it's a fair increase in price. I thought it was going to increase more, but I took off blu-rays from my account because I'm too cheap. I'll add blu-ray, on to my account, when there are a lot blu-ray movies to rent off from Netflix.

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