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Horrible, horrible, horrible.

First off, the service is fundamentally flawed. When a new game comes out and I am want to play it, I want THAT game, not the 2nd or 3rd in my queue.

So that means, the queue can't really be used, and you can only put the game in there that you really want to play.

Second, they don't buy nearly enough copies of popular games. I have waited over 30 days for the game I want to play. In fact, it was rare over the 6 months that I subscribed that I got the next game shipped out with a day of sending back one.

With all the time that is wasted NOT getting the games you want, it really becomes no brainer to not do the service and instead just buy the games you want, and then ebay them whey you are done.


I've used them off an on as there are games that I want to try but not necessarily buy. My only real complaint is that I'm on the east coast and they shipped only from (were at the time, maybe not now) the west coast. What this meant was that returning a game and receiving a new one meant I went without for upwards of 5-7 days depending on what was in my queue.


I don't know if the metrics for a video game rental service really works. The game players have fundamentally different habits than DVD watchers. The price for the service would have to be REALLY low to achieve sufficient subscribers and economies of scale. Additionally, I don't think the video game suppliers have any interest in working with a rental service, whereas Netflix has been able to broker many deals to make their service profitable for them and the movie studios.

Further... unlike movies, old video games become extremely stale and will have a very low interest rate from renters. It would be substantially worse than Netflix's problem with some subscribers only wanting new movies. The percentage of users wanting only new titles would be significantly higher.

I'm sure Netflix has crunched these numbers, too. Maybe Netflix has the might to absorb the poor metrics and mix it in, but I'm sure Reed Hastings has stuck with wisdom of not straying from their core business.


i tried it for a month. the popular games are never available. yes, they have a queue but they send any game from your queue that is available. then, what is the point of having a queue? stopped using it.

urban bohemian

I use Gamefly now and while it does keep me from buying Wii games that I would otherwise buy and never play, as a single console (meaning both one console and no family) owner I'm not feeling like it's a great service.

As others have said, they don't buy enough copies of games, popular or not, they don't adhere to your queue prioritization, and honestly for Netflix to advertise a service that doesn't even come close to their delivery times is ridiculous. I've often had to wait over a week to get a game from them because they don't have enough distribution centers.

I like the convenience as I don't have a game rental store near me and I appreciate that the longer you're a member, the more discounts you're offered on purchasing used and new games, but overall I keep it because my monthly fee (that allows me 2-3 games a month with one-at-a-time membership) weighed against the cost of buying games that I might not like is still sound.


I was a member for two different 6 month periods. I didn't experience the queue problems that some users are reporting. I had a huge problem with shipping and turn around times. During my first membership, they only had a West Coast shipping center, which meant over a week turn around for games. The second time, they did add one in PA (Pittsburgh maybe?) and that shortened to only 6 days.

They added an innovation that might help some Netflix users. When they got notice from the Post Office that the barcode on your mailback had been scanned, they would send the next game in the queue, instead of waiting for the game to arrive in their hands.

Another great benefit of GameFly is the way you can buy almost anything used. And you buy the copy you're holding. You know it plays properly and you won't end up with a scratched copy. They send you the original case, manual and inserts to match the disc you possess. And the used game prices were much cheaper than the same game used at GameStop. If you buy a lot of used games, the savings can pay for the membership alone.

I will most likely rejoin in the future, but I would like to see them work on their shipping centers, and perhaps their pricing a bit. I always hoped Netflix would put more pressure on them, but I doubt that will be the case now.


I've had no problems with Gamefly

I'm near Chicago and they ship out of Pittsburg now so the turn around times are a bit higher than netflix (2 days each way at least).

I haven't had any problems with new games being available (I have Force Unleashed for the Wii at home right now) and it is a great service for trying out games and has saved me a ton of money not buying bad stuff. This may be a different experience on other platforms but it has been great for me and I've been a member for about a year now.

One of the best features are the $5 gift certs they give. They expire but they issue them so that they overlap for a day or two when then issue a new one. I just picked up a DS game for my son for $7 with free shipping using two $5 certificates. The used game pricing is probably the single best feature of the service.

I'm right in the middle of my 10-day FREE trial period, so I've only received 2 games so far. I've played one and then sent it back, but I doubt that I'll receive another 2 since the membership expires in 4 days.

It does seem a bit expensive @ $22.95 for 2 out at time. Plus, I really only tried the service for my kids (2 & 4) to try some newer PS2 games w/o having to buy them first. Maybe if it was a bit cheaper I might re-consider keeping it. Plus the shipping times seem to be bit slow. Have we all been spoiled by the Netflix model?

Serious Sam

Slow as shit if you live on the east coast. Using the one at a time plan I received a total of 3 games in a month. Playing each for one night and then returning them immediately.


Patrick, the used games feature is pretty nice, but you can buy used games from Gamefly even if you *aren't* a member. So this hardly justified paying them anything monthly.


Have you all tried the service lately? With the 4 dc's now ship time is 2 days in and 2 days back out to me. Not as fast as Netflix, but not bad for only 4 dc's. An excellent value as 90% of the games are crap and beatable in a few days and then become a $60 waste.


Seems like a lot of comments here are from users who aren't currently using the service. I have and use Gamefly now and I live in New York. I never wait more than 2 or 3 days for a game to ship and I've had the last 4 new release games in my game queue ship the day of release. I know they had some problems in the beginning but they've got 4 distribution centers now and probably more to come.

Gamefly is a cool service. I recommend them. When you do the math it's pretty obvious you're saving some serious cash. I gotta laugh when people complain about getting games in their queue they don't want. If you don't want a game, don't put it in your queue. Pretty simple. Put games you want to play in your queue and like magic Gamefly will send them to you.

There are so many added perks to the service beyond the obvious it ought to be a no brainer. The keep it feature for one is beyond cool and they do game trade ins too.

If you're going to give them a try now would be a good time to do it since they're giving away a $1,000 a week during October. If you sign up on their superfan contest page they automatically put you in the drawing each week.

Here's the link if anyone's thinking about doing it. I wish I could but I'm already using them so it doesn't apply to me.



I haven't made the leap to the next gen consoles. My recent past experience was with gaming on PS2 and NGCube and I joined Blockbuster Online when it launched for the 2 free game (or movie) coupons. IMO, renting games online or store or whatever is the only way to go and if you love it enough want ownership then buy the game previously-used half-or-more off MSRP. That's what I did and was able to keep a lot of money in my wallet. This is one of the benefits of console gaming over computer (non-web based).

paul Kawika Martin

I have had Gamefly for several months. My biggest complaint echoes others. Slow turn around time and many games having "low" availability.

I mailed a game back last Monday from Washington, DC and got a new one yesterday. That's 9 days turn around. Too damn long.

Nonethess it does seem to save money as some of these $60 games can be beat in several days....

Throttled by Netflix

It doesn't make too much sense to me, because a quality game should provide at least 40 hours of entertainment. The only way it makes sense is if you just want to rent some weaker games to kill a few hours or something, but in that case why not just buy a GOOD game instead that you can play for many more hours?


I've used Gamefly for about a year and I find them to be quite good. Of course, I'm also not an impatient man-child like Scott so I don't need instant gratification.

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cool bob

Gamefly is cool, shipping is my only compliant even then it takes only 3-6 days not bad.


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