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I get my Roku player on Tursday...can't wait. Besides NF and amazon...what else can I use it for?



dang it...proof read first...then post...I always get that out of order.


Banter, only Netflix currently


Thanks Gran!

Hopefully that changes, if not, no big deal as I bought it for NF anyway.


I use the TiVo HD. Greatest investment in entertainment- adding NetFlix + TiVo. Between the discs in the mail, the streaming content from NetFlix, the huge amount of space for SD and HD recording AND Amazon Unbox, there's a ton of options for TV/movie enjoyment.


Hopefully that changes, if not, no big deal as I bought it for NF anyway.

Yes, they have announced that Amazon will be coming soon as well as other services.


I have one device in my living room that could easily play NF streams. Sadly, due to what I am assuming is brickheadedness on the part of Sony, my PS3 won't play ball. Maybe this year?



I think the plan was for Sony to have their own service and they are so far behind they might as well not bother now and head for Roku. I have a PS3 as well and am not going to hold my breath.

I came pretty close to shelling out for a 360 and all the fixens but my buddy's 360 broke for the 4th freaking time last week so that sealed the deal for me and I bought a Roku player. Really wish I could have just picked it up from Best Buy. I hate waiting.


I have a Roku and a 360. The only cost on the 360 is Live Gold.;(

Each one has its ups and downs:
Roku = Fast startup, 360 = slow startup
Roku = Easy navigation - skip 5 - wrap around, 360 = right or left only
360 = rock solid performance, Roku = many restarts
360 = multi-function device, Roku = Netflix only(I don't care for Amazon VOD $$$)

nipsey russell

copacetic, i recently paid $30 for PlayOn software to stream netflix to my PS3. It isnt HD....and it certainly isnt perfect, but it works more often than not. Should I have to pay for add-on software to stream media to what is just another computer? of course not. should i have to buy yet another box to stream media to my tv when i already have a "computer" hooked up? of course not. Should be easy and a no brainier to fix this NF and Sony!!!!


Del…what kind of a conneciton do you have? I'm at 10kbps and I hope to avoid the restarts.


3Mbps DSL, I think you mean 10Mbps. You should be just fine. For example, I was watching something the other day and my internet speed was fluctuating, kids playing internet games, and the Roku box kept going from 4 dot to 2 dot then back to 4 dot then back to 2 dot and so on. I really did not care if it was 2 dot as I was just watching a TV series anyway. Just it restarting each time. I know you can change the stream but, I would like it to stay at the lower stream until I stop the stream instead of restarting.



Thats what I meant...thanks.


nipsey ... as far as consoles go, Xbox has exclusive rights to stream Netflix content. You will never see a native app on the PS3.

nipsey russell

"nipsey ... as far as consoles go, Xbox has exclusive rights to stream Netflix content. You will never see a native app on the PS3."
i have read this in the past, but find it hard to believe that this will last long. It limits value for both Sony and Netflix. Imagine if Opera had an exclusive deal with youtube, preposterous!


"It limits value for both Sony and Netflix"

It does but I am not sure how it matters
that much…lets not forgot how many people don't even have cable. What is the number of people that use watch now let alone want to go to the extra mile and get it to stream on their TV. All of us who care are such extremely early adapters. How much many people are affected by this? Can't very many….I am one and I just shrugged and bought a Roku box to solve the problem. Most people who care about such technology are likely more than willing to go the extra step and fix the problem. I doubt anyone will quit netflix in disgust.


Jeez, you cheapskates! JUST GET A ROKU!

If you use PlayOn, you're wasting a crapload of electricity powering the computer AND the PS3 just to get the same function offered by the Roku with less than 5 Watts of power. You're also tying up both devices so others can't use them for their intended functions.

I have a PS3 and I have no interest in using it for Netflix. I use my PS3 for games, Blu-Ray Discs, and the occasional video stored on the hard drive or quick jump on the Internet. Why would I want to have the PS3 on for hours while I watch an entire season of Red Dwarf via Netflix Watch Instantly, wasting MY money in electricity bills, when I have a perfectly functional Roku that barely puts a dent in my energy bill, and lets my PS3 live that much longer because it's not being overused?

Roku is $99, guys. Only $40 more than PlayOn + a PS3 remote, and it does more. Just make the leap. You won't regret it.

Hunter McDaniel

"Why would I want to have the PS3 on for hours while I watch an entire season of Red Dwarf via Netflix Watch Instantly, wasting MY money in electricity bills, when I have a perfectly functional Roku.."

Maybe because someone ALREADY has the PS3 and it is attached to the TV, maybe the TV has a limited number of inputs, maybe they have too many remotes already, and in any case only ONE device attached to the TV can be used at a time so "tying up" the PS3 really isn't an issue.

I have a Roku box myself and am very happy with it, but I can certainly see the attractveness of integrating its function with some other box to minimize clutter.

nipsey russell

clutter and inputs. two good reasons!

Chris Walden

As a Linux user I'm unable to watch through a browser. We picked up the Roku device and have been extremely pleased. I watch it constantly during the day, enjoying older TV shows rather than current broadcast, and all kinds of other things that I wouldn't think to seek out. We've taken it on the road and used it in family homes and a hotel. It's changed the way I look at TV for entertainment. I choose it all... all the time.

(I wouldn't turn down browser support for Linux. Come on, guys! The Roku is Linux based!)

nipsey russell

how do you use it in hotels??? i tried traveling with an s-video cord a few times (so i could watch DVDs or netflix from my computer to the tv), but the TVs in hotels were always locked down so i couldnt change the input to my computer.....

Dale Johnson

Why doesn't NF support Media Center Extenders? It supports PS3, which is a Media Center Extender, but doesn't support the Linksys DMA2100/2200 units or any other MC Extenders.
This is a major reason why I don't subscribe to NF. I already have too many connections into my HDTV already, with the DMA2200, my Blu-Ray DVD player, Dish Satellite Service and VCR. Even with an RCA component switch I still have no more room for another device to be hooked into my HDTV. My HDMI port is malfunctioning or I would be able to hook two more devices but that isn't an option right now.
Also, why just support TiVO? Whu not Dish's DVR as well? I'm sure that DirecTV also has a TiVO type recording facility as well. I know that I have two DVR's from Dish, a regular capacity for two of my TV's and a high capacity one for my HDTV supporting Dish hookup.
Yet NF chooses to only support TiVo for DVR and PS3 for Media Center Extender equipment.
That leaves me with no way to use their streaming media except on my PC and who needs that? I have better things to do with my PC than watch movies when I already have the Extender, Blue-Ray and Vcr to choose from on my HDTV.
If NF would widen their equipment interfaces, they would get more customers since I am really getting bored with the "Premium" channel offerings from Dish, DirecTV and ComCast and would love to dump the expense of that feature and replace it with streaming video from NF.

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