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Nick Sayer

Wii would like to watch now.


since i am playing halo 3 every day, adding netflix was not that big of a deal for me. Out of my 13 movies in my instant queue, only one got "Sony'd." If I go to my online queue, it says "Notes: This title not available on Xbox360." I guess I thought you could browse titles but you can't. You put them in your queue online, then you turn on the Xbox to play them. I'd say, if you're never going to use an Xbox, get a Roku thing. But, if you already have one, paying for the Gold memebership isn't bad. Go to gamestop, and get a cheap year subscription, i think they give you a couple extra months free. I'd love to see something on this blog on using the 360 and windows media center. I have sync'd them up, but am having trouble with the folders and stuff.


What's the point? Both Microsoft and Netflix are essentially in violation of the ADA by not mandating / requiring closed captioning support. I've reported both to the FCC and I will be talking to an attorney later on this week to consider bringing a class action suit against both respective companies for discrimination. This is ridiculous.


I'm personally very impressed by the service. I was concerned that Sony would block a large percentage of titles, but none of the titles in my queue were stopped.

As far as Ken getting sue-happy: The ADA doesn't require movie theaters to use subtitles, and DVD's don't all come with subtitles. I also don't believe that the FCC has any control over internet streaming. Finally, and I'm not certain about this, but I don't think internet streaming will allow closed captioning unless the captions are 'burned' into the film. That means either we're all getting the captions or none of us are getting the captions.

Basically, I don't think that there's a way to force MS/NF to CC their films. You could ask these companies nicely, but I'm guessing any attempt at a lawsuit will be quickly shot down.


Anyone else having trouble with the sound coming out only in the center speaker? I have an 360 Elite hooked up with HDMI through a Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver. I get Dolby Digital 5.1 every other time for games and DVDs, but when the Netflix streaming movie starts, it switches to Pro Logic II and only the center speaker has sound.

I had the same problem streaming through optical sound on my Macbook running Win XP.

I wouldn't mind at least stereo at this point!


I agree there's probably no basis for a law suite, but it is possible to add closed captioning without burning it into the video. I'm sure all this hardware is capable of video overlay (Neil Hunt from NetFlix has said as much). It's just a matter of getting the CC text data into the bit stream and updating the player firmware to render the text as an overlay.

Getting the CC text data to begin with is probably the hardest part.

How is the video quality on this??


Maybe I am missing it, but I can only navigate one movie at a time. At least with the Roku box you can skip a few movies at a time with the FF/RW buttons. Another thing is if your at the top of your queue and you want to go to the bottom you have to go all the way through the queue to get there.


It seems that Xbox Live is now $49 (not $40) a year for their 12+1 month service.


Answering two questions.

The video quality is excellent, depending on the source material.

You can get the 12+1 Xbox Live card from Costco.com (when they are in stock, of course) for $40.


To answer the question about video quality...some of the content is in HD and some is in standard def (both formats are stereo -- no surround sound yet). The standard def content seems just below DVD quality and the HD content is above DVD quality but looks slightly below broadcast HD quality (and definitely below Blu-ray). I believe the HD videos are encoded at 720p. Overall, it's all very watchable.

Netflix doesn't appear to indicate which movies are available in HD though which is frustrating (you have to play each movie to find out). I found a site (http://www.isitinhd.com) that's trying to aggregate a list of all the HD movies for those like me who only want to watch the HD content.


Gir said:

"It's just a matter of getting the CC text data into the bit stream and updating the player firmware to render the text as an overlay."

I love it when someone uses 'just' in a sentence like this. When you've finally taught a bear to dance, the amazing part is that it's dancing at all. When you've engineered a solution to a problem like this, take a moment to marvel at the complexity and interdependencies that allow this to even deliver what it does. Then you want to poke it with a stick and see what happens? Good luck!



In the Netflix blog, they have a post that says they are only streaming video content in standard definition sound, which is why your receive switches to Dolby Pro Logic, mine does as well. They said they will be adding multi-channel sound sometime in the future.

I feel that the service works great and the HD content looked great as well. My only complaints are that you have to add movies on your computer. You should be able to browse and select movies to watch right on your Xbox. Lastly, I have never seen such a huge list of movies I didn't want to see before. They have over 12,000 movies and TV shows to stream but I am only interested in a small percentage of them. I want to see movies available for streaming that are new.



One other thing, I wanted to point out that you can get the cheapest 12 month xbox live subscription from newegg.




does anyone know if your friends need a netflix account too so we can watch together?


I heard they removed the feature to let friends watch netflix with you on their 360s... But I havn't tried it yet to make sure.

When playing in HD for me it says my connection has slowed and it's adjusting playback sometimes...maybe my connection is just slow sometimes i guess.


How is the contrast ratio on the video quality? I don't have Xbox Live Gold, but if the video quality is good enough it'll warrant getting it just for this Netflix option. My main problem when streaming movies though - even when they say they are "HD" - is that the contrast ratio / colors never seem to "pop" and always appear muted and dull. If it is still like this I'll prefer to watch my movies on DVD's .... anyone have any input? Thanks in advance!

Jon -
to find HD titles, click on "genres" under the watch instantly tab, and then select "HD"


Ken, Netflix and Microsoft are not the content owners. It's probably illegal for them to add subtitles to the films without a specific license to do so. If the studios don't provide a CC version, you can't blame Netflix or Microsoft.


I registered yesterday and it worked fine for a few hours. Then, I was having problems accessing my account on XBox. Today, I deactivated and reactivated it, and everything works fine now.


I started it up yesterday and I too was having issues with the "your connection has slowed" message popping up about every 15min and then degrading the video quality until eventually i would have been better off trying to watch it on my phone.

i'm on comcast... i'm wondering if its its just too sensitive to fluctuation or is comcast attempting to throttle something.


Good luck with that lawsuit. It should take either Microsoft or Netflix attorneys about 3.2 minutes to point out that neither service is a place of "public accomodation" (under Title III of ADA).

You have to JOIN, and PAY for membership to, both Xbox Live Gold and Netflix.

I think it'd be great to have CC on there and I often turn it on myself for DVDs or broadcast so I don't miss anything during a movie. But a lawsuit? C'mon...


Sucks. Over half my Instant queue is not available for viewing on xBox. they should have never launched without the proper licensing in place. Fragmenting the streaming service across a bunch of different platforms is a soundly bad idea. Due to this I give Netflix on xBox a D.


I think it's crap that you have to be an Xbox Gold member. I was all pumped to go and watch some movies on my TV only to find I needed Gold. Come on, I pay for Netflix already... Pssh-shaw, I'll just keep doing it illegally I guess.

I did notice that I had to turn the sound way up on my televsion, anyone have this issue?


What Ken? I couldn't hear you.


Is there anyway to force a better quality if your internet is slow for the Xbox 360?


How many movies can you watch per month?

Joseph Roberts

I like the idea behind it all. I have been told that you cannot have access to the latest new releases though. Also, I had issues with the playback as well. It had to rebuffer the connection, and I have a Fiberoptic Internet Provider, so I know it's not my connection.


Mike -- I don't believe that there is a limit.


i have the new xbox feature of NETFLIX.
I'm okay with the quality but i am completely dissatisfied with the "watch Instantly" choices

(mainly all the classics)ECT...

WHATS THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!
IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!



I just got home early from work today and decided to watch something streaming via my XBox 360. I went to the netflix app and started scrolling through titles. I noticed lots of titles that weren't listed before as they were "Not available on the XBox 360" last week. I went to Netfix on the web, checked my streaming queue, and sure enough lots (but not all) of the titles that were labeled as not for streaming last week are available for streaming now. Awesome!

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i am so glad to see this. i will have to check this out. this technology is so good.


i need help, i need to know if you have to write in a credit card number and everything. i thought it would be easy but it never works, it always has a different page show up and i dont know what to do. please help me and contact me

Jay Hansen

"What's the point? Both Microsoft and Netflix are essentially in violation of the ADA by not mandating / requiring closed captioning support. I've reported both to the FCC and I will be talking to an attorney later on this week to consider bringing a class action suit against both respective companies for discrimination. This is ridiculous.

Posted by: Ken | November 20, 2008 at 01:03 AM

Ken, You sir are the epitome of the liberal mindset that is leading to the downfall of what once was a the great country of U.S.A. I think it is "ridiculous" to cater to the minority at the great cost of the majority: monetarily and the regard of liberty and freedom. Netflix is wonderful and a true value and viable entertainment option offered to the masses. To try and sue them because they don't cater to a minority of the population successfully is not only irresponsible but if successful would raise the price of service to everyone to serve few. You are ridiculous, take responsibility for your own actions and destiny and quit being a liberal fool looking for a handout and if it isn't realized, stomping your feet and crying like a baby, "I'm going to sue!", stand up and be counted or lay down and be mounted at piercedcounty.com.


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Okay...youre all jumping on Ken for his comment about the captioning, but as another that needs the closed captioning to understand any movie...I DO understand where he's coming from. A lawsuit...probably not, but it makes no sense to me that if you rent a hard copy of the very same video and it comes to you and IS captioned...why cant that carry over to the streaming videos that we're watching thru Xbox? You say that they shouldnt cater to the minority but there are very many people that rely on the captioning for their TV and video enjoyment. I cant tell you how frustrating it is to rent a movie, making sure it has subtitles or captions, it gets here and there not only no captions, but the subtitles are Spanish only!


YES!!! Sound is crazy..... have to turn my sound up to 40/100 to hear it, and when I forget to turn back down and change channels my ear drums get a nasty tastes of noise.

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